Q3 2022 Highlights
A message from our leadership
Can you believe Q3 is already over? Just as this year has not slowed down, neither have we at NCR Terafina. In a cover story with Boss Magazine, thought leaders representing four Terafina client partners from WSFS, SouthState, South Shore and UMB share their insights on digital transformation in the banking industry and how they’ve leveraged the Terafina platform to deepen customer relationships. In an ever-changing digital landscape, we’re proud that Terafina continues to provide a seamless experience and a variety of products that empower banks and credit unions to stand out as digital leaders in the financial community.
We are committed to product innovation that continues to lead the way. Our latest product offering, Merchant Services, is designed to consolidate the onboarding process for merchants thereby allowing financial institutions to provide the best experience for businesses when they need to set up payments. This is a crucial and timely new offering that will further help financial institutions prioritize the needs of their customers. 
This past quarter we also developed and nurtured relationships with new and existing client partners. We are thrilled to welcome First National Bank of Omaha ($25.84B) and Dime Community Bank ($12.33B) into the Terafina family. Furthermore, we are excited that UMB Bank ($37.25B) has expanded their portfolio to include consumer, small business, and commercial deposits.   
As we move into the home stretch of 2022, the pillars that we set forth throughout the year of welcoming new client partners, deepening and growing relationships, and providing more engagement and collaborations are more evident than ever. Read on to see what we have been up to.

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Ashwin Goyal
GM, NCR Terafina

Frank Hauck
President and GM, NCR Banking
Welcome to the NCR Terafina Family!
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Terafina Client Partners Lead with Innovation
Discover how five of our amazing client partners are leading the way in innovative digital onboarding for their financial institutions in the July issue of Boss Magazine.  

Thank you to our great client partners for taking the time to share their insights on what it means to be a Terafina partner. We appreciate our growing relationship with them and look forward to many more collaborative efforts with all of our amazing partners.
BAI Webinar with Wintrust Financial Corporation

Tom Ormseth, EVP, Digital Channels & Transaction Banking, and Erin Keller, Director, Digital Products, Wintrust Financial Corporation, recently sat down with us in a co-hosted webinar with BAI to discuss how Wintrust has leveraged the Terafina platform in multibranding onboarding to accelerate growth and maximize their ability to serve retail and commercial clients. Watch here.

Speed to market was really important to us...I will say of the vendors we dealt with Terafina really jumped in, learned our infrastructure early, figured out how we were going to build this, and our speed to market was actually quite good."
-Tom Ormseth, EVP, Digital Channels & Transaction Banking, Wintrust Financial Corporation
Merchant Services, the latest product enhancement from NCR Terafina, is now available for banks and credit unions to add to their diverse suite of offerings. 

The Merchant Services module combines the ability to set up an acquirer account and purchase required devices for payments. As a result, financial institutions are able to create a seamless integrated experience for merchants, eliminate lengthy processes and gain wallet share, and generate payment transaction revenue from fees.

For more information regarding the Merchant Services module, please visit the Merchant Services page on our website and contact
Stay tuned for our next Quick 5 with Terafina Trailblazers showcasing how our client thought leaders continue to thrive and make a difference in digital innovation. 
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“I can honestly say with NCR Terafina, they've always been super flexible with us. Iterating on how we can do things better and how we can find new ways to enhance the member experience. This collaborative approach has been very positive for us and helped establish a strong foundation for our new account opening and onboarding experience, which is a foundational component of our digital transformation.”
- Baron Conway, SVP, Head of Digital & Product Management, Nuvision Federal Credit Union