2021 License Renewal
The Board is surprised and delighted by the number of people that have already renewed their license for 2021. Just a few reminders:
  • Don't forget to renew your corporate license if you have both an individual license and a corporate license.
  • Don't forget to submit continuing education credits that you have already earned or will earn in 2020. Although continuing education is not required for the 2021 renewal, those hours will be carried over and put towards the 2022 renewal.

Click here for some helpful reminders to get you through the 2021 renewal with ease.
(Please note that many of the "helpful reminders" deal with continuing education. The reminders are still relevant if you have taken continuing education in 2020 and want them to roll over for the 2021 renewal.)

Visit www.nciclb.org for step by step online renewal instructions.