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NCISS The eAdvocate - Mid-Term Meeting
July / August 2017
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In this July / August 2017 issue:

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President's Message - Terry Myer, Sr. President

Wow! As President for five months now, I realize all the work, stress and many hours that come with the job. Suddenly, I have more respect for all the Past Presidents.
With about half of the year gone, I want to thank everyone that contributes to growing NCISS and all the new members that have signed up, and most thankful for all the renewals. We are looking for a great 2nd half of 2017. To all members who ask, "how can I help?" I invite you to get more involved, work with your Regional Director.
Mid-Term on September 13th at Denver Marriott Westminster. As we try to network with our colleagues and have fun, a few of us might be able to squeeze a round of golf between our Board meeting and the PPIAC conference.
After TALI and the Mid-Term meeting, NCISS officers will attend IASIR in Chattanooga TN and meet with state regulators of the private investigative and security professions. The next 6 months, we will also be focused on having another great "Hit the Hill" 2018. We are looking forward to having many new members joining us and visit our Senators and Congress to express our needs in the industry. It's an effective way to meet your peers and do more networking.
Again, if you are new or have been a member for a while, please get involved, we need your help and you will enjoy the extra benefits.

Have a great rest of the summer, "And see you on down the road"
Terry Myer, Sr. 
NCISS President

( 614) 864-0007 
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NCISS has recently developed the new Members Only page on the NCISS website.
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NCISS Mid-Term Meeting - Hosted by PPIAC Mid-Term

NCISS 2017 Mid-Term Board of Directors Meeting -
Wednesday, Sept. 13th 2017 

Meeting to be held at Denver Marriott Westminster
7000 Church Ranch Blvd., Westminster, CO. 80021

Arrival - Tuesday, Sept. 12th
Board Meeting - Wednesday, Sept. 13th 9:00 to 4:00 (lunch provided)
Post-Meeting Social Mixer at 6:00pm

Links to:
NCISS Mid-Term Meeting Flyer
NCISS Mid-Term Meeting Registration Form 
While in town for the Mid-Term Meeting, stay for the 2017 Rocky Mountain Private Investigators Conference, immediately following. These are separate registrations. Details at

PPIAC Pre-Conference - Thursday, Sept. 14th
PPIAC Conference - Friday & Saturday, Sept. 15th & 16th
<< Information and Registration >>
Speakers for March 2018
Hit the Hill / Annual Meeting
NCISS is fortunate to have many members with expertise in multiple investigative and security services disciplines. We appreciate them giving of their time to join us for the Hit the Hill and Annual Meeting events, as well as speak to our group on a variety of important trends and topics important to each of us. The conference committee has recently secured the following speakers. Details will follow in the next Your Advocate, scheduled to be mailed to all members in October.
  • Terry Kilburn, CEO
Tracers Information Services, Inc. (NCISS Diamond Sponsor)
Terry will speak on trends and techniques of effective database use.

  • Timothy A. Dimoff, CEO/President
SACS Consulting and Investigative Services, Inc.
The Escalating Trends of Aggression and Violence Sweeping Our Nation.

  • Cynthia Hetherington
Hetherington Group
Cynthia will speak on the Internet, open sources and database offerings.
Legislative News from Lobbyit - Keith Nelson Legislative
Keith Nelson - Lobbyit

In the month of June...  
Lobbyit's advocacy focused on areas of labor law important to NCISS members, especially those with significant numbers of employees.  Lobbyit met with the Senate Committee on Health Education Labor and Pensions Committee (HELP), the House Education and Workforce Committee (Ed & Workforce), and the House Energy and Commerce Committee (E&C) to discuss the prospects for a variety of labor-related regulations and legislation.

Other topics covered in this month's report:
- Department of Labor (DOL) Overtime Rule
- Persuader Rule
- Workforce Democracy Act (S1350/HR 2776) -- Rolling back the "ambush" election rulemaking
  -- S 1350 and companion HR 2776 would fix the Ambush rule
  -- S 1217 and companion HR2629 also further address these issues
In the month of July...
Congress was almost completely focused on passing some sort of repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA, a.k.a. "Obamacare").  As such, very few other matters were considered in the legislature, and we are all surely familiar with the end result (at least, for the time being) of the ACA repeal vote.

During this time, Lobbyit focused on legislation which would provide states anti-trust protection for occupational licensing requirements, provided they instituted reforms to ensure such requirements were not anti competitive.  Lobbyit met with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the office of Senator Mike Lee, and with the Senate Judiciary Committee to discuss this issue.

Read this full monthly Report at

As always, stay tuned!

For additional information on NCISS legislative activity, please visit

State Legislative Awareness Monitoring (SLAM)
Lobbyit has set up NCISS's "state-level" tracking and continues to identify hundreds of bills in currently active states. Members may view bills impacting private investigators, private patrol operators or security guards in your state, by going to the Advocacy Hub and State Legislation at .

