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July 27, 2018
ITS Logistics
Aug 8 - 5:30 pm
  Danny Heinsohn
Aug 15 - 3 pm
CJ Manthe
Business Resources
Aug 29 - 11 am
Do we understand diversity, or do we just like to talk about it? Maria Gerlinger of CoStar Group Inc., and NCET’s VP of Enterprise explores how a diverse workforce improves your bottom line.Group, In

Three of Northern Nevada’s top Internet privacy experts are ready to share the tips you need to know to protect your home, your home office and your children. Protecting your digital fingerprint can seem overwhelming and scary, but you can take steps today to lower your risk.

Did someone say FREE? Join us for a free Google workshop designed to help you learn digital skills, build your resume and grow your business.

NCET is proud to be Google's
Local Partner for this event.
What do Apple, Tesla, eBay, Switch, Amazon and Hyperloop One have in common?
Are we one step closer to the #Singularity? How will Nevada's participation in the NGA’s Smarter States, Smarter Communities initiative impact our quality of life?

ITS Logistics, a locally-founded, third-party logistics company that helps big and small businesses manage their shipping, warehousing, and freight brokerage needs. See how this enthusiastic team delivers wins for ITS and northern Nevada during our August Tech Wednesday.
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