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Top left: Journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones delivered the keynote address at Penn State's Center for Education and Civil Rights (CECR) and the Africana Research Center (ARC) symposium, "Brown @ 65: National Symposium for the 65th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education." A summary of the event from the School Diversity Notebook can be found here. 

Top right: NAACP LDF President/Director-Counsel Sherrilyn Ifill gives opening remarks at a rally on Capitol Hill, hosted by the LDF and other civil rights organizations, for the anniversary of Brown. 

Bottom left: Students with IntegrateNYC hold up a mock newspaper calling for the retirement of segregation, and featuring their issues and visions for the future on the anniversary of Brown. For more information on their campaign click here. And to see students from IntegrateNYC interviewed on Good Morning America click here

Bottom right: Participants at Learn Together, Live Together's "Bolling @ 65: The Past, Present, and Future of School Diversity in D.C" event discuss IntegrateNYC's "5 Rs of Real Integration." A blog post discussing the event and school diversity in D.C. can be found here.

H.R. 2574, Equity and Inclusion Enforcement Act and H.R. 2639, Strength in Diversity Act of 2019

On May 16th, the House Education & Labor Committee approved two bills out of committee that would promote school diversity and protect students' civil rights:
  • The Strength In Diversity Act (H.R. 2639) would provide resources to help local communities develop, implement, and evaluate strategies to address the effects of racial isolation or concentrated poverty by increasing racial and socioeconomic diversity in public schools. Read the fact sheet here.
  • would restore an individual's right to challenge discriminatory public school policies, rather than waiting for the Department of Education to take action. This bill would empower students, parents, and communities to address - through robust enforcement - racial inequities in public education. Read the fact sheet here.
Read t h e hearing's  opening statement  from Chairman Bobby Scott (VA-03), which features a shout out to the research of NCSD members, Rucker C. Johnson, Erica Frankenberg, and Gary Orfield, as well as NCSD member organizations, the Civil Rights Project at UCLA/Proyecto Derechos Civiles and the Center for Education and Civil Rights at Penn State.
In case you  missed it...

The Civil Rights Project/Proyecto Derechos Civiles at UCLA and the Center for Education and Civil Rights at Penn State released  Harming Our Common Future: America's Segregated Schools 65 Years After Brown by Erica Frankenberg, Jongyeon Ee,  Jennifer B. Ayscue, and Gary Orfield. 

The authors found that 65 years after Brown, intense levels of segregation are on the rise across the country, due to weak governmental support for voluntary integration efforts.

The report was the linchpin for coverage of the anniversary on Boston Public Radio, as well as in  Mother Jones, the New York Times, the Washington PostVox, and others. 

Check out Erica Frankenberg's interview with the Real New Network about the report and the anniversary.

The 74 Million is hosting a project on their website that  features stories of ordinary people who found themselves in the center of an extraordinary historic moment during Brown and other related school desegregation cases.
  • Read an excerpt from the book by NAACP LDF President/Director-Counsel Sherrilyn Ifill here.
  • Download the book here.
  • Watch the YouTube playlist of firsthand accounts of everyday people involved in Brown here.

Listen up...
(Integrated Schools April/May)
Integrated Schools kicked off the second season of its podcast with a special multi-part series on  Brown.

(Democracy Works,
May 6)
Penn State professors  Crystal Sanders and Erica Frankenberg discuss the history of integration and Brown.

(Education Trust,
May 17)
EdTrust's Extraordinary Districts podcast explores the unique history of Milford, Delaware as it attempted to desegregate its schools post-Brown.
For your reading pleasure...


Alright: Surviving Resegregation in Silicon Valley | We Gon' Be Alright Ep. 1

Based on the book by Jeff Chang, the digital series is produced and directed by Bao Nguyen.

" 'We Gon' Be Alright' links #BlackLivesMatter to #OscarsSoWhite, Ferguson to Washington D.C., the Great Migration to resurgent nativism. Chang explores the rise and fall of the idea of 'diversity,' the roots of student protest, changing ideas about Asian Americanness, and the impact of a century of racial separation in housing. He argues that resegregation is the unexamined condition of our time, the undoing of which is key to moving the nation forward to racial justice and cultural equity."

