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Updated for 2018 (4th Qtr)   

National Council of Investigation & Security Services
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Dear Members,
You are NCISS!
NCISS is unique in its mission - to advocate for all professional investigators and security officers and agencies to further our profession - to keep us in business with the resources we need.  NCISS does this by staying alert to actions that may have a positive or negative impact on our professions, and partnering with state associations to offer our assistance at the local level.  It truly is a partnership of our members and state associations - Together We're Better! 

For over 40 years NCISS has been, and continues to be, the most influential voice and legislative advocate for the Security and Private Investigation professions in the United States of America.
As the largest national association of investigative and security professionals, your reach and influence is more than your membership - it is the combined voices of your association and colleagues.  As many members are part of other state, national and international associations with varying benefits, at NCISS we offer unique benefits - from legislative advocacy and alerts to multi-association integral networking.  
The most important benefit you may realize by being a member - and encouraging others to join - is advocating for the rights  and privileges of your profession.  From friendships to guidance, and grassroots advocacy to national and global assistance, NCISS works for, and counts on, you.   
For a list of the most popular benefits of NCISS membership, please visit    
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Digital NCISS Member Directory Update

NCISS will begin publishing its digital online directory for members in late January 2019, and then each quarter. To be included, you must be a current and paid member of NCISS. If you are currently a member, please make sure your dues are paid for 2019 (if your dues expire 12/31 each year) or your anniversary date if you joined after June 2015.

If you are unsure of your status, please check your profile at:

With a primary mission of legislative advocacy at the federal level in Congress and regulatory agencies, and assisting state associations with local advocacy, NCISS offers tangible benefits to members.
- Nation's largest listserv of vetted professional investigators and security agencies. Why take a chance with your reputation and your client's case by using unvetted references from generic and unmonitored listserves? Not only are members vetted, NCISS has members from nearly every state and also from other state, national and international associations - the largest reaching network of our profession.
- Top tier insurance programs for members - from discounted vision and dental program offerings, to agency insurance - you're covered.
- The best discounts at Office Depot / Office Max - from their print center (save up to 85%) to online and in-store product discounts.
- Visit for more vendors and for more benefits.

There are more benefits - and don't overlook the most important...
It doesn't cost to be a member of NCISS - it pays from the savings and potential resources for assistance, networking and referrals.

Most important - the work of NCISS by member volunteers to prevent restricting legislation and regulations from costing us business - such as the DPPA, FCRA, GLB, and postal change of address exemptions, to supporting legislation and regulations that protect us - such as the National Sex Offender Registry.
Again, you're covered!

For over 40 years, NCISS volunteer members have worked diligently and relentlessly for our professions. Please be sure to renew your dues now, or join now.
COMING SOON - NCISS Your Advocate Winter 2018
 The final touches to the next Your Advocate are being completed. We hope to have the next digital issue available by mid December. Look for an announcement soon!

Now Available for download - NCISS Your Advocate Summer 2018
Just a reminder that you can now download the digital Your Advocate Winter 2018! This was emailed by Constant Contact ( ). 
Please take a look and see how NCISS is working for every professional in our investigative and security professions - and why your support and membership is important! Be sure and share with a colleague - their support and membership is also important! 
This digital issue can be viewed and downloaded:
In this digital issue, there are embedded links to additional important information, and each graphic has an appropriate link to additional information. Please be sure and visit each of our Vendors and Sponsors, and learn all that NCISS and our members have accomplished in the recent  months!
Thank you for your NCISS support and membership!

