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January / February 2017
President's Message - Dean A. Beers, CLI, CCDI

Dear Mem bers and Colleagues:
I hope each of you had a safe and wonderful holiday - Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year!  
This is my last issue of Your Advocate as your NCISS President.

Please accept my sincerest thanks for the opportunity and pleasure of serving you as your NCISS President! I have learned over the last several years that NCISS is truly the most important association to belong to and support. Not because of the growing list of tangible benefits - but because of the hard work dozens of Officers, Directors, and Past Presidents - and YOU, our members - do every day, at their own time and expense, to represent each of us and our investigative and security professions nationwide. This is reflected in the 40-year history of success of NCISS keeping each of us in business. There is no other comparison or equal.
I also have a debt of gratitude to each of the Past Presidents, who have offered their wisdom and support; to my three Vice Presidents - Terry Myer, Brad Duffy, and Dean Gluth, as well as Officers Francie Koehler and Bill Fletcher. The work of this Executive Committee has been busy and productive. We have also had an exceptional Board over the years - Regional Directors Candace Ivey, Larry Flannery, Mark Gillespie, and Andrea Orozco, and At Large Directors Jerry Pitman, Audra Coleman, Jim Casteel, and Chuck McLaughlin. This team of professionals have worked tirelessly for NCISS and for you. They all have my thanks!
Most of 2016 seemed relatively uneventful for NCISS in preparing to advocate federal legislation and regulations; however, it was very busy - as you could probably tell from the various alerts and reports. I want to extend my personal, and the thanks of NCISS, to Keith Nelson and Lobbyit for being our boots on the ground in DC!

With a new administration and session of Congress for 2017, what is ahead of us is unknown and just getting started. There is almost a clean slate to work from - all bills from the old session are off the table, but many have already been re-introduced. We are keeping our eyes on privacy issues, access to records, commercial use of drones, and commercial use of GPS. There are also several business regulations held over from the previous administration - several court decisions, as well as new executive orders have put those on hold. Of one direct impact to our security members was the overtime rule. NCISS, with the help of Lobbyit, was directly involved and monitoring these activities and 2017 will quickly be busy for NCISS. This is your membership and your dues at work for you - keeping you in business!

The Most Important Hit the Hill in Recent Years! 
This year, the annual Hit the Hill event is the most important of the last several years. With a new Congress and a new President, they need to hear our voice - personally, directly, and now! I personally invite you to join us for Hit the Hill - especially if you have never attended, and there is a special discounted rate for first-time attendees. This is the time to sit down, personally, with your Senators and Representatives, one-on-one, to share with them how their actions, legislation, regulations, and votes directly impact you and our business. What better time - than right now - when we have a clean slate to start with! We won't have this same opportunity for at least four more years, every two years with a new session of Congress - but this opportunity of a new President and new session is only every four or eight.  

Don't miss this year's event!

If you cannot attend, please consider a donation to support NCISS!
Click for HTH Registration Form, Agenda, and Seminar Speakers  
Of course there are other activities - from elections of new officers, and special guest seminar presentations - to make your stay and event both productive and informative. You will not be disappointed. I look forward to seeing you there to welcome your new Officers and Directors! I also look forward to continuing my involvement with NCISS as I stay on the Board as the immediate Past President and continuing to serve you. Soon the slate of candidates for each position will be announced, with elections and swearing in to be held at the Annual Meeting / HTH event. Please join us and share your support for each of them and NCISS.

Thank you for your NCISS membership and support!

