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March 2011
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Dr. Ronald Sneed, Chair
John Marmorato, Vice Chair
David Collins, Treasurer
David Williams, Secretary
Barry Bloch, Board Counsel
Michael Currin
Lindsey Griffin
Charles Nieman
Bob Peter
Maeneen Klein
Board Administrators
Barbara Geiger
Lisa Deubler

April 13, 2011
May 11, 2011
June 8, 2011
July 13, 2011

All meetings are held at the NCDA Agronomics Building, 4300 Reedy Creek Rd., Raleigh, NC unless otherwise noted.  The meetings are scheduled to begin at 10:00 am and are open to the public.  Please notify the Board office if you will attend.


April 15, 2011 - Raleigh
July 15, 2011 - Raleigh
October 14, 2011 - Raleigh


- To view Frequently Asked
- To view the minimum standards
   and best management practices.
- To review the law.
- To view Board approved
   continuing education activities.
- To download continuing education
    activity approval forms.
- To file a complaint
- For a schedule of Board meetings
   and Exams.
- To view a full listing of Licensed
    Irrigation Contractors and
    Licensed Irrigation Contracting
Free Posters Available

The Board has designed and printed 8x11 and 16x20 " It's the Law" posters.  These are available for you to display in your place of business and distribute to local departmental offices of inspection and permitting offices and other locations where you think they are appropriate. To obtain copies call the Board office at 919-872-2229 or e-mail  



- Don't wait until the last minute to
   complete your continuing education.
   You must complete 10
   credit hours before 12/31/11.
   (2 min/4 max business
   balance irrigation hours).
- Always update the Board with
    changes in contact information and
    company name.

- Contact the Board with changes
   to the corporate qualifier or
   company status. 

The $2,500.00 Contraction Exemption

The NC Irrigation Licensing Law allows an exemption for "irrigation construction or contracting work where the price of all contracts for labor, material, and other items for a given jobsite is less than two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500)." 


This $2,500.00 maximum cost includes all work associated with the irrigation system, including water sources and pumps, backflow prevention, sleeves, electrical connections, etc., no matter who installed what portion.  The law refers to the jobsite, so any items related to irrigation on that jobsite is included in the $2,500.


This limit is for the life of the project.  For instance, if a small residential system costs $2,495.00, there can be no further irrigation contracting or service work performed on that project, ever. 


So if you see unlawful, unlicensed irrigation contracting underway, and the contracting party claims the $2,500 exemption, notify the Board; we'll make inquiries and take the necessary actions.



On January 1, 2011 the North Carolina Irrigation Contractors' Licensing Board began its third year of existence. From the first Board meeting, held on December 3, 2008, the Board has been guided by several objectives:


1) Administer and enforce NCGS89G.

2) Work to ensure that landscape and turf irrigation systems are installed by licensed contractors.

3) Serve the licensed North Carolina contractors, while at the same time serving the public.

4) Promote the installation of water and energy conserving landscape and turf irrigation systems through adherence to Minimum Standards and Best Management Practices.


Elsewhere in this newsletter, you will see some of the work being done to support these objectives. In April, 2010, the Board contracted 25 licensed contractors to investigate complaints in assisting the Board with enforcement of the General Statute. The Minimum Standards and other items covered in NCGS89G are in the process of being converted to Board Rules. The number of candidates taking the Board exam is increasing. More people are aware of the Licensing Law because the Board is hearing from the general public, permitting and inspection departments, contractors, educators and other Licensing Boards.


The Board has a contract with a website developer to improve the website, to make it more interactive and to allow contractors to perform more functions electronically. The number of Continuing Education classes is increasing. To address a question that has been raised, the annual CEU requirement is ten (10) hours each year of which two (2) and not more than four (4) hours of business are required and the other six (6) to eight (8) hours must be landscape and turf irrigation related. All Continuing Education must be approved. Refer to the website to see approved Continuing Education classes and the categories of Continuing Education.  


The Board and administrative staff are committed to carrying out the above stated objectives.


Ronald Sneed, Chair 

Website Update

Most of us use the internet daily to help run our businesses.  The NCICLB is working with the Raleigh company Vitalink to make our website a better tool and to streamline the way licensees provide and receive information.   We expect the new website to be up and running within the next month or so.  We hope you find it more useful and easier to navigate. 


