Welcome to our ICT Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the summer term of 2019! The nice weather will be with us soon. As always if you have any questions or queries regarding any aspect of your IT please feel free to get in touch with us.
Additional reporting for remote support customers
We have been asked whether we can provide a monthly summary of all the tickets that schools log with us with our helpdesk. This will give an overview of what tickets are being logged with our helpdesk and will help you to highlight if you are having any repeat issues that may need closer inspection. This feature will require some manual setup on our behalf and as such this will be set up upon request, if you are interested then please get in contact.

Windows 7 - end of life
This was mentioned in the last newsletter but it’s important so worthy of a recap. Microsoft have announced that it will end the extended support of Windows 7 on 14 th January 2020, a little under a year away. This will mean that Microsoft will no longer be producing security patches to fix any newly discovered vulnerabilities making the system insecure. Windows 10 is now the mainstream version of Windows that you should be using or planning on moving to. Please get in contact if you have any questions regarding moving to Windows 10.

Educational resources
We have created a set of ICT and computing posters to engage, inspire and improve understanding within the field of ICT and e-safety. Our posters are completely free to download so you can brighten your classrooms and hallways within your school.

E-safety resources
Our dedicated e-safety portal esafetymatters.com has recently undergone a complete redesign and update of content and resources. So please take some time to view the available information. If you have additional resources you would like us to include please get in contact with joanna@ncitech.co.uk .