February 2018  Newsletter

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President's Corner with Angie Burke

Angie Burke
NCMA Denver President
Dear Chapter Members,
This month I want to put a spotlight on the Section 809 Panel, which recently released the first of its three-volume final report for proposed acquisition reform. The Section 809 Panel was created to find ways to streamline and improve the defense acquisition process. The panel was created in section 809 of the FY 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), amended in the FY 2017 NDAA and FY 2018 NDAA. It was tasked with researching and presenting its recommended regulatory and statutory changes to Congress, the Department of Defense and private-sector stakeholders. The first of the three-volume Report of the Advisory Panel on Streamlining and Codifying Acquisition Regulations was just released in January (the next two volumes of the Report are scheduled to be released in June 2018 and January 2019). The first volume is now available on the Section 809 website.[i]
In Volume I, the Panel introduces a proposed "Dynamic Marketplace framework - an approach for an outcome-based acquisition system for providing DoD access to the entire market." [ii] As stated in the Report's introduction, the Panel makes recommendations to "update the process by which DoD acquires IT business systems, streamline DoD's cumbersome auditing requirements, address challenges in how the small business community and DoD interact, update commercial buying, clarify the definition of personal and non-personal services, remove statutory requirements for 13 acquisition-related DoD offices, and repeal 20 acquisition-related statutory reporting requirements."[iii] In support of the Panel's mission to streamline acquisition, it recommends repealing certain laws it considers obsolete, which "unnecessarily constrain the authority of the Secretary of Defense... giving DoD greater flexibility to operate."[iv] The Panel also proposes eliminating 165 government-unique contract clauses acting as barriers to the acquisition of commercial items, and proposes a single definition of subcontractor to replace the 27 separate and overlapping definitions currently on the books.[v]
Volume I of the Report touches on many other issues, broken out in the following sections:
Section 1 - Commercial Buying
Section 2 - Contract Compliance and Audit            
Section 3 - Defense Business Systems: Acquisition of Information Technology Systems
Section 4 - Earned Value Management for Software Programs Using Agile
Section 5 - Services Contracting
Section 6 - Small Business
Section 7 - Statutory Offices
Section 8 - Statutory Reporting[vi] 
The Report also identifies five essential attributes that the Panel proposes should be inherent in tomorrow's outcome-based acquisition system:  
  • Competitive and collaborative
  • Adaptive and responsive
  • Transparent
  • Time sensitive
  • Allows for trade-offs[vii]
Increased transparency, for example, is needed to bolster and maintain trust in the Government. The Section 809 Panel's research makes abundantly clear that protests have become, in part, a tool for industry to receive feedback and better understand the government's acquisition decisions. [viii] In my personal opinion, protests serve a very important role in procurement, but when they are used primarily for post-award information gathering, there should be less costly and time-intensive methods for obtaining that information. The effort to increase transparency in the award process might effectively reduce the need for protests under some circumstances.
Volume I of the Section 809 Panel's Report provides for a lot of interesting reading. I hope the recommendations in the Report resonate with you, as they might greatly affect how you do business with the Government. Please reach out to us on our social media platforms to share your views on these proposed changes.
Thanks for reading.

NCMA Denver Chapter President
2017-2018 Program Year
LinkedIn: /angierburke     

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Tour of Lockheed Martin Space
On January 30, we had a wonderful and exciting experience touring the Lockheed Martin Space facilities in Waterton Canyon. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned much about Lockheed Martin and space. We especially enjoyed being able to see some of the satellites in production and the Orion vehicle. To conclude - "Space is Cool."

NCMA Certifications
Congratulations to Peter Schwarz, Lead Analyst for Complex Contracts at CenturyLink, the most recent  Denver Chapter member who passed the NCMA certification exams!

Best of luck to those of you who will be studying for your exams shortly.
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NCMA Awards 
There are several upcoming award opportunities through NCMA. Our Chapter is full of outstanding professionals so let's make sure they get recognized! Below are a list of the awards and when nominations are due. If you're interested in submitting for an award to nominate yourself or someone else the Denver Chapter would love to help you through the process. Please contact Brie Staker at bries@ageiss-inc.com for any assistance with award packages and nominations.

Elmer B. Staats Contracting Professional Excellence Award- This award recognizes a federal acquisition professional with extraordinary business leadership or team participation in the design, development, or execution of an acquisition program or project that furthers an agency's mission. Nominations for this award are due by April 27th.  

Advancing Professional Award- This award recognizes rising stars and top performers who will eventually be leaders in the contract management profession and in NCMA. Nominations for this award are due by June 1st.

Outstanding Chapter Volunteer Award- This award celebrates chapter volunteers who demonstrate dedicated service to NCMA and its members. Nominations are due July 31st.

More information about these awards and the submission process can be found at: https://www.ncmahq.org/discover-our-profession/awards.
Denver Chapter Scholarship Program - Attend World Congress
Did you know that the Denver Chapter has a Scholarship Program for our members and one of the areas the scholarship covers is education? This includes attending national conferences such as the upcoming World Congress in July 2018. If you've not attended World Congress before it is a fantastic opportunity to gain hours of training, meet and network with other contracts professionals, and grow your career. Attendees at World Congress will earn up to 20 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits or Continuous Learning Point (CLP) credits. If you're interested in attending but don't have the financial resources available to make it happen applying for a Denver NCMA Chapter Scholarship is a way to get you there and we would love to help you out. Registration and early bird pricing for World Congress are set to open in January 2018. If you're interested in applying for a Scholarship to attend World Congress, or another educational event, please contact Brie Staker at: bries@ageiss-inc.com for more information. 
February Webinar
The Chapter is pleased to present the next in our housted Virtual Wenibar Series for February. NCMA offers a variety of virtual education opportunities, and the Denver Chapter is excited to bring you these CPEs at a huge discount to our members (so you can get these for $35 instead of $340!). You can learn more about other online learning opportunities, such as on demand courses, on the  NCMA Website.

The webinars run from 10AM to 11:30AM Mountain Time, hosted at Dentons. Register here.

NCMA's Contract Management Leadership Development Program 
If you or a member of your organization may be interested in NCMA's Contract Management Leadership Development Program (CMLDP), participation in NCMA and other preparation is important to make your application as strong as possible. Please reach out to Ben Olson and/or Quincy Stott, the Chapter's Leadership co-chairs, for more information.
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