We will continue to work with Viatalink to offer more on-line features to licensees and the public.   The Board and the administrators want to help you manage your license in the most efficient way possible.  We want to reduce the amount of time it takes you to deal with the necessity of maintaining your license. 


In the future, we hope to offer on-line license renewal and CEU management.  We are hoping to be able to accept on-line payments.  CEU's are already listed on-line. We are exploring ways to simplify the search for CE activities. Future plans include the possibility of on-line registration links from the  NCICLB website.  These updates will streamline the administrative processes necessary to keep your license current and active.


Enforcement needs to be handled in the fastest way possible.   The quicker complaints can be made and investigated, the quicker action can be taken when it is warranted.  We hope to provide a convenient way for you to search for licensees.  Part of the enforcement process is receiving complaints, many times from other contractors.  Making it easy for you to check on proper licensing will make it easier for you to report unlicensed practice.  


There will be other interesting and helpful aspects to the new website and we look forward to providing the best management possible for your license.  We look forward to your comments and input to help us make this on-line service as intuitive and responsive as possible.

Continuing Education Committee Report

The CEU Committee is made up of Lindsey Griffin, David Williams and Michael Currin Chairman. The committee's role is to review all submitted classes for CEU credit to insure that they are relevant to the design, installation, maintenance and operation of turf and landscape irrigation systems.


The classes do not always have to be centered on irrigation.  Classes associated with the physiology of plants and the attributes of soil and water would be a related subject and important to the requisite knowledge of irrigation contractors. Classes associated with business management, finance, marketing and sales would be relevant to meet the two hours minimum and four hours maximum business credits out of the ten CEU's required for license renewal each year. 


As the irrigation contracting law is focused on turf and landscape irrigation, classes associated with agricultural or golf related irrigation do not qualify for credit.


The Board is working hard to clarify and enhance the guidelines pertaining to CEU credit. It plans to post these enhancements on the website soon. Please make sure that all classes being submitted have the times, dates and places that the course will be taught so that contractors can find it on the website.


Of special interest to owners and managers may be teaching an in-house irrigation-training course.   Irrigation industry manufacturers, distributors, dealers or a licensed irrigation contractor normally conduct these courses for their individual company.  The course outline must be submitted and approved by the CEU committee.  One hour of credit is given for each hour of instruction.  This is a great way to offer further training to your employees while gaining your required credits.


We would like to thank the many suppliers and distributors for the classes they have offered across the state to help irrigation contractors meet their CEU requirements. We also very much appreciate the work being done by college and university personnel as well as extension agents who have designed and taught courses leading to CEU credit. We would be remiss if we did not also recognize the great work provided by our industry associations such as CIA, NCNLA and TCNC who have provided educational opportunities at annual meetings and events. We look forward to working together to continue to improve offerings across the state. We realize that classes must remain relevant and readily available as well as affordable for our licensees. Thank you for all you do to help us meet this goal.



NCICLB Rules Process


The Board was informed in late summer 2010 that policies, including fees, minimum standards, continuing education unit guidelines, and so on, must be formatted and formally adopted by the State as rules.  The Board submitted proposed rules to the Office of Administrative Hearings in early December and a public comment period was opened in January. A public hearing was held at the February 9, 2011 Board meeting, where the Board heard comments by the public. After the public hearing and subsequent comment period, the Board considered all comments and revised some of the rules and wordings per the comments.  The Board shall review all of the rules one last time at its April 13, 2011 meeting.  The approved rules shall be sent to the Rules Review Commission for review.  If approved by the Rules Review Commission the rules then go to the General Assembly for possible objections. We will keep you informed as this process moves forward with the Rules Committee.

Your Role in Policing the Profession

There are two types of professional licensing laws, Title Acts and Practice Acts.  Title acts regulate the use of a term or title.  For instance, The North Carolina Landscape Contractors' Licensing law is a title act.  Unlicensed individuals may not call themselves landscape contractors. However, they may perform the work of a landscape contractor.   A practice act regulates the use of the title as well as the practice of that profession.  This is the strongest form of regulation to ensure protection of the public health, safety, and welfare. The North Carolina Irrigation Contractor's License Act (89G) is a practice act; that is to say, a person or firm cannot call themself an irrigation contractor or perform irrigation contracting services without a license.


