July 24TH, 2020
This could not have been accomplished without Cora Marro's instigation, without all Mary LaHam's detailed organization, or without all you generous greyhound lovers who both contributed the items and bid on them.
Our heartfelt thanks. We appreciate you!
We hope you'll bid in one more auction!
Dave appears to like his caves and this time he's chosen a sparkly amethyst geode as his background. This XL Dave is rhodium plated so he'll never tarnish.
From Fast Friends:
"All of our fund raisers have been canceled: picnic, dog washes, even our annual trip to Caliente. We now have the following dogs in need: Flames,open fracture of his shoulder,
YaYa with a crushed foot,
Charlie, a puppy, with a fractured hip,
Luck, with only 40% of her intestines ,
and two dogs with broken hocks."
AND, they took in 16 more greyhounds from the track on Saturday!
Meet Flames!
I've seen external fixators before, but never on a shoulder! How does this poor boy lay down? He looks like a happy camper despite his appliance.. and his vets even dressed his fixator to match his collar! Flames won't be 2 years old until September.
Meet YaYa!
Apparently, EVERYbody wants to meet YaYa!
" Every time we took her in for a bandage change, at least 3-4 tech's came out to play. YaYa led them through the lobby to greet everyone else back in the treatment room. We have to ask them to bring her back, so that we can finally go home." 
Only 2 years old, YaYa broke her foot so badly that surgical repair was not an option. After months in a splint, YaYa was fitted with her own custom brace.

if you have a Memorial Heart of your own, you will appreciate the rich artistic history which accompanies its loving sentiment.

We are saddened to report the closure of Fire and Light, makers of our Memorial Hearts and the pride of Arcata California.

We have managed to secure most of the hearts remaining: all Aqua and Pink- fitting colors. Other colors may be ordered as long as our stock remains available.

We're greytful to be able to continue our memorial Heart Program with these hand poured, hand signed, recycled glass keepsakes..

You'll want to watch this YouTube video of DR. NICOLA MASON discussing her canine cancer program!
It's personal, entertaining and educational!
We are especially impressed to learn that Dr. Mason's trials are now offered at more than TWENTY clinics, according to t his article in Veterinary Practice News! Open the link to find a location near where you live- I hope you don't need one but someone you know might..., The article is worth saving.