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The eAdvocate - January / February 2018
Hit the Hill and Annual Meeting
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In this January / February issue:
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President's Message - Terry Myer, Sr. President
We are known as "The National voice of the Private Investigation & Security Professions" and for our trip to D.C. for Hit the Hill where we meet with law makers and represent the needs of over 60,000 PI's and Security, but there is another side of NCISS members. We have been there this year to help people from all parts of the country due to disasters caused by floods, fires, mudslides, hurricanes and now winter storms and subzero temperatures. All our members come together to help the needy.
We feel this year will be bigger and stronger with increased memberships and a much larger attendance in D.C. when we meet in March for Hit the Hill. There are a number of new issues to address with Congress this year. We are ramping up all details for Hit the Hill and preparing for a large attendance. Two other associations, with members also with NCISS, will be having their membership meetings at the same time, and some will join us going to The Hill on Tuesday March 20th.
We hope by March we will be past the frigid temperatures and be done with the snow. Some years we even time it to be there when the famous cherry blossoms are blooming that week.
As the 2017-2018 President, I would like to invite ALL members to join us and experience the great historical places of D.C., many have never had a chance to go to our Great Capital.
Our itinerary is in the Hit the Hill Guide, you can download with the registration here - 
-- Sunday March 18th, we will arrive and have a day for pictures around town followed by an informal welcoming get together.  
-- Monday March 19th, Board and Annual Meeting with elections, and evening welcome reception.
-- Tuesday March 20th, breakfast and briefing for Hit the Hill. We will go in small groups and visit the offices of Congress, leave some literature and some will get to meet Senators and Congressmen. We will break for lunch in the US Capitol building. There will be a special presentation of the Duffy Award, and also Congressman David Young (IA) will be our speaker at the luncheon. In the afternoon we will all meet in a room for a debriefing session.
-- Wednesday March 21st, we will have sessions with educational speakers, followed by the President's luncheon, awards and installation. In the afternoon we will have a New President's board meeting and then an informal farewell party.
I hope you are as excited to attend as we are to have you be part of this unprecedented event with your industry colleagues.
Terry Myer, Sr. 
NCISS President

( 614) 864-0007 
NCISS Hit the Hill / Annual Meeting - Washington DC in March! HTH2018
Be Your Profession's Voice in Your Nation's Capital...
Join Your NCISS at the 2018 Hit the Hill and 42nd Annual Meeting - March 2018!
Registration includes Welcome Reception, Coffee Breaks, Orientation Breakfast, Capitol Hill Luncheon, Capitol Hill Legislative Reception, Awards Luncheon, HTH packets and Seminars.
2018 Hit the Hill and Annual Conference - Speakers announced!
In addition to our annual Hit the Hill meetings with our Senators and Representatives, NCISS presents a series of training sessions to enhance this already popular and special event.
NCISS is fortunate to have many members with expertise in multiple investigative and security services disciplines. We appreciate them giving of their time to join us for the Hit the Hill and Annual Meeting events, as well as speak to our group on a variety of important trends and topics important to each of us.  
Details of the full schedule and registration are on the NCISS website at
Download the Hit the Hill Registration and Guide! Guide2018
Details, schedule and registration information is in the Hit the Hill Guide, you can download here:
Special Presentation to US Capitol Police:
John J. Duffy Memorial Achievement Award
(Luncheon - inside US Capitol Building) Duffy2018
Named for our first President, John J. Duffy of Davenport, Iowa, founder of Per Mar Security Services, the "Duffy" is the Council's highest honor. The award is presented every other year to a person or entity outside the regular membership, who for their specific service, heroism or other exemplary deed is being honored by the Council.

