5 Ways to Advocate with NCJWSTL this Week
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URGENT! The Vote is Likely Tomorrow! Contact the Missouri Senate Small Business & Industry Committee TODAY -
Tell Them to Pass VESSA Out of Committee!
One of NCJWSTL's top legislative priorities over the past several years has been championing SB 16, The Victim Economic Safety and Security Act (VESSA). Under this act, any person employed by a public or private employer with at least 20 employees is entitled to unpaid leave (of up to two weeks, depending on workplace size) if the person, or a family or household member, is a victim of domestic or sexual violence.

Passage of this bill would help save lives. All too often, victims of domestic violence lose their jobs if they take time off, for example, to file an order of protection or see a doctor. Nobody who has endured abuse should have to face being fired for getting out of an abusive situation.

How can you help? SB 16 is being heard tomorrow in the Senate Small Business and Industry Committee. NCJWSTL Advocacy Manager, Jen Bernstein, testified on its behalf last week and there was no opposition. You can help bolster her testimony by contacting members of the committee and telling them to vote YES on SB 16.

Supply Collection for Migrants at the Border
On April 14, three nuns (Sisters of St Joseph of Carondelet) from St Louis are driving a van to El Paso to bring supplies to aid migrants at the border.

NCJWSTL is supporting this effort by being a collection point for supplies. Please drop off any of the following supplies in the front vestibule at our office by 12 PM on April 9th:

  • Combs
  • Brushes
  • Hair ties
  • Deodorant
  • Lip gloss
  • Tylenol (all ages)
  • Ibuprofen (all ages)
  • Zarbees cough syrup
  • Delsym cough syrup
  • Pepto Bismol (liquid and tablets)
  • Pedialyte (liquid and powder form)
  • Crayons & coloring books
  • Women’s underwear size small (5)
  • Sports bras (all sizes)

If you have any questions, please contact Marie Kenyon at mariekenyon@archstl.org.

Thank you!
Let Kids Play Lobby Day
When: Wednesday, April 14, 2021 | 12:00 - 1:00 PM CST
Where: Zoom

Are you as concerned as we are about the bills in the Missouri legislature targeting transgender youth?

Our longtime coalition partner PROMO Missouri is holding a lobby day where you can have your voice heard!

You’ll meet with champion legislators, learn from trans youth who have been expert testifiers, and take action by asking your Missouri legislators to stop the attacks and bans on trans youth across our state. Zoom from your home or office during lunch!

Please click here to register for the Let Kids Play lobby day.
Protect Direct Democracy:
Sign the Protect the Initiative Petition!
We, the people, petitioned our fellow Missourians to raise the minimum wage, expand Medicaid, protect stem cell research, and more when our leaders failed to act.

Certain politicians are no longer satisfied with only reversing the will of the people - They want to end direct democracy and silence us.

Missouri's initiative petition process is a constitutional right that has worked for over a century. Because certain politicians are afraid of the power of the people, they are trying to destroy this right.

Here's what they're trying to do:
  • Charge you a $500 fee just to start the process
  • Shorten the period of time in which you can gather signatures
  • Increase the required number of signatures by hundreds of thousands
  • Require a two-thirds (2/3) supermajority vote to become law, instead of a simple majority

Click here to stand up for Missouri's direct democracy and tell your legislators to vote NO on any bill that weakens the initiative and referendum process.
April Virtual Lunch & Learn:
Cultural Intelligence – How to Advocate More Productively
When: Thursday, April 15, 2021 | 12:00 - 1:00 PM CST
Where: Zoom Meeting

NCJWSTL is excited to host Dr. Amy Narishkin for our April Lunch and Learn. Dr. Narishkin will guide us on how to harness our optimum cultural intelligence in order to advocate effectively at the local, state, and national levels.

With a Ph.D. in Adult Education and 25+ years of teaching, researching, and mentoring, Dr. Amy works with CEOs, management teams, and those who take the lead in organizations to effectively implement the tools for Cultural Intelligence and Belonging. Dr. Amy is a Certified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory®, a tool that measures, with quantifiable results, an individual and organization's ability to navigate cross-cultural conversations. In addition to her work in corporations, nonprofits, and schools, Dr. Amy is also an advocate for Cultural Intelligence at home with her international CEO husband, four thriving college-aged to adult children, church, and community volunteering.

To RSVP, please contact Jen Bernstein at jbernstein@ncjwstl.org.
Join us for the Next Wine & Wisdom Book Club!
When: Thursday, April 28, 2021 | 5:30 - 6:30 PM CST
Where: Zoom Meeting

Come learn and socialize with other NCJW members as we explore fiction and non-fiction books that delve into social justice topics.

Our next book will be "The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America" by Richard Rothstein, allowing us to discuss housing inequality in St. Louis and beyond.

Exploding the myth of de facto segregation arising from private prejudice or the unintended consequences of economic forces, Rothstein describes how the American government systematically imposed residential segregation: with undisguised racial zoning; public housing that purposefully segregated previously mixed communities; subsidies for builders to create whites-only suburbs; tax exemptions for institutions that enforced segregation; and support for violent resistance to African Americans in white neighborhoods. A groundbreaking, “virtually indispensable” study that has already transformed our understanding of twentieth-century urban history, The Color of Law forces us to face the obligation to remedy our unconstitutional past.

If you are not able to read the book but would still like to join us, click here to read the findings from the Ferguson Report.

To RSVP or for more information, please contact Jen Bernstein at jbernstein@ncjwstl.org.
Sign up Now! Only Two Sessions Remain!
The Great Divide: Race in our Region -
A Racial Equity Series with NCJWSTL & JCRC
When: April 14; May 12 | 12:00 PM CST
Where: Zoom Meeting

Join the interfaith community for conversations on ways systemic racism permeates our city and region. We will learn background from topic experts, hear stories of people directly impacted, and learn ways we can take action together.

Each session begins at 12:00 PM CST and will last an hour. All are welcome to stay after the program for discussion.

  • April 14: Environmental Justice
  • May 12: Court Systems

You don't want to miss the last two sessions in this series!

To register for these sessions please click here.
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Vote-by-Mail and supporting Clean MO are some of the critical legislative issues we are taking action on together.
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Interesting Reading
The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the critical state of violence against women and girls (VAWG) in conflict and crisis settings around the world, and the aid industry’s failure, yet again, to protect them or support their leadership.

What can be done and how can humanitarian leadership do better?

Please click here to read Mendy Marsh's article from Ms. Magazine, "COVID-19 Exposes International Aid System’s Failure to Protect Women and Girls: ‘We Must Do Better’."
In the Community
WashU Hillel Yom HaShoah Memorial Speaker Event
When: Thursday, April 8, 2021 | 7:00 - 8:00 PM CST
Where: Zoom

Join WashU Hillel and come together as a community to hear Holocaust survivor Engelina Billauer tell her story and commemorate Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day). Everyone is welcome!

Engelina was born in Berlin, Germany in 1927. As a child, she experienced anti-Jewish laws and persecution. In 1938, she and her family experienced Kristallnacht. In 1942, her family was deported to Estonia, where her parents perished. Engelina and her sister stayed together and worked throughout labor camps in Estonia. In July 1944, as the Russians closed in, they were sent to Stutthof Concentration Camp in Poland. Eventually, they were liberated by British troops in Bergen Belsen in April 1945. After the war, Engelina married and settled in the United States in 1957.

Click here to register for the event.