In case you missed it, a very important court case passed through the Supreme Court over the break, Janus v. AFSCME . Educators and union members in the nation were dealt a blow with the ruling from the justices. This case was brought forward by corporate-funded lobbyists who support privatization of public schools. In its ruling, the Court took away our union “fair share” protections. Please watch this very important 3-minute video from our colleague with the San Diego Educators Association for more info:

Maintaining our strength as a union is important.  So as a way to show your commitment to NCETA,
we are asking all educators in NSD to sign a Commitment Card.  If you have not already signed your Commitment Card, please come by the NCETA table at our Welcome Back event.  Also- anyone who stops by our table will have a chance to win one of five - $20 gift cards to Lakeshore!