August 2017 e-Newsletter
The latest news and events from NCH and the greater homeopathy community.
A Thank You and Farewell to our Executive Director
After four years, NCH is saying goodbye and thank you to our outgoing Executive Director (ED), Alison Teitelbaum. An ED is the glue that holds all parts of the organization together and serves as the steering wheel while it achieves its mission and goals. Alison has fulfilled that role with hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm. She oversaw NCH during a time of transition, beginning with updating our infrastructure—mission, goals, bylaws, website, and membership administration. She advanced our marketing to consumers by forming a relationship with Holistic Moms and spread our message through regular activity on social media sites, hosting monthly webinars, and presenting at the American Public Health Conference. Four successful Joint American Homeopathic Conferences have been convened during her term. She presented NCH’s testimony at the FDA hearing and provided administrative support to the newly formed Advocacy Workgroup. Alison has performed countless other supportive and managerial tasks that have enhanced NCH’s work both internally and within the larger homeopathy and consumer community. With boundless energy, she has also mothered two delightful children during her tenure at NCH. We want to express our gratitude for her work with us and wish her much success and happiness.

The NCH Board of Directors
Are You Ready?

Details about JAHC 2018 will be coming soon! Mark your calendars to meet us in Phoenix, AZ, April 6-8, 2018.
Changes at NCH Headquarters
On Aug. 1, NCH shared with its members exciting news about a new partnership with Association Headquarters, a New Jersey-based association management company that will be assuming management activities for NCH. The board expects AH to elevate NCH to the next level by:
  • Helping NCH develop and execute an effective strategic plan to move the organization forward
  • Growing the national conference and enhancing the way it supports the homeopathic community
  • Advocating on NCH’s behalf on legislative and regulatory issues
  • Leveraging technology to meet NCH’s growing needs and to increase donations
  • Building a robust branding and marketing strategy to promote awareness of NCH and homeopathy
  • Increasing non-dues revenue through strategic business development and relationship building with industry partners
With this new partnership, NCH will have greater support for its mission of promoting health through homeopathy. Learn more about AH below.
Coming Soon!
NCH presents screenings of homeopathy documentary
The homeopathic community continues to battle misconceptions about the efficacy of homeopathic medicine. NCH is taking its efforts one step further by partnering with filmmaker Laurel Chiten to host screenings of  Just One Drop , a powerful and thought provoking documentary that tells the story of homeopathy. The film’s goal is to increase awareness of homeopathy, dispel myths about homeopathic medicine, and help people interested in homeopathy connect with NCH for additional information and resources.

Stay tuned for more information, to be shared soon! In the meantime, learn more about Just One Drop by clicking below.
From Homeopaths Without Borders (HWB)
In June at the Homeopathy Research Institute's international conference in Malta, Dr. Joyce Frye presented the results of HWB's excellent treatment of patients with chronic chikungunya symptoms in Haiti. This impressive study translates homeopathy's effectiveness in dealing with infectious disease into hard numbers for review by the larger medical community. It also highlights another aspect of the work of Homeopaths Without Borders. Our ongoing clinical presence in Haiti, together with our training of Haitian homeopathic practitioners, enables us to more carefully follow up with patients and evaluate their responses in an objective way. It's a golden opportunity and "win-win" for everyone AND it's another good reason to support the HWB mission.  

You can learn more about how you can contribute to this and other HWB projects at  Volunteer page and see about supporting our work  here. Welcome aboard!
From the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH)

The NASH Book Review Editor is always looking for new reviews to be published on the NASH  website. If you have read a book about or related to homeopathy and think it should be shared with the community, your review would be very welcome and you could become a published author. Please send it to Laura at Your writing and opinions are valued; we post reviews that are complimentary in addition to any that might be otherwise. All reviews help to educate the community.

The North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) is dedicated to promoting, representing and serving as the voice of all professional homeopaths in North America. NASH aims to develop and uphold the highest level of excellence in homeopathic practice while enhancing the role of the homeopathic profession as an integral part of health care delivery.
From the Council for Homeopathic Certification
On July 21, 2017, the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) granted accreditation to the Council for Homeopathic Certification , for its Certified Classical Homeopath (CCH) credential for demonstrating compliance with the NCCA Standards for the Accreditation of Certification Programs. The CHC joins an elite group of organizations representing over 270 programs that have received NCCA accreditation. 

NCCA is the accrediting body of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence and was founded in 1977 as a commission whose mission is to help ensure the health, welfare, and safety of the public through the accreditation of a variety of certification programs that assess professional competence. NCCA uses a peer review process to: establish accreditation standards; evaluate compliance with these standards; recognize programs which demonstrate compliance; and serve as a resource on quality certification.

"On behalf of the Board of Directors of the CHC I would like to thank everyone who helped in this effort. So many people have worked very hard to attain this long-standing goal and we are deeply grateful." Ann McKay, President of the CHC.
Prince Charles Notes the Importance of Natural Medicine
Prince Charles recently visited the School of Homeopathy in Stroud, Gloucestershire (UK). During his visit, he met with school faculty and representatives, and noted the importance of incorporating natural medicine in health care. His comments are in line with the British royal family's long-standing support and patronage of homeopathy.
Do You Have a Case to Share?

Do you love homeopathy and enjoy writing? Are you interested in giving back to the NCH community, but yo just don’t have much time? If so, we might have the perfect opportunity for you!

Each month NCH features a case quiz in our e-Newsletter and on social media and we are currently seeking volunteers to author quizzes on remedies that haven’t yet been covered. Quizzes should be written as a story providing key symptoms to help the reader solve the case. The cases should be appropriate for a consumer or beginner student (no serious conditions, chronic cases or constitutional types). See an example  here.
Tell Us Your Story
We LOVE to hear from about people using homeopathy at home. Moms tell us stories about using homeopathy for their kids’ ear infections and pink eye. Pregnant women tell us stories about easing their morning sickness and fatigue. We hear from people who have used homeopathy to speed recovery from surgery or to help soothe their sunburn or bug bites.

So, if you use homeopathy (at home, school, work, etc.) – Share 'Your Homeopathy Story' with us here! Everyone’s story is different and we want to know how you use homeopathy in your life!
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