Members can search alphabetically by state or click on a specific state on the United States map provided at the top of the page

If you know of a bill in your state that we need to become aware of, suggestions for legislative and regulatory keywords to track activities at the state and federal levels, please contact any NCISS Officer or Director - .
NCISS Member News MemberNews
Member Associations
NCISS members are plentiful in this photo of members of the Indiana Society of Professional Investigators (INspi) at the 50th anniversary conference of the National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI) in Alexandria, Virginia in early June. Rear, left to right: NCISS member George Gergis, INspi VP; NCISS member Ken Shelton, past president of INspi and incoming National Director of NALI; NCISS past board member Don C. Johnson, past president of INspi and outgoing National Director of NALI; INspi member Becca Gieselman; NCISS Director-at-Large Brandy Lord, president of INspi. Front, left to right: Karen Shelton; NCISS member Jay Marin; and NCISS member Tina Skirvin, incoming National Secretary of NALI.

Region 1
James Huckabee (Past President) - Star Security & Security (Illinois)
The year was 1981, I was just promoted to Sgt. The President of the Bank, John Rua, was presenting my Sgt. lapel pin.  I began work at The Exchange National Bank of Chicago in 1979 as a Security Guard while I was in college. Just looking for any kind of job while in school. In the interview, I was given a choice of jobs - Teller or Security. I asked which paid more? Security was $.05 cents an hour more so I took it. The rest is history.
James Huckabee

I had no idea that choice would be the entry into my life long career in Security. -- James Huckabee, Star Security & Detective Sr. VP / NCISS Past President

Indiana Society of Private Investigators (INspi)

Then - Gene, Don, and Casey

As many of you may have heard, the  Indiana Society of Professional Investigators recently hit a milestone, celebrating 20 years. Thank you for your continued support of our industry. Membership within professional associations displays your commitment and professionalism while allowing you to network with your colleagues and keep current with the legislative changes, skills, and knowledge needed for continued success.

Twenty years ago, a small group of professional investigators came together with the idea of creating a professional association run for the benefit of its membership. I want to thank those investigators: Don C. Johnson, Casey J. Major, Gene J. Plummer, among others. Also, thank you to everyone who has given their time and talent throughout the years to help make INspi the great association it is.

INspi presidents for the past 20 years Gene (not pictured), Don, Casey, JP Renner (not pictured), Bob, Ray, Ken, and Brandy

I am proud to serve as President of an association that realizes the value and shows support of NCISS. INspi encourages all of our members to join forces with membership in NCISS. Our small state association has grown to serve investigators from more than seven different states with applications pending in two additional states. -- Brandy Lord, INspi President / NCISS At Large Director

Region 5
Brian Duffy, Presiudent of Electronic Security with Southlake's Dan and Joy Barnes 
Per Mar Security Services is pleased to announce it has acquired Southlake Security in Griffith, Indiana further expanding its security services and customer base in Northwest Indiana.

Southlake Security was founded by Dan Barnes 39 years ago. Barnes focused on providing residential and small commercial alarm systems in Northwest Indiana, and grew the company from zero customers to almost 1,800. Barnes is looking forward to his well-earned retirement.
Region 6
CALI Distinguished Achievement Award "DAA" 
NCISS and CALI member, Mr. Frank W. Huntington III was honored as the 20th recipient of the Distinguished Achievement Award, "DAA." The DAA is the highest honor bestowed on a CALI member, dating back to 1990, when Mr. John Eppick received the first award. The DAA is given only after a three member panel, unanimously select a candidate. The panelist do not know each other and never talk. It is a difficult task and the award is not given annually.

Do you have important news about your agency, association, events, etc.? Please share them with your Regional Director for distribution!
NCISS Member Association Events Events
Texas Association of Licensed Investigators
August 24th-26th - TALI 2017 Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX. Details at 

Iowa Association of Private Investigators
September 14th-15th - IAPI Annual Conference in Des Moines, IA.
Hal Humphreys - Pursuit Magazine - featured speaker
Details at

Maine Licensed Private Investigators Association
September 15th - MLPIA 2017 Annual Conference in Portland, ME.  Details at

North Carolina Association of Private Investigators
November 5th-7th - NCAPI 2017 Annual Conference in Cherokee, NC.  Details at

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Up to two center pages will be dedicated to member business card sized ads - for a total of 20 spaces, and the same for the conference table display on two 16"x20" poster boards, each with advertising space for eight sponsors at $75 each. These must be ready-made artwork - preferably your business card in JPEG in at least 300dpi for enlargement (any edit needs will be returned or charged $25).

This is a first come, first serve basis - one issue and event, no advance reservations.  Presently we can accept payments and reservations for the Year End 2017 Your Advocate being mailed to all members in October.

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The store will allow you to purchase seasonal apparel with one of two NCISS logos, as well as your own investigative agency or security firm logo, or your state association (as well as other professional associations). All logos can include custom text embroidery. Text with NCISS logos are limited to the member name, their agency, and NCISS position. State (or other acceptable) association logos and accompanying test must be approved by the state or other association. Details will be available on the store website.
Customized apparel is a way to promote your agency and our professions. Be sure and support NCISS and our Vendors & Sponsors.
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The National Council of Investigation and Security Services, Inc., is a cooperative effort of those companies and associations responsible for providing private security and investigation services to the legal profession, business community, government and the public.  


It is the role of NCISS to meet and solve these problems while seeking to uncover and recommend action on any hidden potential problems which may have an effect on our profession.

Executive Council
Terry Myer, Sr.

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Brad Duffy

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Dean Gluth

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Andrea Orozco

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Carol Ward

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