Newsletter April 2019
Happy Passover
Installation of Officers

Sunday, April 28

1-3 PM

Stand Up and Make Your Voices Heard!

Light Refreshments

The McDowell Center
16116 N. McDowell Mt. Ranch Rd. Scottsdale 85255
(SW corner of McDowell Mt. Ranch Rd. & Paradise Lane)
Upcoming Events
NCJW/AZ Installation of Officers
APRIL 28, 2019
1:00-3:00 PM
The McDowell Center

Jewelry Donation & Volunteer Opportunity for Mother's Day
Sojourner Center
Susan Schesnol 336-215-7777

O n April 28 I will pass the mantle, or the gavel to be exact, to our incoming President Civia Tamarkin. It is difficult to put into words how proud and honored I’ve been to be the President of NCJWAZ for the past 4 years.
N obody could ask to lead a better organization or preside over a better Board of Directors.
I am so proud of the work that NCJWAZ is involved with and know that under Civia’s leadership we will continue doing so.
I pledge to do all I can to help Civia and the Board be successful as we continue to perform Tikkun Olam. I ask that all members do the same.
Wishing you and those you hold dear a Zissin Pesach.
Ellen Widoff
NCJW Leads the ERA Ratification efforts in Arizona
N inety five years after its introduction by the National Woman’s Political Party, Arizona is lining up to be the 38 th and final state necessary for national ratification guaranteeing legal protection under the constitution for girls and woman in our country.
O n March 22, 1972 the Equal Rights Amendment was passed by the US Senate and sent to the states for ratification. The deadline passed with only 35 states on board. For ratification, 38 states or three-fourths of the states are required.
T he current political climate in our country breathed new life into the Equal Rights Amendment movement. Last year Nevada ratified it, followed by Illinois. Arizona has the opportunity to be the 38 th and final state needed to bring it back to Congress and NCJW AZ is working very hard to make sure this happens.
The NCJW social action team of Civia Tamarkin and Ellen Widoff helped the ERA Task Force spotlight the issue and mobilized an action campaign to pressure the legislature to bring the ERA bill to a floor vote
This came about through implementing a strategy which included 1) obtaining the original ERA Banner from Washington, 2) a 38 Mile March and 3) two major rallies that both kicked off and concluded the March. An impressive group of publicists, political strategists, and celebrities were recruited to support this effort through tweets, TV appearances, and local press ensuring this event was covered locally and nationally.
On Wednesday, March 12, after the Marchers finished their trek, they were joined by a sea of supporters dressed in white to fill both the House and Senate galleries. After a two hour discussion in the State Senate, a motion to bring the amendment to a vote resulted in a tally of 13 for and 16 against, the closest vote in the history of Arizona on the ERA.
T his momentum continues with a campaign that is aggressively recruiting interfaith clergy to issue signed statements of support and compiling a list of businesses’ that both support and do not support the ERA. Additionally the cities of Sedona, Jerome, Tucson, and Clarksdale have created Resolutions in support of the ERA.
S tanding up and making our voices heard is creating tidal waves. NCJW both locally and nationally is part of this Tsunami.