All licensing laws have one primary purpose, to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public.  To this end, policing a licensed profession is a very serious matter and of great importance in protecting the public's interests against sub-standard services and practices while at the same time protecting and conserving our greatest of natural resources, water.


It is every licensee's duty to report unlicensed and or sub-standard irrigation work.  It is primarily through the diligent efforts of licensees that these unlicensed and sub-standard irrigation installers and service companies can be brought to the attention of the Board, at which time the Board begins an investigative process that will lead to resolve the issue (see article).


If you see unlicensed or sub-standard irrigation work being performed or offered, it is your duty as a licensee to report the matter.  The Board requires that complaints be made in writing.  This can be done electronically or through a written form, both available at under the Enforcement tab.  The Board will not disclose the name of a person making a complaint except as required by law.


Be sure to review the list of revoked licenses. 




Legal Summary 

As of January 1, 2010 through March 28, 2011

Number of complaints filed: 152

Number of investigations:  125

Number of Cease and Desist Letters Sent: 132

Cases currently in legal process:  4

Notice of Violation issued not delivered:  4

Notice of Violation issued: 2

Settlements Approved and Pending: 1

Number of cases pending action by the Board attorney: 4

Number of cases resulting in agreements:  8




CASE #U10-043

Tony Ferguson - Soggy Bottom Irrigaton & Trenching

Kernersville, NC

VIOLATION:  Mr. Ferguson and his company installed a landscape irrigation system in NC without being licensed by the NCICLB in violation of GS89G.  

BOARD ACTION: Mr. Ferguson agrees not to contract or provide irrigation system services in NC without a license.  Mr. Ferguson Paid $500 in lieu of civil penalty.


CASE #U10-066
Edgar M. Biggers - Lakeside Lawn Care, Inc.
Cornelius, NC
VIOLATION:  Mr. Biggers and his company installed a landscape irrigation system in NC without being licensed by the NCICLB in violation of GS89G.
BOARD ACTION:  Entered into an agreement in which Mr. Biggers agrees not to contract or provide irrigation system services in NC without a license. Mr. Biggers agreed to pay $500 in lieu of civil penalty.  The Board agreed to forgo collecting $500 if Mr. Biggers applied for licensing before October 1, 2010.  Mr. Biggers completed application before the deadline. 

Revoked Licenses 

Licenses are revoked under the following circumstances: failure to renew a license, failure to secure or renew the required bond, or failure to meet yearly continuing education requirements.  The following individuals and business have had their licenses revoked as of the publication date of this newsletter and can no longer practice irrigation contracting in the State of North Carolina.   If you witness any of these individuals or businesses practicing without a license, it is your duty to notify the Board.



Michael W. Askew - Kitty Hawk             George D. Mainor - Wallace  

Clayton Barnes - Clayton                       David Wayne Martin - Charlotte     

Russell W. Blanton - Charlotte               Richard Harrison Mason - Belmont          

Tino C. Bleimann - Charlotte                  Travis Wiley Mayo - Whitakers       

Michael Wayne Boyd - Wilmington         Darryle Lamont Miles - Winston-Salem    

William Odie Bradley- Greenville            Malcolm Key Mobley - Morganton            

Ryan Y. Bradshaw - Kure Beach            Steven Pat Mott - Wilmington       

James G. Capps - Hampstead               Ted Baker Mullen - Bunn           

Donavaughn R. Carlisle - Carthage       James Musser - Wilmington      

G. Baine Carruthers - Gastonia              James Morris Newlin - Greensboro 

James Oakes Carter - Burlington           Kenneth Martin Nye- Waxhaw 

William Robert Collins - Lillington          Terry B. Padgett - Warsaw             

Tammy Lue DeRousse - Raleigh           Jason Daniel Parker - Newport    

Fredric J. Dionne - Mocksville                Jimmy Perry - Indian Trail       

Gary Wayne Dull - Mocksville                Matthew D. Peters - Crumpler 

Thomas G. Ellingson - Winterville          Seth Lee Philllips - Shelby   

Mitchell Lee Eudy - Monroe                    Ryan S. Pope - Harrisburg 

Ricky W. Farmer - Winterville                 Walter Webster Ramsey - Raleigh 

Miles W. Gabriel - Kitty Hawk                 Harold Eugene Renegar - Yadkinville     