Honored to serve you,

Dean A. Beers, CLI, CCDI 
NCISS President / Advocate Editor  
(970) 691-0813 cell 
Welcome New Members!
On behalf of NCISS, we extend our welcome to the following new members, all from California (Region 6)!
Michael Bornman The Justice Consultancy La Canada, CA
    Brad Heaton Iron Wall Security Carlsbad, CA
   Mitch Seflin Seflin Investigations Sherman Oaks, CA
Member Associations News
 Please visit the NCISS Event Calendar for complete information on upcoming events for our supporting Member Associations!
-- World Association of Detectives 04/02 to 04/04 - Miami FL
-- Georgia Association of Professional Private Investigators 04/30 to 05/03 - Jekyll Island GA

-- Florida Association of Licensed Investigators 05/04 to 05/06 - Cocoa Beach FL

-- National Association of Legal Investigators 06/08 to 06/10 - Washington DC

-- California Association of Licensed Investigators 06/08 to 06/10 - Reno NV

Please share your member association news and events -
Member News
James Huckabee
James Huckabee, Board Chairman
Let me start by saying how extremely proud I am to have served as Chairman of the Board of the National Council of Investigations and Security Services (NCISS) over the past year and a half.
This will be my last Your Advocate report as Chairman of the Board so I must pause and thank my Executive Committee (EC), Board of Directors and Executive Director for putting in the work that made my job easy. It was great to work with this group of talented leaders.

By the time this publication gets to you, we will have inaugurated a new President, and confirmed cabinet appointments. Not to mention all the shifting of Senate and House members and their staffers. NCISS is well positioned in the Nation's Capital with our lobbying infrastructure to ensure our legislative agenda and leadership as "The National Voice of the Private Investigation Security Profession" is always in the forefront of important issues pertaining to our businesses.

Mark Gillespie TCI, Regional Director (4)
Texas Third Court of Appeals reverses conviction and orders acquittal in Williamson County murder case On December 15, 2016, the Third Court of Appeals reversed the conviction of murder and rendered a judgment of acquittal for Rex Allen Nisbett who, in June 2014, was convicted by a Williamson County jury of killing his wife, Vicki Nisbett in December 1991 and sentenced to 42 years in prison. The State is barred from re-trying Mr. Nisbett.
Mr. Nisbett's appellate attorney is Kristen Jernigan of Georgetown. Mr. Nisbett's trial team consisted of attorneys Keith Lauerman of Round Rock and Robert McCabe of Georgetown. The trial team used the services of private investigator Mark Gillespie of Cedar Park. The case was prosecuted by outgoing Williamson County District Attorney Jana Duty and her former First Assistant District Attorney, Mark Brunner.
Of special interest to private investigators, this 40-page opinion can be found at

Gene Ferraro Member and Past President, Gene Ferraro, CPP, CFE, SPHR

Gene has again been invited to serve another term on the ASIS International Standards and Guidelines Commission.

The 2017 term will be Gene's ninth year on the Commission. The 2017 term will begin on January 25, 2017 when the commission's members meet in Washington, D.C. and hold their first meeting of the year. Longtime, member Mike Knoke (Chief Security Officer, Express-Scripts) will be replacing Mark Geraci as the Commission's chairman. Mike is a founding member of the Commission and members expect his professionalism and leadership to define his chairmanship.

NCISS member Bernie Greenawalt (Securitas) will remain the Commission Liaison for the Private Security Officer (PSO) Selection and Training Standard, which is currently under development. Members who have questions regarding the ASIS Standard development process or the PSO may either Gene at or Bernie at

What If It's Real? Thoughts Regarding the Growing Problem of Bomb Threats
Physical Security magazine (12/12/2016 )

I recently read an article in Security Management (SM) magazine on the topic of bomb threats targeting schools and realized it had been some time since I received a call from a client requesting assistance responding to a bomb threat. The thought gave way to wondering if schoolplace bomb threats were such a problem, why did it seem so few bombs actually existed? A little research revealed some interesting answers.
Continued at

Martin Jaekel, CFE, CII (Whitehall Bureau of Investigations Canada) has been elected President of the Canadian Association of Professional Investigators (CAPI). CAPI was formed in 2010 as the official national voice for all recognized provincial private investigative associations which is represented by Dale Jackaman (Amuleta Computer Security) for British Columbia; Tim Houghton (Xpera) for Alberta; Rhonda Hines (Mainview Investigations) for Atlantic Canada and Louis Laframboise (Garda) for Quebec. Each provincial association has experienced, vetted members who specialize and provide training in cyber security, staged accidents, insurance investigation and forensics, amongst others. Provincial websites and members can be found on CAPI's web site

Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice presents the John Flynn Lifetime Achievement Award to Rich Robertson, CLI
NCISS member Rich Robertson was presented this award at the recent National Association of Legal Investigators conference. This award, and dedication of Rich to our profession, speaks for itself.
Rich was previously awarded the Freedom of Information Award by the Arizona Newspaper Association for the public records battle he fought and created case law in Arizona in support of public access to government records.
From the award plaque, "Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice is pleased and honored to present its highest award to Rich Robertson, the first non-attorney ever to win the John Flynn Lifetime Achievement Award in the thirty year history of the organization. As Arizona's foremost private investigator, Rich is recognized for his remarkable professional achievements, dedication to the protection of constitutional rights, and the pursuit of justice. Following a long career as a journalist and city editor of the Arizona Republic and as a pioneering investigative television reporter, he has become the "go-to" investigator for Arizona's top criminal defense attorneys in many of the highest profile and most challenging cases. His tireless work, brilliant insight, superior analytic and writing skills, and a dogged determination to uncover critical evidence have made him invaluable to those of us who have been fortunate enough to work with him over the years. Rich has successfully taken on government agencies at his own considerable personal expense to protect the rights of the public to access public records, most recently in litigation that went all the way to the Arizona Supreme Court. He has long been a vocal opponent of the death penalty, and has given freely of his time and energy in that cause. Rich does all of these important things with passion and a wonderful self-deprecating sense of humor. He is the consummate team player, and the very best at what he does."

Please share your professional, association and regional news and events -
Walk the Halls of our Capitol, Meet Your Representatives and Senators, and the Cherry Blossoms Bloom!
Hit the Hill!
Our annual Hit The Hill is just around the corner. Take part in making a difference in YOUR profession - NCISS members from across the country join together in Washington to meet with their senators, representatives and staff so they can be informed about our concerns and viewpoints. Congress appreciates our input in assisting them with promulgating sound legislation. It puts a face to our profession and educates senators and representatives about what we really do as investigators instead of what they see on tv. March 26-29, 2017. Join us at the 41st annual conference and Hit the Hill!

Complete Details at

Cherry Blossoms Blooming!

The Hit the Hill timing is excellent! The blooming of Washington D.C.'s signature cherry blossoms are targeted to be in full bloom just about the time of the NCISS 41st Annual Conference and Hit the Hill!
Seminar Speakers, Bios and Topics

1st & 2nd sessions 
Wednesday 29th  he will present (2) one-hour sessions on:

* Internet Marketing on a Shoestring
* How to Identify Modern Day Eavesdropping and Bug Detection

 session  Wednesday 29th   s he will present a one-hour session on:

* Cyber Security for Small Businesses

 session Wednesday 29th he will present a one-hour session on:

* Financial Fraud Investigations / Forensic Audits Using Financial Software

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The National Council of Investigation and Security Services, Inc., is a cooperative effort of those companies and associations responsible for providing private security and investigation services to the legal profession, business community, government and the public.  


It is the role of NCISS to meet and solve these problems while seeking to uncover and recommend action on any hidden potential problems which may have an effect on our profession.

Executive Council
Dean Beers

1st Vice President
Terry Myer, Sr.

2nd Vice President
Brad Duffy

3rd Vice President
Dean Gluth

Francie Koehler

Bill Fletcher

James Huckabee

Executive Director
Carol Ward

Region 1 
Candace Ivey

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Larry Flannery

Region 4
Mark Gillespie

Region 5
Andrea Orozco

Region 6

Members at Large
Jerry Pitman
Audra Coleman
Jim Casteel
Chuck McLaughlin