Crystal Griner and David Bailey
US Capitol Police Special Agents
"Things would have been far worse without the officers' selfless actions. These five brave men and women prevented a mass execution...". (Rep. Scalise)

This year, the committee of the "Duffy" past recipients selected two persons - U.S. Capitol Police Special Agents Crystal Griner and David Bailey. T hey will be joined by House Majority Whip Steve Scalise , R-LA., for their acts in stopping a shooter and saving the life of Rep. Scalise and others at the softball practice on June 14, 2017 in nearby Alexandria VA. 
This award will be presented during the Hit the Hill luncheon, in the US Capitol Building, on Tuesday, March 20th. Details of other attending Representatives and Senators are being finalized and will follow.
Speakers for March 2018
Hit the Hill / Annual Meeting
NCISS is fortunate to have many members with expertise in multiple investigative and security services disciplines. We appreciate them giving of their time to join us for the Hit the Hill and Annual Meeting events, as well as speak to our group on a variety of important trends and topics important to each of us.  
Details and speaker bios at  
Terry Kilburn, Tim Dimoff, and Cynthia Hetherington
  • Terry Kilburn, CEO (one hour session)
Tracers Information Services, Inc. (NCISS Diamond Sponsor)
Terry will speak on trends and techniques of effective database use.  
Terry Kilburn is the Founder and Director of Tracers Information Specialists. Terry has been responsible for many operational tasks at Tracers, including: new product development, and business development. He is responsible for the development, implementation and ongoing support of a wide range of leading-edge online fraud detection and risk management products and services for the collections industry, financial institutions, attorneys, law enforcement and investigators.
  • Timothy A. Dimoff, CEO/President (one hour session)
SACS Consulting and Investigative Services, Inc.
The Escalating Trends of Aggression and Violence Sweeping Our Nation. 
Tim Dimoff is considered one of the nation's leading authorities in high-risk workplace and human resource issues. As a consultant to human resource directors, law enforcement and the media, Dimoff has been called upon to examine evidence from crime scenes, victims and to develop offender profiles.  
  • Cynthia Hetherington (two hour session) 
Hetherington Group
Cynthia will speak on the Internet, open sources and database offerings.
Cynthia Hetherington, MLS, MSM, CFE, CII is the founder and president of Hetherington Group, a consulting, publishing, and training firm that leads in due diligence, corporate intelligence, and cyber investigations by keeping pace with the latest security threats and assessments. She has authored three books on how to conduct investigations, is the publisher of the newsletter, Data2know: Internet and Online Intelligence, and has trained over 20,000 investigators, security professionals, attorneys, accountants, auditors, military intelligence professionals, and federal, state, and local agencies on best practices.
For more than 25 years, Ms. Hetherington has led national and international investigations in corporate due diligence and fraud, personal asset recovery, and background checks. With a specialization in the financial, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications industries, her investigations have recovered millions of dollars in high profile corruption cases, assisting on the investigations of the top two Ponzi cases
in United States history. 
Full details are in the 2018 Hit the Hill Guide
Additional Event Networking Added!
NCISS is pleased to announce that members of the National Association of Missing & Exploited Children (NAMEC) and the Council of International Investigators (CII) will be holding their meeting events at the same time and will coordinate with NCISS for additional networking opportunities. Many associations work together for the best interests of all, and both NAMEC and CII also have mutual members and supporters of NCISS - including their officers and directors.

NCISS Members Networking with Council of International Investigators
Council of International Investigators (CII) US East Region 10 host Ken Cummins of Washington DC extends a gracious welcome to all members and guests to attend The 2018 CII US East Regional Meeting, March 16 - 18, Arlington VA.  To register click the following link:  2018_US_CII_Regional_Meeting_Registration.  There is a modest $75 fee to cover costs.
Ken has planned an agenda that includes an opening cocktail reception; three excellent seminars; a tour of the renowned African American Historical Cultural Museum; two group (no host) dinners; hospitality suite; and, if lucky, a John Sexton lead tour of Irish pubs to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  CII President Brett Mikkelson will be attending and bringing everyone up to date on CII's future plans.  Once the agenda is finalized it will be posted on the CII website.
This regional meeting is scheduled to merge with the NCISS "Hit the Hill" Initiative & AGM, which is scheduled for March 18-22.  So, if you are planning on attending the NCISS event this is a perfect time to come a day or two early to socialize with and learn from your CII colleagues.  CII members are also welcome to attend the NCISS meeting and participate in the Tuesday Hit the Hill lobbying effort.
Welcome New Members!NewMembers

