2021 has been a phenomenal year filled with explosive growth for us at NCR Terafina! Since joining our new home, we continue to grow and scale in so many ways. Our amazing client partnerships give us the unique opportunity to work with innovative leaders who believe in digital transformation and deepening customer relationships. 

Through our collaborative efforts, we have advanced and diversified our onboarding capabilities with such additions as commercial credit cards, cryptocurrency account opening, and financial needs analysis. We also expanded our robust library of prebuilt connectors with the addition of Google Pay, Apple Pay, and most recently we forged new partnerships with Wolters Kluwer and Compliance Systems. These enhancements are the latest examples in our ongoing commitment to working with our client partners to reduce friction, build trust, and prioritize customers' needs.

As we enter 2022, we are excited for the path forward and what we can continue to accomplish together. Please take a minute to see what we have been up to and what we have in store ahead.

Warm Regards,

Ashwin Goyal
GM, NCR Terafina

Frank Hauck
President and GM, NCR Banking
We are so honored to have the following new clients join our growing community in 2021.

From adding new modules like mortgage, small business deposits, and commercial deposits to expanding in branch capabilities and adopting financial needs analysis, it's great to see our existing clients build on their current NCR Terafina engagements in 2021 by leveraging our multichannel and omniproduct solutions.

NCR Terafina is honored to have been named an overall leader and #1 in user experience in the 2021 Small-Business Digital Account Opening report released by Javelin Strategy & Research.

NCR Terafina was thrilled to have attended Finovate Fall 2021 in New York City. We were able to showcase our latest product enhancement that introduced cryptocurrency account opening capabilities. With banks and credit unions broadening their offering to their customers, we are excited to be able to make this available to our client partners. Please reach out to us if you want to learn more.
We appreciate our great client partners for sharing their insights on the importance of creating a seamless onboarding experience and the latest trends they are seeing in digital innovation. Click on the links below to see a variety of webinar, podcast, and Terafina Trailblazer features from this past year.

Featuring Gene Fichtenholz, Meriwest Credit Union & Karl Geisler, CommunityAmerica Credit Union

Featuring Baron Conway, Nuvision Credit Union & Courtney Rowan, Citadel Credit Union

Featuring Tami Ferguson, Washington Trust Bank & Zach Hamilton, Synovus Bank

Featuring Kal Majmundar, Patelco Credit Union & Raj Bandaru, Gesa Credit Union

Featuring Ross Creasy, Ameris Bank & Stuart Cook, Valley Bank

Featuring Tom Ormseth, Wintrust & Douglas Brown, NCR Digital Banking

Featuring Kal Majmundar, Patelco Credit Union
Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Stay tuned for an upcoming digital innovation webinar that will feature two of our amazing client partners, Joann Marsili, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer of Fidelity Bank (Dunmore, PA) and Crystal Radwanski, FVP, Digital Solutions & Innovations Manager of First Federal Bank (Port Angeles, WA). Register today to reserve your spot.

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One of the things we try and think about when we choose partners is to really partner with a fintech that's going to get you to market faster and smarter, going back to the strategy...And I feel like Terafina brings that because it's not only their software, it's their best practices, their knowledge of the space in terms of digital account opening…”

- Courtney Rowan, VP, Digital Experience, Citadel Credit Union

"I can go to Terafina and say this is what we’re looking for, here’s why we want to do this and the journey we’re looking to affect with this. A sprint or two later, I’m looking at a QA version of that experience."

- Zachary Hamilton, Chief Digital Officer, Synovus Bank