2022 License Renewal
Important Information Regarding Continuing Education and License Renewal
To date 28 individuals have already
renewed for 2022, and 19 corporate licensees!!

  • To renew your license for 2022, ten (10) continuing education credits, six (6) irrigation and four (4) business credits are required.
  • If you earned AND REPORTED continuing education credits earned in 2020, due to COVID, those credits have been rolled over into your 2021 continuing education account for use in renewing your license for 2022 in combination with those credits earned in 2021.
  • If you do not report credits earned in 2020 before December 31, 2021 those credits will be lost.
  • When ever possible the licensee should upload the proof of attendance forms into their account. This will help speed up the audit process should the licensee be chosen for review.
  • For those of you with a corporate license, do not forget that you cannot renew your corporate license until you have submitted your continuing education and renewed your individual license.
  • Although at this time there are few "in person" classes, there are many virtual and online classes available. Always check your account to ensure that you have not taken the same class within a three year period.
  • When in doubt, call the Board office for help (919) 872-2229.

Visit www.nciclb.org for step by step online renewal instructions.