Welcome to the 11th week of The Challenge!

Our 18-Week Challenge gives us an opportunity to read articles, listen to podcasts, and view videos dealing with the roots of racial injustice, the systemic racist policies in our institutions, and our own misconceptions of racism. The Challenge creates a dedicated time and space for us to reflect on our own personal experiences, biases, and assumptions. Each week you will be sent a new prompt to explore.

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Week 11: November 6, 2020

Breonna Taylor’s murder is but one example of how police violence against communities of Color extends beyond Black men to Black women. Looking more closely at police brutality gives us an opportunity to discuss intersectionality, a term coined by legal scholar and critical theorist Kimberlé Crenshaw. In her TedTalk The Urgency of Intersectionality, she describes how “different forms of discrimination can interact and overlap”, and that a Black woman standing in the path of multiple forms of exclusion, often gets hit by both. Kimberlé Crenshaw also created the #SayHerName campaign. The second video is an Open Letter from the Mothers of #SayHerName to Breonna Taylor’s mother. 

(18 minutes)

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