The Road Not Taken: Housing and Criminal Justice 50 Years after the Kerner Commission Report by Stephen Menendian and Richard Rothstein, with Nirali Beri

The report memorializes key findings of the spring 2018 "Race and Inequality in America: The Kerner Commission at 50 Conference." The conference was hosted by the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society, in partnership with the Economic Policy Institute and the Johns Hopkins University's 21st Century Cities Initiative. The report focuses on two issues that the Kerner Commission addressed--policing and housing--to gauge what progress our nation has made toward advancing the recommendations made by the Commission and to examine where we have fallen short. For information click here.

Researchers with the Initiative on Gender Justice and Opportunity at Georgetown Law's Center on Poverty and Inequality expanded on their 2017 report on the same topic of the phenomenon of black girls being harmfully perceived as more mature and less innocent than their white peers. 

Notable news coverage:

A new report coming out of the Poverty & Race Research Action (PRRAC) Council takes a different look at what is commonly known as "immigrant integration" - the inclusion of new immigrants in American society - and its relation to housing and school segregation of immigrant families.

Protecting Students' Civil Rights: The Federal Role in School Discipline by Jessica Cardichon and Linda Darling-Hammond

The Learning Policy Institute's (LPI) new report highlights how recent actions, such as the rescission of the evidence-based school discipline guidance issued by the Departments of Justice and Education under the Obama Administration risk harming students--particularly students of color--and compromising their educational outcomes. It also features evidence-based alternatives to punitive discipline practices, such as restorative justice or social-emotional learning. 

Read the related op-ed from LPI president, Linda Darling-Hammond. 

Across the country...

When 'School Choice' Tests Parents' Personal Values ( Washington Post Reports Podcast, May 27)

Education reporter Perry Stein discusses a family weighing a decision of where to send their eighth-grader for high school - and how that decision has tested their political and social values.


Harvard Graduate School of Education's  RIDES Project's 2nd annual Beyond Desegregation: Promising Practices for Diverse and Equitable Schools conference  was a success! RIDES hosted more than 100 participants, dozens of presenters, and honored keynote speakers like john a. powell, Karen Mapp, and John Brittain, who shared their experiences and knowledge gained from the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion in schools.

Related materials: 


Center for Collaborative Education
The Center for Education and Civil Rights at Penn State
City Garden Montessori
The Education Trust
Learning Policy Institute
NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund

Four-day Professional Development Summer Institute at Teachers College, Columbia University in the City of New York
July 15-18, 2019

***Earn 3 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or 30 NY State Continuing Teacher and Leadership Education (CTLE) hours.***
Many state plans for complying with the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), discuss the importance of culturally responsive and relevant teaching and social-emotional development as a way to improve student learning and outcomes. These new plans, which go into effect this coming fall, call on educators to be more aware of the role of culture in the process of learning. The strategies and practices necessary to do that are central to the Reimagining Education: Teaching and Learning in Racially Diverse Schools Summer Institute.

Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings, a prominent scholar in culturally relevant teaching and professor emeritus from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, will deliver the Gordon Lecture at the Institute on Monday, July 15. She will also participate in the professional development work taking place throughout the week.

Host: Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
New York, NY
Host: Critical Exposure
Washington, DC
Host: UMass Amherst Institute for Social Science Research
Amherst. MA
Social Justice Training Institute
Springfield, MA
Host: Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance
Grand Haven, MI

Host: Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law
New York, NY

Host:  Association for Christians in Student Development

Orlando, FL

Host:  Action Research Network of the Americas (ARNA)
Montreal, Canada
Host:  National Alliance for Public Charter Schools
Las Vegas, NV
Host:  National Council of Urban Education Associations (NCUEA)
Houston, TX
Host:  Free Minds, Free People
Twin Cities, MN
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