NCET Biz Tips Newsletter
Oct 11, 2019
Shawna Guarino How to build your bio/elevator pitch
Oct 16 - 2 pm
Amber Barnes
Retention: Investing in Employees

Oct 23 - 11 am
Dorinda's Chocolates and
Live Kaya

Nov 13 - 5:30 pm
Employee retention is crucial to good business, and there are effective ways to hold onto great talent in your workforce...

A few hundred feet from the banks of the Truckee River, Nutrient makes some of the most nutrient-dense food in the country...

Mining companies from around the world have begun using artificial intelligence in their operations. From safety and maintenance, to exploration and autonomous vehicles, and drills, AI is being used to navigate efficiencies and speed. With this new technology, however, comes an ever-growing need for...

Building an organic page is establishing your brand culture. It’s where your fans and people go to see what you’re up too. But what about the people that don’t know you?

That is where paid ads come in. Built specifically for reaching out to people that do not know you. Read on to find more on organic social media feeds vs. paid advertising. Do you need both?

Your networking group, company, or client wants to spotlight you as a pivotal member of the community. You think to yourself, "Woohoo! This is great for my business."

As you read the email, you realize they need your professional bio. You can do that right?

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