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October  2017
MyNCPMA is Live!
NCPMA Launches Online Member Portal

We are excited to announce the launch of MyNCPMA, an online hub for NCPMA members.
MyNCPMA is an online community for NCPMA members only! 

Visit it to connect with your colleagues in the industry, search job postings, browse the NCPMA resource library and more.  You'll find:

  • Discussion Forum: A place where you can ask questions of fellow NCPMA members and talk about industry ideas.
  • Career Connection: Here you'll find job postings for companies seeking employees in North Carolina. 
  • Announcements: This is where we'll post the latest announcements about NCPMA's events, registrations and more.
  • Library: Ever wondered where you can find some of the NCPMA marketing materials? Here's a one-stop place for logos, brochures, press releases and more.
  • Tools and Resources: Looking for applications for the NCPMA scholarship or Technician of the Year Awards? Interested in a presentation or handout from a NCPMA event? Or just looking for some pest pictures from the National Pest Management Association? It's all here.
And, that's not it. We'll continue to update what's offered on the site to ensure that our members can find what they need.
To access MyNCPMA, visit  http://my.ncpestmanagement.org and sign in using your NPMA login and password. Once you're signed in, you'll be able to access all of the site's features.
Feedback? We'd love to hear about your experience. Email us at  newsroom@ncpestmanagement.org.

In This Issue
NCPMA Legislative Update
During the 2017 legislative session, despite widespread industry opposition, legislation was
passed that redefined "pest control services" for the purposes of tax exemption eligibility. As a result of this language change, "pest control services" now only applies to the application of pesticides to real property in regards to taxable services. This statutory change goes into effect January 1, 2018 and will have significant effects on the pest management industry in North Carolina. The newly written definition of "pest  control services" leaves a wide range of pest management services subject to taxation. The new language is contrary to statutory language that has been in place for over six decades and is still referenced by the Department of Agriculture. Furthermore, this change would ultimately create an impediment to protecting public health and property and be detrimental to the North Carolina economy.
The Pest Management Association has voiced concerns over the new definition and proposed new language to legislative leaders to consider enacting during the January 2017 special session. The change would amend the existing statute to rewrite the definition of "pest control service" as "the gross proceeds of the sale or sales of any company providing pest control services as defined in N.C.G.S. 107-65.24 (23)." This technical correction would refer back to the definition of "pest control services" that the industry has operated under for over sixty years. 
The Pest Management Association will be in constant contact with its membership leading up to the January session in an effort to influence legislative members to support our position. Furthermore, the Pest Management Association has been assured by members in both the Senate and the House that the definition of "pest control services" was an oversight and are agreeable to finding a solution and working with our Association.

Any services conducted by a company can be outside of these definitions such as moisture work, insulation services, etc. Consult your tax advisor for more information or to determine tax exemptions or "capital improvement" exemptions. 

Member Update: Sawyer Exterminating Celebrates 70 Years!
Sawyer Exterminating, Inc. is celebrating its 70 th year in the pest control business as well as
the continued family legacy that Miles G. Sawyer II (Mike) started in 1947.

Mike's son, Miles G. Sawyer III (Michael), was the first addition to the industry. Following was Michael's son, Miles G. Sawyer IV (Miles), son-in-law Al Fogleman and Cookie (Mike's daughter), Al's and Cookie's daughters Tracy and Kimberly, and Terry Wayne Sawyer who is also Michael's son. All are licensed Pest Control Operators in North Carolina.
On Sept. 18, 2017, Senator Rick Gunn presented recognition from the North Carolina General Assembly to the Sawyer Exterminating Family. The recognition was for 70 years of continuous service to the customers of the state.
The Sawyer family is honored to continue its growth in North Carolina in the family tradition that was established by Miles G. Sawyer II (Mike) and his wife Vera.

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PCT School Preview: Casino Night

The  2018 NCPMA Pest Control Technician's School is coming up Jan. 22-25, 2018 at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel and Convention Center in Durham.

Be sure to join us on Jan. 22 from 6-9 p.m. for the annual NCPMA Casino Night.  

Casino Night will feature professional dealers, fantastic prizes and a chance to network with your colleagues from around North Carolina. Look for registration information with your PCT School registration.
Meet the Board
Clint Miller

For more than 30 years, Clint Miller has been active in NCPMA and currently serves as the Secretary/Treasurer.
During his time with the association, he has served on various committees including the Summer Meeting Committee, PR Committee and Golf Committee.
Clint joined the pest management industry nearly 40 years ago when he took a summer job as a termite technician. What started as a summer job eventually led him to purchase a termite business.  He now owns and operates Clint Miller Exterminating in Mt. Pleasant. 
Pest management has always been a challenging and exciting industry for Clint.  He's ridden in a crane to kill wasps at the top of a 300-ft high church steeple, encountered a skunk in a crawlspace without being sprayed and killed a copperhead with his hands.
Although he loves to travel, hunt, fish and hike, you're most likely to find Clint on a golf course.  He's made two holes in one and won a pickup truck after making a hole in one at a golf tournament.  

NCPMA Insider: Hiring and Retaining Millennial Employees
By Chase Hazelwood

Millennials are the next wave of the work force, and we must be prepared to welcome them into our companies.
Millennial employees can make a lot of positive contributions to a company. Millennials are more educated, more technologically inclined, and less costly than their workforce counterparts in the generation X or in the baby boomer generation. 
The challenge is how to make your company compatible with the latest workforce generation.  At our company, we have chosen to embrace the trend and have really tried to make our organization more friendly to young people today. 
Here are our keys to hiring Millennials: 
  1. Purpose:  Young people want to work for a cause.  They demand that their employer engage them in their cause or purpose.  
  2. Accountability:  Young people perform best in environments where they are held accountable for their performance over short time periods both from management and also by peer pressure from an excellent culture.
  3. Acceleration:  Teach fast and have them do fast.  Gone are the days where we train a new technician by sending him or her with a senior technician for a month or more.  Young people need to be out on their own as quickly as possible with plenty of follow up.  
  4. Systems:  Create systems that allow new hires to more quickly integrate with your culture and with the service you provide.
  5. Consistent follow up:  Everyone loves being told when they have done something correctly and well.  After training very quickly and having them perform your system on their own, new hires need know that management will catch them doing the service right.  Everyone has heard the stories about this generation getting trophies for participation.  You don't want to be the boss that doesn't hand out the trophy when your employee thinks they deserve one.
-- Chase Hazelwood serves on the board of directors for the NCPMA and is the owner and general manager of Go-Forth Pest Control.
NCPMA in the News

Pest Management Professional: "NCPMA awards 5 scholarships"

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