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Support Staff
Each and every day in the Norwalk Community School District we have a group of dedicated people who attend to the thousands and thousands of details that make our district run smoothly. Bus drivers, paraprofessionals (teacher associates), custodians, groundskeepers, skilled maintenance workers, an auditorium manager, sign language interpreters, library associates, mechanics, cooks, kitchen managers, secretaries, administrative assistants, IT technicians, accounts payable and payroll clerks, and a student information system specialist all provide critical support to students and certified staff members and make our district function at a high level.

Pictured Above: Roger Huff (Custodian)
honored for serving 45 years with the NCSD.

When you have the opportunity, please say thank you to these Warriors in one of the following ways:

  • Send a thank you note to school, have your child deliver a thank you note, or send a thank you email (all our support staff members have email addresses - see our online directory).
  • Pick up after yourself when visiting school grounds, especially bleachers at athletic contests.
  • Pay for their coffee, soda, tea, or water if you see a support staff member at a convenience store.
  • Wave, smile, and say thank you when you see them at school.
  • Invite your children to draw a picture or take their photo and attach it to a note written by the child and deliver those items to a staff member.
  • Give support staff members a shout out on social media.
  • Bring food/treats to the building or transportation office.

Support staff members are the unsung heroes of our district. I encourage everyone associated with the district to take a moment and deliver a random act of kindness to this group of dedicated Warriors.

Yours in service,
D.T. Magee
NCSD Paraprofessionals (Teacher Associates)
Last week the NCSD wrapped up an outstanding schedule of Homecoming events! Here's a quick snapshot of HOCO 2019!
Teachers/Coaches Powderpuff Football
This year's Homecoming street paintings courtesy of our Norwalk HS Sophomores, Juniors and the Senior Class of 2020!
Rock Solid Volleyball: Student, Mason Allen and Tom Scallon, NHS Student Advocate
80's Day: Teachers, Brandon Schmitz and Stephanie Jass
Twinning Day: Students, Parker Wood and Draco Minnis
Homecoming Sophomore Attendants: Kennedy Wendl, Joey Frazier
Junior Attendants: Alyssa Giesken, Colin Frederick
Homecoming Court: Abby Allmon, Rachel Gavin, Alyssa Lankford, Abby Silvers, Lily Quade, Scott Anderson, Sam Hester, Liam Buckley, Drew Leek, Bowen Born
Homecoming King and Queen,
Bowen Born and Lily Quade
Students attend this year's Homecoming dance festivities.
Top: Colin Frederick, Seth Lors, Jack Shisler and Carter Patterson
Below: Cadyn Niemeyer, Eva Hoch and Lauren Magee

photo credit: Brian Patterson
NHS Marching Band performs during halftime show.
photo credit: Jason Williamson

Warrior's defend the line winning 41-30 over the Carlisle Wildcats!
photo credit: Jason Williamson
by Eric Neessen
As Norwalk grows, so will the number of students who are from homes where English is not the primary language. Norwalk School District continues to take steps to reduce the educational barriers our English Learners (EL) face each day. Such services include instruction in English speaking, listening, reading and writing; establishing more resources and a better ESL curriculum; and identifying professional development needs of our staff.
Currently, there are 43 K-12 English Learner (EL) students enrolled in the district who represent five different world languages. The district has one ESL teacher, Melissa Kanost, who is doing an excellent job serving our students. The ongoing challenge with serving our EL students is not knowing how many EL students will be moving into the district and who may need mild services to much more intensive services. 

Our ESL program is growing in resources as well as in community involvement. The district has partnered with the AMOS group at the Norwalk Christian Church to provide Adult English classes for our ESL parents. Additionally, our ESL students are working with ArtForce in Des Moines who helps with developing creative skills and therapeutic outlets. There are also scheduled college and career field trips to teach our students about the college admission process.
Students from Orchard Hills and Lakewood participated in this year's Warrior Dash, a celebration for the Norwalk Elementary students who are working to raise money for their schools through PTO's Annual Fall Fundraiser. Students enjoyed inflatables and outdoor activities throughout the day. Thank you to the volunteers and staff who helped make this year's Warrior Dash a success!
Norwalk Athletic Boosters
by Aanna Hoch

The Norwalk Athletic Booster Club (NABC) is a strong organization with a rich tradition in Norwalk. We are a fiscally responsible and mission focused group. Through membership dues, annual fund raisers, robust concession sales and gifts in kind, the Athletic boosters are able to generously give back to all athletic programs at both the middle school and high school levels. Just this past year we gave nearly $50,000 in the form of equipment, gear, uniforms and other functional items to make the athletic experience a memorable one for all athletes and coaches. 

The Athletic Booster Club isn’t just for parents of high school aged student athletes. If you’re a parent of a middle school student, grandparent of a first grader, an aunt or uncle, sister or brother, alumni, business owner – whoever you are – you are invited to join! We have opportunities for you to provide insight, volunteer your time at games or meets, and take part in the planning of upcoming events. We can do even more with your membership and participation.

If you love sports, the great lessons and opportunities they afford all student athletes on and off the playing field, and how athletics can unite a community, then sign up to be a part of the Norwalk Athletic Booster Club today. Onward Norwalk!

Get and stay connected with the NABC:
Twitter: be-a-warrior ( @NABC_GoWarriors )
Instagram: norwalkboosterclub
Snapchat: nabc-beawarrior
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