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NCSD is excited to partner with the Poverty and Race Research Action Council on "The Lines Between Us: At School and At Home" on September 19th.  We will welcome Lawrence Lanahan, author of The Lines Between Us, a story of two families in Baltimore set against the background of decades of segregation and the evolution of the landmark Thompson v. HUD public housing desegregation case. Lanahan will be joined by Cara McClellan from the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and journalist J. Brian Charles.

The Lines Between Us: At School and At Home
740 15th Street NW (Third Floor)  Washington, DC 20005 
September 19th at 6:00pm (refreshments at 5:30pm)


This week, the city's School Diversity Advisory Group (SDAG) released
calling for the elimination of competitive admissions to elementary and middle school programs, and changes to high school enrollment.

Follow the dialogue.
Here are some Twitter accounts/threads that might be of interest to you:

Our advocates on the ground in NYC are the best positioned to respond to questions/comments about the specifics of the report's recommendations.

We encourage everyone to read the recommendations. News stories often cannot capture the nuance that allows for a full understanding of these policy proposals being discussed, let alone the evidence that is guiding them. Moreover, it is clear that SDAG took their assignment seriously and have offered a roadmap to redressing systems and paradigms that maintain school segregation in the most segregated school system in our nation.

Want to learn more?
Here are some resources and recommendations  that might be helpful:
Massachusetts Increases METCO Funding for Second Consecutive Year

METCO stakeholders gather at the Massachusetts State House to advocate for funding.
The Massachusetts legislature allocated $24.2 million to the 53-year-old desegregation program, an increase of $2 million over the previous year. The funds are distributed to 33 suburban school districts that participate voluntarily for the purpose of relieving racial isolation, and help reimburse the costs of transporting 3,100  Boston students to suburban schools. This  funding also enables support for students, schools, and communities to tackle the challenges and opportunities of integration.

The news comes at a time of evolution for METCO, which is preparing to transition its application process from a 15,000-person waiting list to an online lottery this fall.

For more information, check out The Atlantic and DigBoston , which both published extensive looks at the experiences of students and families who participate in METCO.

Center for Diversity and Equality in Education (CDEE) on the Ground in New Jersey

CDEE will soon release a book  to illuminate the opportunities and challenges of achieving "true integration." Written as a case study of the Morris School District (the only district in NJ, and quite likely the US, that resulted from a merger of two districts--one predominantly white, affluent and suburban and the other more diverse and urban--ordered by the state commissioner of education for racial balance reasons in 1971), it will include lessons learned from Morris's nearly half-century effort and a detailed action plan for NJ and other states about moving forward with statewide integration.

Also, read about CDEE's involvement in current desegregation litigation in this January 2019 Atlantic piece.

Housing-Schools Intersections: #DefendCivilRights Campaign (from PRRAC)

The Department of Housing Urban Development is  proposing to gut the longstanding legal tool known as "disparate impact" under the Fair Housing Act. Disparate impact acknowledges  how seemingly neutral policies can have a discriminatory effect in practice.  HUD's efforts are a clear attempt to impede recourse for housing discrimination. The proposed rule would allow financial institutions, insurance companies, and housing providers to escape accountability for engaging in practices that result in discrimination against protected classes.

How does this relate to education? Should this new policy go info effect, as Education Week reporter Andrew Ujifusa highlighted, it could have major consequences for efforts to further school integration as well. Additionally, many experts believe this effort will not end at HUD. 

What can you do? We encourage you to leave a public comment  for HUD expressing opposition to this rule and tweet with #DefendCivilRights to raise awareness on this important issue.
For your reading pleasure...

  • ICYMI: The School Diversity Notebook  recently released a series on local-level stories including Austin, TX; Wake County, NC; Sausalito, CA; Oakland, CA; Baltimore, MD; Charleston, SC; and Richmond, VA. Across the country, there were several instances of potential changes to the invisible boundaries that divide students. Here is Part 1 and Part 2 of the series. 

A recent report by the Learning Policy Institute d escribes lessons learned from state efforts to reform school finance systems to be more adequate and equitable. 

The 1619 Project, Anti-Racism, and Legacies of James Baldwin and Toni Morrison

What can we say about this essential, foundational project from the inimitable Nikole Hannah-Jones that hasn't already been said? We'll just say read it cover-to-cover if you haven't yet, and check out the 1619 Project curriculum for students from the Pulitzer Center (which, no doubt, is  greatly needed).

Additionally, this month we lost a titan of American literature Toni Morrison and commemorated the influential James Baldwin on what would have been his 95th birthday: 

"[A]pathy & the price we pay for segregation. It's what segregation means, you don't know what's happening on the other side of the wall, b/c you don't want to know." -- James Baldwin

Further, National Book Award winner Ibram X. Kendi  r eleased his 
new book, How to Be an Antiracist. 

Given all this we wanted to highlight some recent pieces on how parents, educators, and students are thinking about and discussing all of this in the context of school integration and educational equity issues.

North Carolina:   (NC Teacher of the Year in 2014-15) launched a new initiative, the  Center for Racial Equity in Education  (CREED), to " center students of color, inspire institutional change, and facilitate better educational practice, so we can transform the educational system in North Carolina."

CREED released two reports:
  • E(race)ing Inequities: The State of Racial Equity in North Carolina Public Schools
  • Deep Rooted: A Brief History of Race and Education in North Carolina

We're eagerly anticipating what's to come for this exciting effort!

The Russell Sage Foundation is launching a new  pipeline grants competition
for early- and mid-career researchers.

The competition seeks to promote diversity in the social sciences broadly, including racial, ethnic, gender, disciplinary, institutional, and geographic diversity. 

The call for proposals will be released in early Fall 2019.

The  #RacetoLeadSurvey  deadline has been EXTENDED by popular demand! You now have until September 13th to complete the survey and encourage your nonprofit and foundation friends and colleagues to do the same! 
American Youth Policy Forum
The Center for Education & Civil Rights at Penn State
The Century Foundation
Child Trends
The Education Trust
ERASE Racism
The Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Fund
Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at UC Berkeley
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Learning Policy Institute
NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
Urban Institute
Southern Poverty Law Center


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