June 2017 Newsletter

We hope you enjoy this month's NCMA Denver Newsletter. Thank you for your interest in NCMA and the Denver Chapter.
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President's Corner with Stephanie Amend
Stephanie Amend
NCMA Denver President
How has a year passed us by already? We all say time flies, but as I write this it really hits me what a quick speck in time the 2016-2017 program year has been. NCMA Denver once again had three successful seminars. We also experimented with new board meeting, networking, and webinar formats; some we'll keep for next year and some we're happy we tried. It was great seeing new faces and new members this year. We hope we see you more and more in the coming program year. Of course we are also happy we get to see so many old faces at our events and appreciate your continued support of the Chapter. As I've said all year long, our goal is always to provide value to members and support your growth in your profession. Your feedback is always welcome and helpful to make the 2017-2018 year even better than this past year. I want to say a huge thank you to my Officers and the entire Board of Directors. There is so much work that goes into keeping this chapter running and you may or may not know all the folks behind NCMA Denver who keep it truckin'. I want to say a BIG thank you to: Brie Staker - President Emeritus (even all the way out in Idaho!), Angie Burke - President Elect (and event planner extraordinaire), Jami Eckel - Treasurer (and your soon to be President Elect), and of course Stacey Gustus - Secretary (and future Chapter Coordinator). We had a great party at Balisteri Vineyards earlier this month to celebrate the year and Stacey. She has been our backbone and we're happy to keep her in her new capacity and excited about our new Officers for next year, Nate Gordon as Treasurer and Alyson McCoy as Secretary.  Also, another big thank you for all our awesome Board Chairs!  You guys made driving 3 hours to a board meeting worth it. Your support of the chapter is so appreciated: Matt Gomer - Education/Certification, Melanie Burgess - Scholarship, Julie Kehrer - Corporate Sponsorship, Kristine Kalish - College Outreach, Quincy Stott - Leadership, Kristin Balaton - Employment, Reid Hollander - Social Media, Nate Gordon & Julie Linton - Membership, Ashley Poli, Tyler Thomas, and Jerry McIntyre - Newsletter, Erin Stewart - Awards, and Blake Couthre - Fellows. It was a fun year to be President and you all were a great team and I'm sad I won't be able to see you as often next year. Enjoy your summer; next program year will be here in a blink of an eye!
Message from the President-Elect: Angie Burke
Dear Denver Chapter Members,
As President-Elect for the 2016-2017 program year, I want to thank you for making our 2016-2017 Program Year a success. You made that possible by giving us your feedback about events and programming, attending our training and networking events at new locations, and reaching out to us to get more involved in the contract management community. We concluded our year with a party at Balistreri Vineyards in Denver on June 6 th. This end-of-year party was held to thank our volunteers, members, and our outgoing Chapter Secretary (Chapter Mom) Stacey Gustus, who is stepping off the Board of Directors after graciously serving the Denver Chapter for 23 years. Because we cannot say it enough, thank you Stacey! I also personally want to thank our current Chapter President, Stephanie Amend, for her leadership and mentoring during this past year. I have learned a lot from her, and know I'll use a lot of what she taught me to continue the Chapter's success.
Over the summer, the incoming Board of Directors will begin planning events to kick off our 2017-2018 program year. As part of this planning, several Denver Chapter Board of Directors members will be attending World Congress, held this year at Chicago's famous Navy Pier, July 23-26. World Congress is the National Contract Management Association's largest educational event for contract management, procurement, and acquisition professionals. It's recognized as one of the best opportunities in our field for education and networking on a large scale. Learn more about the event here. If you are planning to attend, let us know on social media, on twitter and LinkedIn using @NCMADenver and #NCMAwc. We hope to continue the Denver Chapter's strong participation at this national event, and hope to see you there.
I am excited for the leadership, networking, and educational opportunities the Denver Chapter will be offering in the next program year. It's never too early to share your ideas to shape our programming, and tell us how the Denver Chapter can serve our membership. As always, if you want to get involved, reach out to us, attend our events, and attend our monthly Board of Directors meetings when we reconvene this fall. Have a safe and fun summer, and we'll see you in the next program year!
-Angie Burke
NCMA Denver Chapter President, 2017-2018 Program Year
Board of Directors Year Recap
Stacey Gustus - Secretary:
It has been an honor and pleasure serving as the Denver Chapter Secretary (and Chapter Mom) over these many years (since 1994).   I still will be taking care of things for the Chapter, just more in the background starting July 1 (the new program year).  Thank you for all the warm wishes and beautiful keepsake. 

