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Sept 21, 2018
The Internet and You: Protecting Your Privacy Part 2
Sept 26 - 11 am
1000 People
100 Exhibitors
6 Educational Sessions
Sept 28: 10am-5pm
Nevada Center for Applied Research
Oct 10 - 5:30pm
Stay for the whole day or just drop in! Admission is FREE with your business card. We have what you need to help you grow your business. With 1000 attendees you cannot beat the networking!
Have you ever wanted to get smarter - faster? Now's your chance! We are pooling experts to help you get your questions answered when it comes to your business.

From starting a business to positioning it to be successfully sold we have you covered.

Whether you want to leverage technology to crush the competition, or just protect the intellectual property you have painstakingly developed - we get it!

Tired? Overwhelmed? Are you feeling the unsustainable squeeze that comes with being the source of good answers in your business? Do you spend so much time problem solving for others that you find yourself falling behind with your own work?

Ready to read the secret that activates your team to #LevelingUp their resourcefulness?
Hotels staffed entirely by robots? Cellphone lanes for texting pedestrians? Toilets powered by Alexa? What is an #Ubertrend?

Despite the potentially catastrophic effects of a cyberattack on a business, experts said in large part commercial organizations in Nevada fall into two camps: those that aren’t doing anything about cybersecurity because they haven’t yet been attacked and those that are making genuine efforts but

Blockchain stores and distributes information across a network of computers, making it widely accessible but also decentralized and more secure. Under the concept, instead of stealing from a person by robbing his bank, a person’s money is kept in hundreds of banks, and stealing it would require...

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