An Important Message for NCFlex Participants
December 2021
Please take a moment to share your feedback

We'd love to hear from you on what worked and what didn't this year regarding enrollment in NCFlex benefits. Your feedback is valuable in helping us improve resources to empower you to better understand and utilize your NCFlex benefits in the future.
After Enrollment: NCFlex ID Cards and EOIs
Here is some information regarding the NCFlex plans and materials you may receive or be able to access after your enrollment:

Flexible Spending Accounts -
  • A convenience card is mailed to first-time users (for those that have both HCFSA and DDFSA, only one card is issued) and only re-issued if reported lost or stolen, or once it expires after three years (your “Valid Thru” date is listed on the card). For security, please note these cards come in plain envelopes with minimal markings.
  • Additional cards can be requested by logging onto or by calling 1-866-916-3475. Note that a claims kit will be emailed to all participants (mailed to those without a valid email address on file with P&A) and can also be found in the FSA section of
Dental -
  • Cards with a unique ID will be issued to new employees who enroll and will only be re-issued to existing participants if you transfer to a new job or make changes to your plan. If cards were not/are not received or additional cards are needed, contact MetLife at 1-855-676-9441.
  • Generic cards (without a unique ID) can be printed after logging onto (company name is NCFlex). A generic card can also be found in the dental section of  Cards are only required the first time you visit your dentist or if you change dentists.
Vision -
  • Cards are only mailed to new participants. Additional cards can be accessed by logging onto, by logging into the EyeMed app, or by calling 1-866-248-1939. ID cards are not required to visit a provider.
Accident, AD&D, and Group Term Life -
  • Certificates, claim forms, and other information can be found in each plan's section of ID cards are not provided for these plans and are not required.
  • If you enrolled in Group Term Life for the first time (above $20,000) or increased your amount above the guaranteed issue amount, you should be soon receiving an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) to complete and send back to Voya.
Cancer and Critical Illness -
  • Welcome letters are mailed to new participants and to anyone who makes a change to their coverage during open enrollment. Certificates, claim forms, and other information about these plans can be found at
  • Allstate also has a portal where you can view your personal coverage and claim information: Log into your account. ID cards are not provided for these plans and are not required.
Disability -
  • There are no mailings for this plan; however, plan details and vendor contact information can be found in the disability section of
  • EOI is required for anyone who enrolled for the first time during Open Enrollment. If EOI was not completed electronically during OE, you may still have time and should contact The Standard at
Required in 2022: Documentation for Changes on NCFlex Benefits

Effective January 1, 2022, life event changes that affect NCFlex benefits will require supporting documentation. Please visit our Qualifying Life Events page to view more information such as what qualifies as a life event and what documentation is acceptable. 

For questions, contact
Health Care FSA Rollover for 2022
As a reminder, if you participated in the Health Care FSA in 2020 or are currently participating for 2021 and you have a minimum balance of $25, your full amount of unused funds will automatically roll over into the 2022 plan year. This temporary unlimited rollover is allowed by the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can use these funds even if you did not re-enroll in the Health Care FSA for 2022. The rollover or carry forward funds will be available for use on 2022 expenses starting the first week of January. If you did re-enroll, claims for 2022 will first come from your 2022 election and once depleted, your rollover will be available to pay for eligible expenses. 

Note that going forward, starting with the 2023 plan year, the normal annual rollover amount of $550 will apply. To view your FSA account, go to
NCFlex Webinar Opportunity -
First of Year Benefit Reminders
In January, we will discuss benefit reminders for the beginning of the year such as how to update beneficiaries when needed, viewing your paystub for accuracy of premium deductions, making changes to benefits when you have a life event, and receiving 1099s for benefit payouts. 

Join us to get a fresh start on the new benefits year during one of our January sessions:
Register on our Webinar Page or from the above links. We will also post the recordings on the Webinar Page after the event. Bookmark the page for later use.

Please email us at with any questions.
SECU members can skip the line with Mobile Check Deposit!
Need to deposit a check? With State Employees’ Credit Union’s (SECU’s) Mobile Check Deposit you can skip the line at your local branch to conveniently and securely deposit checks through the SECU Mobile App. Using the camera on your mobile device¹, follow the instructions and prompts to make deposits into any of your eligible SECU accounts².

More Mobile App features:
  • Sign in securely using biometric authentication³ through fingerprint or facial recognition
  • View your account balances and transaction details
  • Move funds between your Credit Union accounts
  • Make payments to your SECU loans and perform real-time loan and credit card advances
  • View and schedule your BillPay payments

To use the SECU Mobile App, go to the Apple App Store® (for iOS devices) or the Google Play® Store (for Android devices) to download the App. Once the download is complete, use your Member Access User ID and Password⁴ to enroll in the Mobile App. During this process you will define a 5-digit PIN to simplify future App logins.

¹Eligibility requirements and other restrictions and limitations apply.

²Items transmitted using Mobile Check Deposit are subject to verification and are not subject to the funds availability requirements of the Federal Reserve Board’s Regulation CC or to our standard Funds Availability Policy for other types of deposits; thus, funds may not be available for immediate withdrawal.

3SECU does not control the functionality of your mobile device’s biometric authentication for sign-in to our Mobile App, and does not have any access to any biometric information stored on your device

4If you haven’t enrolled in Member Access yet, visit to establish your Member Access User ID and Password.

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