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  • Color of Change is circulating a #JusticeforFloyd petition asking for charges to be brought against the police officers responsible for George Floyd's death
  • Legal Defense Fund's Statements on the Police-Involved Killing of George Floyd and Ensuing Protests

Like you, we are closely monitoring developments across the country in response to the horrific killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, which is part of a string of recent instances of violence aimed at Black people. It is a lot to take in, particularly in the midst of a global pandemic that has required us to "shelter in place" for several months and that has disproportionately affected communities of color. NCSD shares in the outrage and grief that this moment warrants. 

We are immensely grateful to the people working on the front lines of change, putting their bodies on the line out of the belief that they can help create a more just reality. And yet,  we are also saddened by the violence, suffering, and loss that we're witnessing.

The desegregation movement has always been situated within a much larger constellation of changemakers doing their part to make the world a better place. As members of a movement, we may not always agree on the tactics being used in any given situation, but we think it's important to recognize that civil rights advances have always required a diversity of approaches and skill sets. NCSD is set up to be a cross-sector coalition because we recognize that it takes all kinds of people working together to disrupt the structures that create inequity--including parents, students, educators, researchers, advocates, activists, and policymakers. The knowledge, perspective, and skills that we each possess can help people in our lives better understand the current reality and help them envision new possibilities. 

The obstacles that those who came before us faced were enormous (for a great read on this, check out Root and Branch: Charles Hamilton Houston, Thurgood Marshall, and the Struggle to End Segregation). But they persisted. Let's not forget that.

May we all find the most appropriate place to contribute as individuals and hold one another in right relationship as we continue this journey. If there is anything NCSD can do to support you in your work, let us know. 


#NCSD2020 Keynote Presentation

Over 700 people have viewed our incredible #NCSD2020 keynote presentation! Help us get over 1000 views by sharing with your networks. 

Being able to gather, albeit virtually, and create a felt sense of community was truly powerful. A special thank you to our dynamic panelists: Vanessa Siddle Walker, Elizabeth McRae, Dani McClain, and contributors Andrew Lefkowits and Courtney E. Martin. Additional resources can be found here

The keynote panel was dedicated to the memory of the founder of Integrated Schools, the late great Courtney Mykytyn Everts, who passed away late last year. We've compiled a list of reflections here.

Be on the lookout for an Integrated Schools podcast with some highlights from the discussion. And, on June 4th at 6pm EST, you'll have another opportunity to engage with our community on these themes. We'll be hosting a Twitter chat in collaboration with Learn Together, Live Together and Integrated Schools. Find us at #KnowBetterDoBetter that day.

Also, if you missed our advocacy training, you can watch that here.

From Brown II to Today: A Discussion with Sherrilyn Ifill and Nikole Hannah-Jones

Additional Resources
  • "At 16, [Barbara] Johns led a strike by the student body that ultimately became one of five court cases consolidated into Brown v. Board of Education ." Read more via the New York Times.

  • DeVos to Release Rule Cementing COVID Aid Push for Private School Students: "The guidance was challenged by the Council of Chief State School Officers, which said it could 'significantly harm the vulnerable students who were intended to benefit the most.' The group urged DeVos to clarify her guidance and align it with Title I funding rules, saying her formula would give an 'inequitable amount of funding" to private schools.'" Read more via the Washington Post.  
  • Desegregation Order Lifted on Georgia School District in Coronavirus Hotspot: "[W]hite residents have left the public schools for private schools in the county or left the county entirely; the neighboring 6,200-student Lee County district to the north, for example, is 67 percent white and 23 percent black; 29 percent of its students are economically disadvantaged. But a U.S. Supreme Court decision, Milliken v Bradley, prevents desegregation efforts that cross district boundaries. The organization EdBuild has said that such school district boundaries,  particularly in the Rust Belt and the Deep South, serve to wall off wealthy areas from poorer neighborhoods."  Read more via Education Week.
  • New Jersey Supreme Court Must Prevent Segregation from Charter School Growth, Law Groups Argue: "Charter schools can provide great options for families, but if left unchecked, they can lead to segregation," said David Hinojosa, director of the Educational Opportunities Project at the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. "The demographics in the charter applications should have pushed the commissioner to investigate, but instead, he gave them a pass. The threat of segregation and its detrimental effects on all children is too great to stand on the sidelines." Read more via the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law.
  • Judge Orders Halt to Tennessee's School Voucher Program, Rules Law Unconstitutional: "Shelby County Schools Superintendent Joris Ray called the outcome 'excellent news' for public education and education equity. Read more via the Chalkbeat


Beloved Community is still looking for schools to participate in its Equity Study.