Dewey Charles Gamble - Raleigh          Jeffrey A. Roberts - Pineville       

David Wyatt Gay - Wendell                    Richard H. Ross - Midland   

Michael E. Gress - Raleigh                    James Allen Russell - Albemarle 

Robert W. Haroth - Raleigh                    Matthew C. Sandberg - Matthews       

Lee T. Harvey - Richlands                     John Robert Shaw - Gaston 

Ronald Monroe Hendrix - Spindale        Brian Lee Shook - Newton      

David Marshall Henry - Chapel Hill        Greg D. Shurburtt -Spartanburg, SC     

Jason Wayne Hicks - Wilmington          Gregory Kent Sizemore  - Yadkinville 

Robert W. Holden - Newland                 J. Mark Smith - Newell

Gayle Cleveland Huntley - Asheville      Richard Mar Story  - Lenoir 

Leonard Jacklett - Alpharetta, GA          Doyle Allison Stout - Charlotte 

William N. Jeffers - Gastonia                  Andrew Armstrong Tait  - Wilmington 

Russell Scott Kee - Ayden                      Craig Michael Taylor - Raleigh

John David Kelly - Flat Rock                  William Bright Terry  - Asheboro 

Darrell Craig Kiser - Newton                   Michael Randolph Thomas - Rockingham 

Jeffrey Scott LaPointe - Waxhaw           Matthew Adam Thompson - Wilmington 

William Larmore - Winston-Salem          Greg David Thompson  - Highlands 

Bruce D. Lewis - Rocky Mount               Christopher Mark Trotter  - Charlotte 

William L. Long - Newton                        Danny M. Williamson - Indian Trail

Timothy Wayne Long - Rockingham       Chad Eugene Wilson - Stanfield
Jeremy Scott Lowder -Jackson Springs  Stephen C. Wilson - Columbus    

Thomas Earl Maddry - Durham               Phillip Randall Wood - Ivanhoe 

                                                                J. Thomas Wright - Charlotte 



All Seasons Landscape Management, LLC - Indian Trail       

Armstrong Landscapes, LLC - Wilmington                                 

ArtisticScapes, Inc - Clayton       

Bill Bradley Plumbing, Inc - Greenville 

Billy Creech Plumbing - Princeton                                 

Carefree Carolina Landscaping - Raleigh          

Carolina Custom Lawn & Landscape, Inc - Rock Hill, SC   

Clearsprings Landscaping, LLC - Shelby                          

Coastal Landesign, Inc - Kure Beach 

Dominion Landscaping, Inc - Raleigh              

Doughty Landscape Construction, LLC - Pittsboro 

Environmental Design Landscape, Inc - Newell            

First Impressions Landscaping - Wilmington  

Glover & Kelly Landscape & Garden Center, Inc - Flat Rock        

Golden Leaf Gardens & Lawns, Inc - Monroe 

Grasshopper Lawn & Landscaping, Inc - Waxhaw    

Gress's Landscaping, Inc - Raleigh 

H & R Landscaping, Inc - Spindale    

Huntley Construction Company - Asheville 

Irrigation & Specialist, Inc. - Lake Wylie    

Jacklett Construction, Inc - Alpharetta, GA  

Long's Lawn & Landscaping, Inc - Rockingham 

Madison Landscape & Design Group, Inc - Charlotte 

Mainor Tile and Irrigaiton, Inc - Wallace 

Martin Landscaping Co., Inc - Charlotte 

Mason Landscaping, LLC - Gastonia 

Mountain Advantage, LLC - Crumpler 

Mr. Landscape Design - Bunn 

Premier Landscaping - Charlotte 

Premier Plumbing & Repair, LLC - Jackson Springs 

R. Story Development, Inc - Lenoir 

Rainmaker, Inc - Raleigh    

Red Oak Limited, Inc - Mocksville 

Salt Air Landscapes, Inc - Wilmington  

Shurburtt Group - Spartanburg, SC  

Southeastern Landscape Services, LLC - Rockingham 

Taylor Well Systems - Chocowinity 

The Earthscape Company, Inc - Harrisburg 

Thompson Landscape Company - Highlands 

Vistascape, LLC - Indian Trail 

Wilson's Wilderness Landscaping, Inc  - Locust