Q1 2022 Highlights
Seeing the unique ways our client partners continue to leverage the Terafina platform is such a delight for us. Recently, 10 leading visionaries from our amazing community were spotlighted in a feature cover story with The Financial Brand’s Insights Magazine where they shared how they drive growth with Terafina. The power of omnichannel coupled with the ability to offer a variety of products continues to be a high priority for banks and credit unions. This enduring omnichannel and omniproduct value proposition is what continues to define our differentiation as a market leader. 
The last three months have proved to be yet another incredibly powerful quarter for us. We are thrilled to welcome both Provident Bank ($13.8B) and 1st Source Bank ($8.1B) into the Terafina family. Moreover, we are excited to see Citadel Credit Union ($4.6B) expand their member offerings to include small business deposits and commercial deposits. 
We also had the wonderful opportunity to hear directly from Joann Marsili, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer of Fidelity Bank (Dunmore, PA, $2.42B) and Crystal Radwanski, FVP, Digital Solutions & Innovations Manager of First Fed Bank (Port Angeles, WA, $1.92B) in a co-hosted webinar with BAI. We love hearing how our customers uniquely think through the needs of their customers and how to transform the digital onboarding experience because it enables us to learn and grow together. 
As we enter Q2, we are keen to build on these collaborative efforts and look forward to what lies ahead for us. Please take a minute to see what we have been up to and what’s on the horizon. 

Warm Regards,

Ashwin Goyal
GM, NCR Terafina

Frank Hauck
President and GM, NCR Banking
Welcome to the NCR Terafina Family!
Jersey City, New Jersey
South Bend, Indiana
Learn how 10 of our innovative client partners are prioritizing onboarding with NCR Terafina in The Financial Brand Insights, Spring 2022 edition.

We appreciate our great client partners for sharing their insight on the importance of prioritizing a seamless onboarding journey and the growth they have experienced as a result. 
Recently, Joann Marsili, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer of Fidelity Bank (Dunmore, PA) ($2.42B) and Crystal Radwanski, FVP, Digital Solutions & Innovations Manager of First Fed Bank (Port Angeles, WA) ($1.92B) discussed digital insights in transforming the customer experience and the growth of their respective financial institutions as a result of their partnership with NCR Terafina. Sign up to watch the webinar here.

"...when we were working through the process of how were debit cards going to be delivered to the client, because we were trying to get digital from end to end…And that really…came out of the conversation we had about how do we deliver this experience totally digitally...And I think that was…a significant leap forward for us…That really came out of the discovery session with Terafina.”
- Joann Marsili, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Fidelity Bank

“When we look at the insights that Terafina has been able to provide us on the backend, that’s what is allowing us the opportunities to look at our existing experience, identify where the friction points are, look at those abandonment rates in association with those friction points and then work to make some changes moving forward.”
- Crystal Radwanski, FVP, Digital Solutions & Innovation Manager, First Fed Bank
Webinar: Simplifying the Onboarding Process
Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Join us this Wednesday, April 6th for an upcoming webinar featuring key leadership from Valley Strong Credit Union and how they prioritize member needs. Register here.

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“When I asked Terafina some questions, they were an open book. I started asking them about the data model and they sent me into the code - completely open about it. I’ve been really pleased with our progress with the open platform today and I believe it is at least 18-24 months ahead of the market. Our intent is to put all of the consumer products on it. We couldn’t have done that without the level of transparency that Terafina gave us when we first met them.
- Stuart Cook, Chief Digital & Product Officer, Valley Bank