Repealing the Affordable Care Act is in the news again.
Are you kidding me?
O ne hundred million (100,000,000) Americans would immediately be affected if this happens. Never mind the fact that 90% of Americans like the ACA (also referred to as Obamacare) since it became law nine years ago. Besides affecting approximately 30,000,000 people who currently get their healthcare insurance through these plans, another 70,000,000 would lose coverage of pre-existing conditions and of life-time caps on coverage. Seniors would see an increase in drug prices, and young adults would not be covered on their parent’s plan until they are 26 years old.
This is a travesty. Several members in our Section get their healthcare coverage through Medicare. Medicare has been a G’dsend for senior citizens, and I personally believe that all Americans should have the peace of mind of knowing they are covered when facing illnesses or accidents. Pulling decent health insurance away from anyone is nothing less than torture. 
Let your friends, family members and neighbors know what is happening. There is a case coming out of Texas in the 5 th District Court that could declare Obamacare unconstitutional. It is likely the case would be heard in the Supreme Court for additional judgement. Currently the court seats five conservative thinkers and four liberal-leaning individuals. This could result in a ruling in favor of repeal, leaving Americans in the lurch. Please talk about this -- give this issue the oxygen it deserves. Contact those in your sphere of influences keep them informed of the situation.
Awareness is the first line of defense. Write letters to the editors of local newspapers. Blog if you are a blogger, post on Facebook or send a Tweet to your followers. This must happen under the cover of ignorance. This is not just a matter of calling your Senator or Congressperson. The future of the Affordable Care Act is in the hands of the courts and there is much to lose.  
Lin Katzenstein

 Membership Directory Available
T he NCJW AZ membership directory for 2018-2019 is now available. Members who would like a copy should email and we will email it to you. Reproduction or distribution of the directory is strictly prohibited.

NCJW AZ First-Time Member Special
F irst-time members who join now will be covered through June 30, 2020! By joining the Arizona section you are also a member of NCJW National, headquartered in Washington, DC -- but not the other way around . To join or give a membership gift, CLICK HERE or email for more information.
Gift Card Drawing at April 28 Installation of Officers
O ur members proudly participate in several community and volunteer programs. In recognition of all you do, we will have a drawing for gift cards at the event.
To qualify for the drawing you must meet one of these criteria:
  1. Bring 3 “ready-to-eat/no-low-prep” food items (please, no Ramen Noodles!) or a gently used piece of luggage for the “Just 3 Things” food pantry benefiting teens who are aging out of foster care and participate in Jewish Family and Children’s Services Real World Job Development and Youth In Transition programs.
  2. Bring a donation of sanitary hygiene products for the Go With The Flow program.
  3. You have tutored students through Vello or volunteered at Pueblo Norte, Sojourner or in the JFCS program, or at another NCJW AZ event benefiting the community.
Slate of Officers 2019-2020
President - Civia Tamarkin
Executive VP, Operations Social Action - Ellen Widoff
Executive VP, Organizational Development - Debby Finkel   
Executive VP, Communications - Sondra Mesnik
Fundraising VP - Judi Gross
Membership VP - Lin Katzenstein
Database Manager - Rita Walton
Recording Secretary
Treasurer - Francine Ebersman
State Policy Advocate (SPA) - Carol Consalvo
Immediate Past President - Susan Schesnol  
Directors-at-large - Paula Eckstein, Jo-Ann Mullen, Jan Aver, Claire Bickel
Donate Costume Jewelry and help NCJW make Mother’s Day special for
kids and moms at Sojourner Center!
Remember how much fun it was to choose a gift for your mom
on Mother’s Day?
And to see her face light up when she opened it?
The kids at Sojourner Center can’t buy gifts for their moms, so we want to help them choose something from our special “NCJW Jewelry Collection.”
If you can part with some of the pretty baubles you no longer wear -- earrings, necklaces, bracelets or pins -- we’ll help the children choose and wrap something special for their moms this year. Just let us know and we’ll arrange for pickup.
Sojourner Center provides support for women and their children who are victims of domestic violence .
Contact Claire Bickel,  or
Sondra Mesnik,

We’ll also need volunteers
at Sojourner Center to help with
gift shopping and wrapping.
Dates to be determined.
If you can help with a shift, contact Paula Schulman < >
Carpools will be arranged.
Bunny Berkowitz 480-621-8422