Julie Kehrer - Sponsorship Chair:
The support of our Sponsors is vital to the success of NCMA Denver Chapter operations and ensuring our members benefit from programs, training and education events offered by the Chapter. We are very excited to announce that all of our sponsors have reaffirmed their commitment to our Chapter for the next Program Year! Thank you to our Corporate Sponsors: Dentons US LLP, Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation, Crowell & Moring, LLP and EKS&H LLLP for your continued partnership! In addition we would like to thank Burgess Consulting, LLC, the Event Sponsor of this year's Spring Seminar, for helping to make the Spring Seminar so successful! With such excellent Sponsors, next Program Year will be the best year yet!
Matt Gomer - Education/Certification Chair:
The NCMA Denver Chapter had a great year for Certifications.   The chapter held it's annual certification study group last spring.  It was a huge success. The study group focused on the CPCM (Certified Professional Contract Manager) exam and corresponding study guide.  The CPCM is the capstone certification for NCMA which covers both commercial and government contracting methods.  Members from both industry and government attended the weekly group which spanned five weeks.  The group discussed their everyday work experience as it directly tied in with the study material.  It was a great way to tie in the theoretical book concepts with real world experience.  A treasure trove of knowledge and experience in various facets of commercial and government contracting was shared each week.  Next year's study group plans to cover the CFCM (Certified Federal Contract Manager) exam.  You never stop learning in this field so I am looking forward to it!  I am also looking forward to meeting more great Denver Chapter members!  Have a great summer everyone.  See you next program year!

Angie Burke - President-Elect:
As President-Elect for this closing program year, I was primarily in charge of coordinating our programming (with a lot of help from the Board), promoting volunteer participation, and ensuring that the Chapter is meeting the needs of our membership. We kicked off the year with a happy hour networking event with the Denver Chapter Board of Directors, held immediately following our October Board meeting. In November, we offered a 4-hour Virtual Conference on Negotiation Basics. In December, we celebrated our volunteers at our annual Holiday/Volunteer Recognition Party. In January, we offered another webinar (Solving Post-Award Problems through Change Orders, REAs, and Claims) and networking event at the Dentons office in LoDo. We also planned our February Winter Seminar, this year on Cybersecurity, including presentations by Mike McGuinn, formerly Counsel with Dentons US LLP, Mike Semmens, President of Imprimis, Inc., and Dan Domagala of EKS&H. In April, we offered another webinar (DCAA Audits 101 and Accounting Compliance Trends), in a new location at the (South) Denver offices of EKS&H. In the Spring, we were in full swing for planning the FAR Seminar. The FAR seminar, held May 2nd at the headquarters of Ball Aerospace in Broomfield, featured FAR Parts 12, 19, 22 and 42. We were honored to have a great line up of speakers: Phil Seckman and Quincy Stott, both from Dentons US LLP, Tom Reid of Certified Contracting Solutions, Patricia Slate from Wage Hour Consulting, and Eddie Ortiz and August Fehn from DCMA Lockheed Martin Denver. We concluded the program year at Balistreri Vineyards to say thank you to our volunteers and outgoing Secretary and Chapter Mom, Stacey Gustus. At these events, through social media, and our newsletters, we sought your feedback on how the Chapter can better serve its members. We've heard a lot of great ideas and feedback, and look forward to bringing you another great program year.
Inside the CMLDP with Melanie Burgess
For the final newsletter for the 2016-17 NCMA program year, we are visiting with Melanie Burgess regarding the CMLDP and applications process. As a reminder, the CMLDP application and curriculum for the 2017-18 program year are available online. Applicants may submit their materials through June 30, 2017. For additional information regarding the program and application process, please see the following link: ncmahq.org/cmldp18 .
Melanie owns Burgess Consulting, a financial and contractual services provider, specializing in accounting, contracts, and financial management to support businesses in proper job cost reporting, incurred cost proposal development, and related services. She has extensive experience assisting contractors in preparing for DCAA audits, budgeting, developing indirect and provisional rates, and pricing proposals.
A CPA, Melanie is licensed in Virginia and Colorado, and holds a Master's Certificate in Government Contracting and a Master's Degree in Accounting from Old Dominion University. She earned her undergraduate degree in business administration from the University of Mary Washington.
Melanie's NCMA experience includes graduation from the CMLDP and current service on the Denver Chapter's Board of Directors as the Scholarship Chair. She volunteers at the national level, co-chairing the teams reviewing CMLDP student research papers and applications.
Thank you, Melanie, for taking the time to answer a few questions for us. From your perspective as a CMLDP co-chair, what role does the program play for NCMA as a whole?
I think CMLDP really integrates NCMA into our professional lives. Rather than just being members of an organization, we are vested participants who have a desire to see the organization thrive. This results in many grads becoming officers of local chapters, board members, regular volunteers, and also serving on National committees and working groups.
