An Important Message for NC Health Benefit Representatives
June 2021
Surveys on Upcoming Events related to OE
In preparation for our upcoming Benefits Season and Open Enrollment period, we would love to hear your opinion on connecting with you and your employees - whether virtual or in-person is preferred.

This first survey was sent out earlier this month, so some of you may have already completed it, and if you have, thank you!

´╗┐This survey asks about events for your employees:

This next survey is related to training for you as an HBR or UBA. We'd appreciate your feedback on this topic as well:
Day Care Change - Life Event Reminder
As a reminder, NCFlex re-activated the life event "Day Care Change" back in December 2020. This life event is meant for employees to use to make changes to their DDCFSA for some of the following reasons (see the NCFlex HBR Admin Manual for more details):
  • Childcare/adult daycare stops
  • Childcare/adult daycare starts (such as summer camp or when a parent goes back to work after the birth of a child)
  • Childcare/adult daycare costs change

This life event is intended to allow changes to the DDCFSA as life happens, for employees to avoid over or under contributing into the plan. An employee has 30 days from the date of an event to make changes to their account. The annual maximum still remains $5,000 per household.

Email with any questions.
Employee Webinar Opportunity - July

Continuation Options at Separation of Employment and Life Events
Next month we are discussing Continuation Options of NCFlex benefits after an employee leaves employment and also Life Events that may allow an employee to make a change outside of Open Enrollment.

This information has been shared in the Member June Newsletter (which you can find in on our HBR webpage), but feel free to share the webinars page with your employees also:

Don't forget, the webinars page also includes recordings or prior sessions and helpful documents from those sessions towards the bottom of the page.
Sensible Savings Session Webinars - Coming this Summer
NCFlex, in partnership with the State Retirement System, State Employees Credit Union, and Prudential Retirement is offering a free financial and retirement planning webinar for State of NC employees.
Learn how to make the most of your finances and resources during the NCFlex Sensible Savings Session. Topics Include:
  • NCFlex Benefits
  • TSERS Retirement Planning
  • NC 401 (k) & 457 Retirement Plans
  • Financial Wellness with SECU
The sessions are being offered on three different dates. Please visit the Sensible Savings Sessions page to learn more and register. Also, please share this information with your employees as you see fit.
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