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NCISS Special Report - Privacy and Data Records
Call to Action for Congress
With the new session of Congress, bills are ready to be introduced targeting consumer privacy and data records. As in times past, NCISS needs the support of all members and new members to be ready to assure these to not put YOU out of business!
As an Investigator, Security Agency, Process Server, or related professional... have you benefited from: 
  • Having access to driving records and motor vehicle information from your state DMV and private data providers?
  • Having access to databases with permissible purposes under the GLBA?
  • Having access to Social Security Numbers, Birthdates, Address History and other important information, including credit reports?
  • Carrying a firearm in the course of your professional duties?
  • Having the ability to use a pretext for undercover operations, shopping services and other permissible purposes?
  • Used the National Sex Offender Registry (Dru's Law) for background investigations?
  • Used GPS, drones and other modern technology in your investigations and security services?
If you answered YES to just one of these questions, you have directly benefited from the more than 40-year history of NCISS, volunteers, and support of every NCISS member. NCISS and membership have provided responsive testimony to Congress and federal regulators, as well as assisting state associations with similar issues at the state level.

How? Download and share this important Special Report from NCISS at !


If you wonder what NCISS does for you, view NCISS as your insurance policy. You don't make claims every day. When the big claim comes, and the upcoming privacy fight is that "claim," you will want NCISS protecting you at every turn.

Inside this NCISS Special Report
  • How will privacy laws impact you, and how has NCISS historically won?
  • Congress draws battle lines over national privacy laws!
  • What can you do NOW?
  • NCISS Annual Meeting and Hit the Hill - Advocating with Members
  • Legislative News From Lobbyit / Legislative Committee - Your Advocate
  • State Legislative Awareness Monitoring (SLAM)
  • NCISS is now on Social Media
  • Over 40 Years of Success
  • NCISS - Your Voice, Your Association, Your Benefits!
  • Register for Hit the Hill
  • Encourage colleagues to join NCISS
Your Advocate - Winter / December 2018
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IMPORTANT - Federal Legislation Watch for 2019!
Following the 2018 mid-term elections, Congress is now in a 'lame duck' session; however, Congress is already on the fast track to submit new legislation immediately following the swearing in of the new Congress. This means NCISS has to be prepared NOW and this will be the most important mission, and Hit the Hill event, in several years! Until legislation is introduced, it cannot be tracked. However, our lobbyist in Washington DC and the media have given us warnings as the outlook becomes more clear - and potentially very damaging to our professions.
Recently, NCISS shared with Professional Investigators and Security Agencies the latest update from Lobbyit as a forewarning to the outlook for a new Congress, particularly after the recent privacy laws passed in the European Union and similar to legislation rushed through the California legislature and signed into law. Please revisit this important information at - Data Privacy -- Background as the Federal Debate Takes Shape. It includes testimony and Q&A at the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. Information about the recent EU and California privacy and data protection laws are in the last NCISS Your Advocate at . Visit for more examples, which should greatly concern every NCISS member!
Executive Director, Karen Beers
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(800) 445-8408
Fax - (970) 480-7794
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It is the role of NCISS to meet and solve these problems while seeking to uncover and recommend action on any hidden potential problems which may have an effect on our profession.

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