Beloved Community is studying best practices, accountability measures, and trends in eliminating structural racism and bias in schools across the U.S. They are recruiting 400 diverse-by-design schools nationwide to participate in the study. Data collected from the BC Equity Audit can be used to develop, advance, and support accountability, equity, and improvement planning and policy reform.

If you are looking for cost-effective ways to promote equity in your school, this is a great opportunity! 

Contact Rhonda Broussard at to learn more.


The Century Foundation recently launched the  Bridges Collaborative, which aims to create  a cohort of 50 school districts, charter schools, and fair housing advocates who are involved in integration in their local contexts. For inquiries about the project, prospective membership in the collaborative, email director Stefan Lallinger at

The Reimagining Education Summer Institute (RESI), based at Teachers College, will take place virtually July 13-16 

RESI is working to raise funds to provide more educators fellowships to attend #RESI2020.  If you are unable to afford the Institute and your school or district has no PD funding, please apply here to be considered for a fellowship.



EmbraceRace is looking for volunteers!

EmbraceRace will be partnering with researchers across the country to gather information and test interventions to help adults and children push back against the racial biases we all have. 

They'll be looking for volunteers to help move it forward: taking surveys, participating in focus groups, playing online games, and more. You don't have to be a parent or have young children to take part.

Interested?  Fill out this form



On June 16, the Othering & Belonging Institute will be the first in a series of dialogues about how we can work together  Toward Belonging, in order to realize more fair and inclusive societies, take care for our planet, and insist on a world where there is no "them," only a new and bigger "we.

"Toward Belonging is an initiative between the Othering & Belonging Institute, More in Common, Counterpoint UK, Queen Mary University of London, and Sciences Po University in Paris.


AERA held a virtual "Worldwide Gathering for Reflection, Presentation, and Rededication" on Sunday, April 19, which convened 2,450 researchers, education leaders, educators, and other viewers from 76 countries. Read more here.

Reopening Schools in the Context of COVID-19: Health and Safety Guidelines From Other Countries - This rapid-response brief surfaces what other countries are doing to address health concerns as students return to school.

Learning in the Time of COVID-19 blog series  - Upcoming blogs will highlight evidence-based practices that are advancing equity in the current environment and link these practices to relevant decisions around systems, structures, and resources. In this way, the series can inform both the current choices of policymakers, as well as the longer-term decisions of districts and states that can advance or inhibit equitable opportunities and outcomes.

A New Report from EdBuild with a Bold Proposal for School Districts:

Clean Slate Millions of students are shortchanged by our school finance systems, but it doesn't have to be this way. Seventy percent of American public school students could have equal or greater school funding with no increase to taxes or debt, and no increased strain on state budgets. The answer lies in rethinking the role of school district borders. 

Check out coverage of the report from NPR.


The  Teens Take Charge  student activists reignited their  Education Unscreened campaign, pressuring the New York City Department of Education (DOE) officials to end school admissions "screens" in New York City. 

Get involved!
  • SIGN and share petition to support the elimination of discriminatory admissions screens in NYC!
  • Send an email to the NYC DOE Office of School Enrollment  about why you believe school diversity and integration is important and why the NYC DOE should stop using admissions screens in middle and high schools -

  • IDRA joined Texas Appleseed, nine organizations and counselors in issuing an open letter calling for school measures to protect students' safety and well-being during this unprecedented time, including privacy rights, non-punitive strategies and trauma-informed support. 

Beloved Community
The Century Foundation
City Garden Montessori
Learning Policy Institute

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