NCET Biz Tips Newsletter
June 20, 2020
The Secret of Working Less and Achieving More


June 24 - 3 pm
Optimizing Your Home Office Technology - PC, WiFi, Printer, etc


July 1 - 3 pm
WFH Network Risks to Your Business


July 8 - 3 pm
By using this toolkit of six different influence approaches, you can select the right approach for each situation and have greater success at getting the results you seek, while strengthening...

The Lee Business School at UNLV has created a worldwide $1,000,000 Lee School Prize for Innovation and Entrepreneurship with the goal of discovering and funding innovative technologies and solutions that make the food & beverage, hospitality, casino, sports & entertainment and travel industries a...

“The energy, skill and enthusiasm that Alana, Wes and Kyle bring to the NCET board helps create a strong, vibrant organization,” said Dave Archer, president and CEO of the nonprofit. “We are deeply...

Lacking focus? Low on motivation? Too many distractions at home to be able to get anything done? Are your work-life boundaries getting blurrier by the...

This word has been used a lot lately: unprecedented. However, it’s safe to say that increase in digital media consumption and the need for a digital marketing strategy is not. It’s been on the rise for decades. COVID-19 made us all acutely aware that businesses can not avoid going digital (at least partially) to survive the...

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