An Important Message for NC Health Benefit Representatives
August 2021
Enrollment Info to Share with Employees
NCFlex Open Enrollment, along with the State Health Plan, is Oct. 11 - 29. Details of changes for 2022 can be found on our NCFlex 2021 Open Enrollment Page.

´╗┐This page has links to the Enrollment Guide, benefits enrollment system and the Employee Sessions page.
2021 Guides Ordering Deadline - Aug. 31

If you are interested in ordering 2021 guides for the remainder of the year, please do so by the close of business on August 31. You can order HERE.
2022 Enrollment and Benefits Guides

The NCFlex 2022 Enrollment Guides (one for non-universities* and one for universities) are now available online. Please share this new guide with your employees. The Spanish version will be available soon.

You can place orders for the Enrollment Guides here. If you placed guide orders over this past year, you should be able to see past orders. Log in, go to "My Account," then "Orders" and click on our order number(s) to see what you have ordered previously for your employees.

Please be aware of which guide you are ordering - see noted guides to the right --->>>>>>>
Last year some reps ordered the wrong guides (University for Non-University employees and vice versa).

Please keep in mind when ordering if you will be able to be in the office when the guides are delivered, as someone will need to be available to receive the shipment. The guides are shipped via FedEx and you should receive tracking information. Consider, if needed, shipping to your home address.

The 2022 Benefits Guide (longer version), is available online also and will be available to order soon. This guide is printed in a smaller quantity than the Enrollment Guide. This guide is intended for HBR/UBA use when assisting employees. 

*Non-University guides include the Voluntary Disability Plan details.
Enrollment Guide
Enrollment Guide Universities
NOTE: it says "Benefits Guide" on the front, but this is the shorter version which we consider an Enrollment Guide and is intended for University employees.
Benefits Guide
Longer Version meant for HBRs/UBAs
NCFlex HBR/UBA Train-The-Trainer
The NCFlex annual train-the-trainer is an opportunity for our team to connect with you as a benefits rep and go over changes and reminders for the upcoming plan year.

This year, we will have three in-person trainings across North Carolina (Raleigh, Winston-Salem, and Asheville) as well as two virtual. Register early for in-person sessions. To ensure social distance, registration will be limited.

Visit our Upcoming HBR Trainings page to view dates, times, and to register for one of the events.
Employee Webinar Opportunity - September

Flexible Spending Accounts
In September, we will discuss the Flexible Spending Accounts. Topics will include: how to view your account, submitting documentation when requested, how the convenience card works vs. filling claims, eligible expenses, and reminders for the upcoming annual enrollment in October. 
This information has been shared in the August Member Newsletter, but feel free to share the webinars page with your employees also:

Don't forget, the webinars page also includes recordings of prior sessions. Scroll towards the bottom of the page for related, helpful documents.
Mobile Dentistry
MetLife (the vendor for NCFlex Dental) partners with multiple mobile dentistry vendors such as Jet Dental and Henry the Dentist, to provide another option for participating members to visit a dentist, especially those with few options in their area. These mobile units can provide a full range of General dentistry services including cleanings, x-rays, exams, fillings, crowns, night guards, cosmetic whitening, and orthodontic aligners.

To learn more about mobile dentistry and determine whether it would be beneficial to your participating employees, reach out to Mary Faile at or 770-407-2594. 

Note that most mobile dentistry vendors schedule appointments 60-90 days out, so employees would need to plan accordingly. Ideally they would want to be able to identify 25 confirmed appointments with the ability to see upwards of 40 - 60 members per day. We hope this feature is one that some of you can find useful for your employees.
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