Legislative Alerts and News
Congress and Regulatory Agencies Prepare Privacy and Data Protection Laws for 2019

NCISS was recently advised by our legislative advocate in Washington DC that there is talk in the halls for the newly elected Congress to introduce 15-20 privacy and data protection related bills in the new session starting in January; and will have the attention and focus of the Administration.
NCISS Legislative Chair-Investigations, Francie Koehler, has also received the following article as some background:

After the midterm elections, the odds improve a little for a US data privacy law
Recently, NCISS shared with Professional Investigators and Security Agencies the latest update from Lobbyit as a forewarning to the outlook if a new Congress is elected and party control changes, particularly after the recent privacy laws passed in the European Union and similar legislation rushed through the California legislature and signed into law - before any action to oppose could be taken. Please revisit this important information at - Data Privacy -- Background as the Federal Debate Takes Shape . It includes testimony and Q&A at the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. Information about the recent EU and California privacy and data protection laws are in the latest NCISS Your Advocate at

To stay current, please visit
To keep alert of the latest legislative watch, please visit

To read the archives of special NCISS Alerts and News, please visit
Members Only Area at
Be sure and visit the Members Only area at

This has the State Legislative Awareness Monitoring Program and links for state legislation, and other member only items. This will be accessible only to our members - individuals, associations, etc.

On this page are links to current: 
- Benefits of Your NCISS Membership
- President Messages
- The eAdvocate
- NCISS  / Lobbyit Alerts
- NCISS / Lobbyit Monthly Reports
- NCISS / Lobbyit Federal Legislation Monitoring
-- and archives of the above
Categories of Membership and Dues
Increase NCISS Membership and Make a Donation Today!
When renewing, please consider a donation to the NCISS Legislative Fund or NCISS PAC. 
The following are the current categories of membership, available at
  • Regular Member: $175 -- includes the NCISS Legislative Fund and receives all rights and privileges of membership.
  • Affiliate Member: $175 -- Investigative & Security employees of government agencies, law firms, insurance firms or related business.
  • Associate Member: $75 -- Unlicensed employee of a Regular Member agency.
  • Service Member: $250 -- Individual or company providing services relative to the investigation or security industry.
  • Association Member: $100 ($1.00 per member or $100.00 if your membership is 100 or less) -- A non-profit state, regional, or national association whose chief membership are private investigators, private investigative agencies, and/or security guard companies. This is does not cover membership or benefits for individuals.  This provides your association legislative representation and protection in Washington, D.C.
Contact your Regional Director if you have any questions or need assistance.

Membership and dues information is also at
As a member of NCISS, you know the importance of the NCISS mission.  Please share with your colleagues to be part of the NCISS success! 
NCISS Legislative Fund
The NCISS Legislative Advocacy needs your continued support!
Help grow your Voice in Washington
renew your NCISS membership and refer a friend... 
Please consider a donation to the NCISS Legislative Fund.

* If you want to protect access to the records and resources you need... 
* If your ability to conduct individual locates, backgrounds, witness interviews, surveillance, business due diligence, investor due diligence, expert consultations, worker compensation claims, criminal defense, or civil investigations are important...

Please support the NCISS Legislative Fund or PAC today! NCISS was formed over 40 years ago by investigative and security agencies with the foresight to know these protections are needed! 

Your donation helps further the NCISS mission - YOUR voice in our nation's capital! Just $10, $25 or $50 makes a difference in YOUR Legislative Fund!

