An Important Message for NCFlex Participants
June 2022
Special Offers through EyeMed Vision
If you are a member of the NCFlex Vision plan through EyeMed, you have access to special offers. These offers are in addition to the benefits you already receive as a member.

Offers are added all year, so check before you visit a provider. View your offers by:
  1. Visiting or the EyeMed App
  2. Register and/or sign in
  3. Select Special Offers and shop the savings
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How to File an Accident Claim
If you have the Accident plan through NCFlex, don't forget to file a claim if you or your covered family member experience a qualifying accident and seek medical attention. You may be owed a benefit payout which can be used for anything you'd like, not just medical bills*. This plan covers accidents on or off the job.

To access a claim form, learn how to file a claim, or understand more about how this benefit works, visit Don't forget, when visiting a medical provider, ask for documentation such as a summary of your visit. Documentation will be needed when filing a claim.

*Be sure to always file your health insurance when you seek medical attention. The Accident plan is not health insurance. It is a supplemental benefit paid directly to you for a qualifying claim.
NCFlex Coverage Continuation at Separation
NCFlex benefits are sponsored by the State of North Carolina. If you transfer within state government to another agency, university, participating community college or participating charter school, your NCFlex benefits will transfer with you*. If you leave state employment, most of these plans have options to continue coverage either at the same rate or a small percentage more.

Thinking about retiring soon? Know your options before you leave. The following chart lists all plans and available continuation options: Continuation of Coverage through NCFlex.

This month, our employee session discussed continuation options that are available to you when leaving state employment. You can find the recording and slides on our NCFlex Webinars webpage.
Webinar Opportunities with NCFlex:
July and August
NCFlex MetLife Dental and EyeMed Vision
In July we will feature NCFlex MetLife Dental* and compare the three plans. We will also demonstrate how to find an in-network provider, get reviews, set appointments and view EOBs and claims online.  

For August, we will feature the NCFlex vision plan through EyeMed. We'll talk about how the plan works, vision wellness, common lens enhancements and materials and member tools and savings.

Register on our Webinar webpage or below for one of the scheduled dates and times. Bookmark the page for reference to view future events as well as recordings and slides of past events.
Please email us at with any questions.

*Please note, DPS employees may have a MetLife Dental product directly through the agency that is different than the NCFlex Dental. Check with your HR representatives if you are unsure of which MetLife Dental you participate in.
Wellness July Webinar - Creative Ways to Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Each month, OSHR Wellness hosts a webinar centered around taking care of your body and making healthier choices. July's session on July 28 at 11:30 a.m. will focus on how to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Learn more, register, or view past sessions by visiting the OSHR Wellness Webinars webpage.