Welcome to the 18th and final week of The Challenge!

Our 18-Week Challenge has given us the to read articles, listen to podcasts, and view videos dealing with the roots of racial injustice, the systemic racist policies in our institutions, and our own misconceptions of racism.

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Week 18: December 25

For our final challenge, let’s take this opportunity to look at racial injustice through the eyes of poets, photographers, and a comedian. 

The lifestyle blog on the website Hive Live gives us 7 poems, all written by poets of color, that give their perspective on racial discrimination and injustice spanning generations: 7 Powerful Poems About Injustice & Racial Discrimination

The article Art of the Movement: Art and Artists Elevating the Message of Equality and Justice by Collin Kelly showcases a selection of art and artists whose works reflect the inequities of our communities and the need for racial justice: Art of the Movement: Art and artists elevating the message of equality, racial justice

This final selection is 8:46, a 30 minute performance, by Dave Chappelle. It is raw emotion, and fair warning, he uses crude language and paints disturbing images. Dave Chappelle is not for everyone and some may find his language offensive, but he speaks honestly of his pain and the pain felt by the Black community in America after the killing of George Floyd. He leaves us with the message that there is work to do and that he is proud of those doing the work. https://youtu.be/3tR6mKcBbT4

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