Contact the NCISS President or Executive Director if you have any questions or need assistance and to make an individual or association donation. or 
Proactive Alerts & Calls to Action
for Investigative & Security
Legislative Alerts and Call to Action ( ) - Beginning with the member listserv and using Constant Contact, the Legislative Committee and legislative advocate - Lobbyit - NCISS brings you the news of our profession as it happens. To make sure each member and state association is fully informed, Lobbyit also issues a monthly legislative summary of events.
Lobbyit in Washington DC - Lobbyit is the NCISS legislative advocate in Washington DC; their office is a short walk from the US Capitol and congressional and other government administrative offices. Represented by Keith Nelson, NCISS has enjoyed a strong and successful relationship with Keith and Lobbyit. On a daily basis, Keith is available and regularly monitors legislative and regulatory activity in Washington DC, creates monthly news bulletins and alerts, and custom Call to Action programs as needed.
Your Advocate and The eAdvocate ( ) - Three times per year NCISS distributes Your Advocate digital magazine with easy references for the activities that NCISS and state associations are watching. Bi-monthly each member is emailed The eAdvocate with information about each region and association activities, special member accomplishments and up-to-date news of our profession.
Listserv ( ) - The NCISS Listserv gives each member a national resource for the exchange of referral work and information helpful to assignments. The Listserv also allows NCISS to communicate to members and keep them abreast of legal and legislative happenings affecting them. The NCISS listserv is one of the nation's largest and most active. 
Networking and Peer Assistance
National Networking, Member Directory and Member Search ( and the State Association Directory ) - One of the most important values, and foundation, is you - the membership.  NCISS screens all membership applications, providing you the benefit of seeking assistance directly with another member via the directory or listserv requests for assistance.  The quarterly digital membership directory includes individual and association members, with contact information and specialties. The listserv is also utilized by members for requests of assistance needed.
Business & Training Bulletins & Events - NCISS is comprised of members that are leaders and experts in their fields.  Special bulletins are written by members of NCISS who are experienced and experts in their field, these bulletins accommodate the sharing of ideas and standards. In addition, these members also serve as ambassadors of NCISS and our professions when they speak and give training nationally to our member association conferences and events.
Annual Meeting and Mid-Term Meeting - The annual meeting includes important seminars and meeting and is held in conjunction with Hit the Hill each the spring in Washington DC. Our Mid-Term meeting, which moves around the country to
support state associations, is held in conjunction with a member state associations conference events each fall. Both are important and foster learning and professionalism as well as networking with peers from around the country.
Annual Hit the Hill - The mission of NCISS is legislative advocacy at the federal level for members.  One of the most important, and effective, in doing so is the annual Hit the Hill.  Each spring NCISS leaders and members meet in Washington, DC to visit with our elected Senators and Representatives in Congress.  NCISS also holds special functions to meet and greet these elected officials, and special luncheon with a keynote speaker - usually inside the Capitol building.
It saves and PAYS to be a member of NCISS!
Vendors and Sponsors ( ) - NCISS understands members also need tangible benefits for their membership dues. The committee continues to find benefits - any of which may return more than the cost of annual dues. NCISS does not charge a premium on any dues for any member benefits. Using just two of these can save over $500 annually!
>> Please visit the Vendor and Sponsor page for a current list of our valued sponsors and vendors.
NCISS Apparel Store - Custom Logo Apparel!
NCISS now has a stand-alone store with one of our Vendors & Sponsors, Fully Promoted of Davenport IA

The store is now open at!

NCISS will benefit with a percentage of sales for the NCISS Legislative Fund.

The store will allow you to purchase seasonal apparel with one of two NCISS logos, as well as your own investigative agency or security firm logo, and your state association (as well as other professional associations). All logos can include custom text embroidery. Text with NCISS logos are limited to the member name, their agency, and NCISS position. State (or other acceptable) association logos and accompanying test must be approved by the state or other association. Details will be available on the store website.
Customized apparel is a way to promote your agency and our professions. Be sure and support NCISS and our Vendors & Sponsors.
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NCISS - Your Voice, Your Benefits
Legislative Alerts and News
Networking and Peer Assistance
Your Membership, Your Voice ...

Executive Council
Chairman of the Board
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First Vice President
Andrea Orozco
Second Vice President
Chris Reynolds
Third Vice President
Wes Bearden
Mark Gillespie
Candace Ivey
Region 1
Tim Gilbert
Region 2
Paul Cicarella 
Region 3
Robert Dunn
Region 4
Jon Tipton
Region 5
Tina Thomas
Region 6
Michael Julian
Members at Large
Dean Gluth
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Brandy Lord
Steven Rambam

Executive Director
Karen S. Beers 
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