NCMA didn't just help the grads in our career development-they built a network of highly skilled professionals eager to support the organization.
As a CMLDP graduate, can you comment on any benefits you have personally seen from your participation in the program?
The short list: a network that stretches across the country, confidence as a leader, and opportunities to work with a world-wide professional organization. The network gained from the program is so much larger than your graduating class. Upon entry into the program, you become a part of the graduation network that spans 10 years and over 200 graduates. Yet you are still one of the elite when you walk across that stage and this is recognized by employers and other NCMA members.
I can't quite put into words the value of that network and the feeling that you have a friend at every national event and support if you relocate, have to find a new job, etc. What's more is that students come from industry and government-we have an unprecedented opportunity to learn from each other and then have connections to ask questions later in our careers. Talk about breaking down communication barriers between government and industry-this program helps tie us together.
Where should potential applicants be in their careers to benefit the most from the CMLDP?
The application requirement states that our desired experience is four to eight years in the contract management career field who does not yet hold a supervisory or management position. Past students have been very new to a management position or are not technically in management but have more junior employees reporting to them. The application requirement is a strong suggestion but there have always been applicants and students that don't meet this requirement exactly. If someone has been in a management role for several years, they are not likely to reap the same benefits from the program as someone new to management or not quite in a management/leadership role. Likewise, someone brand new to the career field will not have the knowledge yet to fully participate in the coursework.
As a side note, the contract management field is broad. You do not have to hold the title Contracts Administrator or Specialist to qualify for this program. For example, time spent working in Procurement and Finance related to contracting counts as experience. I was working for an accounting firm as a consultant to contractors when I was in the program. We like classes to be comprised of a mix of experiences to enhance success of individuals and the collective group.
Some potential CMLDP applicants have concerns that the requirement for four-to-eight years' experience means the CMLDP is designed for younger audiences. Can you address that?
This is a common misconception. People change careers-it is normal and becoming more prevalent. A person in their 30s or 40s may be new to the contract management career field. If you have a desire to continue your growth in contract management, this program is still for you. We look at the overall person to decide on each class. We want everyone to succeed in the program and continue with a career in contracts management. Our goal is that all graduates become leaders at work, with the local chapter, and elsewhere. To meet this goal we can't limit the students by age-it's the experience that matters.
Lastly, do you have any suggestions for individuals from our chapter who may apply to CMLDP this year?
If you are serious about advancing your career and have the requisite years of experience in contract management, you should put this program on the top of your priority list. Discuss the opportunity with your employer so you have full support from them. The program will take time during business hours and in the morning/evenings of your personal time. You need those in your life to support you so you can be successful. And then go for it. Write thoughtful answers to each of the application questions. This is not the time to throw together an application at the last minute. Class selection is competitive. Contact one of the local grads with questions or to help you with some of your responses. If you are worried about whether or not you qualify, contact National ( cmldp@ncmahq.org ) to get clarification. That correspondence goes to the application reviewers so we know you asked a question and the response you received. And don't be discouraged if you aren't selected this year. Many successful graduates have applied two or more times before being accepted. If you are still not convinced, turn to your May 2017 edition of CM Magazine to hear from some of the graduates (pages 86-91) and learn more from CMLDP Program Manager, Vida Carroll, in the June 2017 edition (page 96). I look forward to many applicants from the Denver chapter!
For additional information regarding the CMLDP, please see the following links:
www.ncmahq.org/cmldp18 - information about the program and link to the current application
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3sZlFeU5po - YouTube video just released
cmldp@ncmahq.org - email address to contact National with questions/concerns on the program

Denver Chapter Leadership
Stephanie Amend - President
Brie Staker - President-Emeritus
Angie Burke - President-Elect
Jami Eckel - Treasurer
Stacey Gustus- Secretary
Board of Advisors:
Blake Couture
Brad Duchein
Dolly Fernandez
Paul Fisher
Rodney Fowler
Matt Gomer
Tom Reid
Phil Seckman
Erin Stewart
Kristin Batalon - Employment Chair
Melanie Burgess - Scholarship
Blake Couture - Fellows Chair
Matt Gomer - Education/Certification Co-Chair
Nathan Gordon - Membership Co-Chair
Reid Hollander - Social Media Chair
Kristine Kalish - College Outreach Chair
Julie Kehrer - Corporate Sponsorship Chair
Julie Linton - Membership Co-Chair
Jerry McIntyre - Newsletter Co-Chair
Ashley Poli - Newsletter Co-Chair
Erin Stewart - Awards Chair
Quincy Stott - Leadership Chair
Tyler Thomas - Newsletter Co-Chair