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"What Now? Advocates for Curriculum Change to Support Integration" panel discussion at the Reimagining Education Conference at Teachers College, Columbia University. The panel discussion featured Roxana Duenas, Matt Gonzales, Nyah Berg, Julisa Perez, Aneth Naranjo, Sonia Khan, and Sage Gladstone.

Milliken@45: #ThurgoodWasRight 
July 25, 2019 marked the 45th anniversary of Milliken v. Bradley. The majority opinion in the case hobbled Brown v. Board of Education by giving undue weight to arbitrary political boundaries, dividing predominantly Black Detroit public school school systems from their predominantly White suburban counterparts. The case effectively resulted in the prioritizing of political boundaries over the desegregation of schools and bolstered "white flight" to the suburbs. 

Justice Thurgood Marshall famously dissented in the case, writing

"Our Nation, I fear, will be ill-served by the Court's refusal to remedy separate and unequal education, for unless our children begin to learn together, there is little hope that our people will ever learn to live together."

"In the short run, it may seem to be the easier course to allow our great metropolitan areas to be divided up each into two cities - one white, the other black - but it is a course, I predict, our people will ultimately regret. I dissent."

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  • New podcast by Integrated Schools: Not In My Suburbs: Milliken v. Bradley @ 45 (featuring Michelle Adams, Constitutional Law Professor at Cardozo Law School, who's working on a book about aftermath of Milliken)
"[A]lmost 9 million students in America--one in five public schoolchildren--live virtually across the street from a significantly whiter and richer school district. For every one student enrolled in a whiter and richer district in our study, three of their neighbors are left behind in lower-funded schools serving far more nonwhite students." 
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    "[I]t may seem to be the easier course to allow our great metropolitan to be divided up each into two cities...but it is a course, I predict, our people will ultimately regret.
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Removal of Anti-Busing Language in Section 426 of GEPA

Presidential aspirant Former Vice President Joe Biden announced his support for the removal of Section 426 of GEPA, the language that prevents federal funds from being used for transportation to support public school racial integration.
For more information check out this blog  and related podcast, featuring the authors, from the School Superintendents Association.
Strength in Diversity Act

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) has joined fellow Democratic Presidential primary candidates Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT), and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in cosponsoring the bill.

Read more from Chalkbeat here. 
2019 NCSD Policy Agenda 

With education/school integration being an increasingly hot topic in the presidential contest, check out our   policy agenda and this helpful explainer (updated 6/28/19) from the Poverty & Race Research Action Council on the candidates' stances on school diversity and educational equity issues.

Check out the detailed series of roundups on the Harris-Biden "busing" moment  in the first set of Democratic debates, and the resulting journalism and opinion pieces on the current state of school integration. The roundups were produced by our member organization The School Diversity Notebook, which is also managed by one of our member organizations, The Center for Education and Civil Rights at Penn State.

Charter School Effects on School Segregation by Tomas Monarrez, Brian Kisida, and Matthew Chingos.

Urban Institute's new research report on how charter schools affect school system segregation:

"In the first nationally comprehensive examination of charter school effects on school system segregation, we demonstrate that growth in charter school enrollment increases the segregation of black, Hispanic, and white students."

2019 Othering & Belonging Conference Report (Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at UC Berkeley)

This detailed summary of the 2019 Othering & Belonging conference is intended as a point of engagement for those who are interested in being part of their future work and public events that are organized around the Institute's framework of belonging.

Check out the video recap below.

2019 Othering and Belonging Conference Recap | #OBConf2019
2019 Othering and Belonging Conference Recap

A working paper from Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia challenges the conventional wisdom on how much gentrification causes the displacement of low-income residents. Read an article summarizing the findings from
PlanPhilly  here.

School Segregation in the Era of Immigration, School Choice and Color-Blind Jurisprudence - the Case of North Carolina by Charles T. Clotfelter, Steven W. Hemelt, Helen F. Ladd, and Mavzuna Turaeva

Researchers from the Annenberg Institute at Brown University
"document patterns and trends in school segregation by racial/ethnic group and by family income in North Carolina between 1998 and 2016, a period of rapid immigration, decline in federal oversight, and growth of charter schools. Accounting for students in both public and private schools, [they] find that segregation generally increased over the period, with the increase concentrated in urban areas."

For your reading pleasure...

Louisville: Jefferson County Public Schools Hailed as Integration Success Story, Starts to Experience Setbacks
  • Read more via the New York Times: "'Right now, we're doing our best to fight back Jim Crow and Jane Crow Jr.,' said Delquan Dorsey, Ms. Lewis's son, who works as the district's community engagement coordinator. 'We know separate but equal doesn't work.'"
Boston: New School Superintendent and Latinx Parents Being Excluded
New York City: IntegrateNYC, Housing Policy and Segregation, School Integration Grants

New York City Students are Fighting for School Integration (PBS Newshour)
IntegrateNYC is Fighting for School Integration via PBS Newshour
  • A recent article in Chalkbeat provides "a rundown of how school districts in New York City plan to work towards more diverse classrooms," after receiving $200,000 grants from the city's education department last month "to gather feedback and ideas, and ultimately craft their own diversity plans."
Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue: Tax Credits for Religious School Tuition?
  • "The U.S. Supreme Court...agreed to review a decision [in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue]...that struck down a tuition tax-credit program which, as enacted by that state's legislature, allowed tuition scholarships to benefit students at private religious schools as well as secular schools." Read more from Education Week here.
Cruz-Guzman v. State of Minnesota: Charter Schools Not Subject to Desegregation Orders?
  • A federal judge in Minnesota has ruled for the time being that Minnesota charter schools will continue to be exempt from the state constitution's rules regarding desegregation. Parties in the lawsuit are now engaged in mediation.
"The case, Cruz-Guzman v. State of Minnesota, was initially filed in 2015 on behalf of a handful of public school parents in the Twin Cities. These plaintiffs allege that Minnesota's increasingly segregated public schools are operating in violation of the state Constitution, which affirms that 'it is the duty of the legislature to establish a general and uniform system of public schools.'"    Read more from The Progressive here.  

Jim Crow of the North - Full-Length Documentary
Jim Crow of the North - Full-Length Documentary
  • Want to learn more about the history of widespread racial disparities and segregation in housing and schools in Minnesota? Check out this documentary from Twin Cities PBS "Jim Crow of the North."
Betsy DeVos's Civil Rights Office Closes More Cases than Predecessor  by Laura Meckler (Washington Post, July 10)   
  • "Civil rights advocates say [the department's approach under Devos] is too narrow and misses the opportunity to identify problems that extend beyond any one person's experience."
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