Michael Antonoff

ICS Ohio

Youngstown, OH


Stuart Bayne

Confidential O&C Investigations

Oakridge, TN


Joe Bettner

Subrosa Investigations, LLC

Phoenix, AZ


Mary Ann Boyle

American Genealogical Research

Great Bend, KS


Caitlin Brooks

Old Line Investigative Services

Owings Mills, MD


Michael Carneiro

Michael Caneiro, PI

Southpoint, NC


Chad Compton

Assurance Investigations

Colorado Springs, CO

Matthew Janiskee

Matthew Janiskee, PI

Rockford, MI


Tonya Maggio

Atlantic Legal Services

Wilmington, NC


Rick McGinnis

Chagrin Solutions, LLC

Findlay, OH


Davara Ponds

DC Investigations & Security

Wadesboro, NC


Ed Robinson

L&R Security

New Orleans, LA


Matthew Spaier

Satellite Investigations, Inc.

Bronx, NY


Jason Von Reichbauer

STT Inc.

Mt. Pleasant, MI

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Legislative News from Lobbyit - Keith Nelson Legislative
Keith Nelson - Lobbyit

Federal Legislation Watch:  
- S. 395 - GPS Act
- H.R. 387 - Email Privacy Act
- H.R. 923 - To Repeal the Cybersecurity Act of 2015
- H.R. 957 F.A.I.R. Surveillance Act of 2017
- S. 631 Drone Aircraft Privacy and Transparency Act
- H.R. 1526 - Drone Aircraft Privacy and Transparency Act of 2017
Since the Mid-Term, Lobbyit has issued two NCISS Reports to members 
Lobbyit spoke with the House and Senate appropriations committees about plans for "labor policy" riders in the eventual omnibus appropriations bill to fund government for FY 2018.
-- NLRB and the Joint Employer and Persuader Rules; and

Details of this Report are at 
Lobbyit tracked developments at the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) regarding "Net Neutrality" regulations, met with the Senate Commerce regarding the same, and continued tracking developments in funding for fiscal year 2018 (FY18).
-- Net Neutrality - prior to the hearing overturning this rule, Lobbyit filed a comment, with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This comment included two key concerns to the investigations and security professions:
  ( 1) "tiered" services were not allowed, allowing individuals and companies with greater resources to acquire faster service than was available to individuals and small businesses (thereby relegating smaller entities to "second class status"); and 
  (2) that internet providers would not restrict internet traffic based on perspective or political viewpoint.
The FCC did vote to end the Net Neutrality regulation.
Details of this Report are at  

As always, stay tuned!

For additional information on NCISS legislative activity, please visit

State Legislative Awareness Monitoring (SLAM)
Lobbyit has set up NCISS's "state-level" tracking and continues to identify hundreds of bills in currently active states. Members may view bills impacting private investigators, private patrol operators or security guards in your state, by going to the Advocacy Hub and State Legislation at .

Members can search alphabetically by state or click on a specific state on the United States map provided at the top of the page.

If you know of a bill in your state that we need to become aware of, suggestions for legislative and regulatory keywords to track activities at the state and federal levels, please contact any NCISS Officer or Director - .
NCISS Member Association Events Events
Florida Association of Private Investigators
Feb 21st-24th FAPI 2018 Annual Conference in Altamonte Springs FL.
 Details at

National Council of Investigation & Security Services
Mar 18th-22nd - NCISS Hit the Hill / Annual Meeting in Washington DC.
Details at
Professional Association of Wisconsin Licensed Investigators
Mar 29th-30th - PAWLI Annual Conference in Wisconsin Rapids WI.

World Association of Detectives
Apr 26th-28th - WAD Mid-Term Meeting in Barcelona Spain
Florida Association of Licensed Investigators
May 03rd-05th - FALI 2018 Annual Conference in Tampa FL.

California Association of Licensed Investigators
Jun 07th-09th - CALI 50th Annual Conference in Long Beach CA.

Texas Association of Licensed Investigators
Aug 22nd-25th - TALI 2018 Annual Conference in Lake Conroe TX.
Details at

Oct 07th-09th - Osmosis Annual Conference in Las Vegas NV.
Details at

National Council of Investigation & Security Services
Mid-Term Meeting is being planned and will be held this fall.
Details Coming Soon!

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