NCET Biz Tips Newsletter
Mar 27, 2021
UNR Earthquake Lab


April 14 - 4:30 pm
Crisis Communication with Jackie Shelton


April 21 - 3 pm
Buying & Selling a Business during COVID with Fritz Battcher


April 28 - 12 pm
We have a new mindset thanks to COVID about how we present information and ourselves. We’re all a little more relaxed and less polished (just think of how people look in most Zoom meetings – you rarely see people in...

“If you can put these five habits into practice, then effective virtual and hybrid leadership can be the lasting legacy of lockdown for...

I have heard many leaders assert that people should be less sensitive to the word criticism, but why not use a more accurate word that doesn’t make people want to duck and cover? Instead of people doing a better job bracing for painful information, how about leaders...

We hear a lot about the challenges of sustaining productivity in the WFH context. But the deeper, underlying issue has gone unaddressed: You can't have productivity without creativity...

Perhaps the most important stat for marketers, though, is that 99% of those that use video content do so again the following year. Once video is deployed, the results...

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