I n conjunction with the Interfaith Community Ministry Clothing and Food Bank I am collecting used prescription containers . The amber colored containers (any size,
 with caps) will be filled with shampoo, conditioner or body wash and will be distributed to the homeless.
OPERATION PAPERBACK:  Clear your shelves or garage and give me your unwanted paperback books to send to our troops. I will collect them at general meetings or contact me to arrange a pick up: Bunny Berkowitz at or 480-621-8422. More than 150 paperbacks were donated in March. Keep them coming!
PUEBLO NORTE VOLUNTEERS:  Members are always needed as facilitators for various programs in the Assisted Living section—day and time will be determined by the volunteer and Pam, the Events Director. Can you donate one half hour a month? Visit with the residents in Healthcare, any day or time. Contact Bunny Berkowitz for details, questions and hopefully with the day you are available.
DONATIONS NEEDED:   HOPE PHONES will responsibly recycle or refurbish all mobiles from old and broken to the latest smart phones and create communications networks for health workers serving millions in 15 countries. Hope Phones receives the value of each recycled phone to purchase new mobile technology for the field. 
EYEGLASSES:  Any and all to be given to the Lions Club for recycling.
Bring a can or box of food, soap, toothpaste, laundry detergent, diapers or even a single toothbrush to our next meeting to be passed on to the Paradise Valley Emergency Food Bank and you will be doing a Mitzvah for those in need in Arizona.
NCJW continues to collect the following items at our monthly meetings:
Just Three Things
Non-perishable food items for young adults who have aged-out of the foster care system
Go with the Flow
Tampons and sanitary pads for high school girls who might otherwise miss school
Paradise Valley Emergency Food Bank
Individual sized personal care items
Try one or more of these groups that meet regularly or the “Out and About” day trips and events. Watch future Newsletters or email notices of these special outings.
Have an idea for a new group that you would like to start? Contact .
The Sunday Book Group has been going strong for 18 years .

Make someone's day! Send a handwritten message of support, celebration, or sympathy. You can choose either the traditional NCJW card or the new "celebration" card. It’s a thoughtful way to express your sentiments while supporting NCJW. All $5 contributions will be listed here unless you request otherwise. We can mail individual cards for you or you can purchase packets of cards. Send your check to NCJW AZ, 14747 N. Northsight Blvd. Ste 111-228, Scottsdale AZ 85260
For more information contact Lynn Greenberg a t
Happy Milestone Birthday
Debby.& Lee Finkel, The Board

Wishing him a speedy recovery
Judi & Steve Gross

Wishing her a speedy recovery
Debby & Lee Finkel, The Board,
Rita & Roger Walton

Congratulations on her induction into the U.S. Army Women’s Foundation Hall of Fame
The Board
Wishing her a speedy recovery
Debby & Lee Finkel, The Board

In honor of their granddaughter’s Bat Mitzvah
Debby & Lee Finkel, The Board

In memory of Burt
Debby & Lee Finkel, The Board, Sondra Mesnik, Judi Gross, Barbara London, Lynn Greenberg, Lynn & Larry Schmelzer, Rita Walton,
Claire Bickel, Lin Katzenstein,
Hannah Kaplan & Freda Pine,
Ann & Mike Sherman
Mazal tov on your move to St. Louis—we will miss you
Rita Walton

With sympathy on the loss of her darling Princess
Lin Katzenstein

Congratulations on the naming of their new grandchild
Lynn & Larry Schmelzer
President - Susan Schesnol
V.P. Fundraising - Judi Gross
V.P. Membership - Lin Katzenstein
Co-V.P. Programming - Ellen Widoff, Debbie Jacobs
V.P. Social Justice - Civia Tamarkin
State Policy Advocate - Carol Consalvo
Recording Secretary - Jan Stearns
Treasurer - Francine Ebersman
Database Manager - Rita Walton
Newsletter - Sondra Mesnik
Directors at Large - Claire Bickel, Paula Eckstein, Jo-Ann Mullen   
Mission Statement
The National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) is a grassroots organization of volunteers and advocates who turn progressive ideals into action. Inspired by Jewish values, NCJW strives for social justice by improving the quality of life for women, children, and families and by safeguarding individual rights and freedoms.
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