An Important Message for NC Health Benefit Representatives
March 2021
FSA Changes - Recordings, Slides and Q&A

To view the HBR presentation of the recent FSA Changes due to the Consolidated Appropriations Act, visit the HBR portion of our website.

You can also view the member presentation HERE along with Q&A from multiple sessions documented at the bottom of the page.
Voya Updated Flyers

Voya has recently updated the below flyers, which can also be found on on the corresponding benefits page. These flyers are a great reminder of FREE benefits to our employees.

´╗┐Please share these with employees as you see appropriate.

Voya Travel Assistance (benefit with Core and Voluntary AD&D)
Please note: The contact information has been updated on the section of the flyer that employees can cut out and carry with them.

Voya Funeral Planning Services (benefit with Group Term Life)
Allstate Benefits Flyer

You may have received this flyer in the mail recently from Allstate, which holds the contract for our Critical Illness and Cancer products. We've attached it here for anyone who missed it.

For more information on these benefits visit our Critical Illness and/or Cancer pages on
Updating Addresses

Please remind employees to keep addresses up to date in your HR/Payroll system. For BEACON employees, please remind employees that if they have a mailing address, this overrides their permanent address.

NCFlex vendors rely on these addresses to contact participants when needed about claims, updates, and more.
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