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NCSD recently hosted a dialogue at the National Education Association (NEA) featuring EPIC Theatre Ensemble and steering committee Matt Gonzales, in collaboration with  NEA's Education and Policy Practice and Teacher Quality departments.  Read more  here

We're proud to announce the release of 
Segregation at an Early Age: 2019 Update , written by Erica Frankenberg and Peter Piazza through the Center for Education and Civil Rights (CECR). The report is an update of a  2016 report   about racial segregation trends in public preschool 
at the national and state levels. 

The report is the fourth in two months to address some aspect of racial segregation in preschool ( check out SD Notebook's Research Roundup: Preschool Segregation, Part 1 for more information ). The increased research attention comes amid more public attention to preschool expansion, fueled largely by preschool access/expansion proposals from Presidential candidates and notable expansion efforts across the country.

Key Findings:
  • Although the overall rates of segregation have decreased only slightly since the October 2016 report, racial segregation in public preschool remains troublingly high. 
  • In addition to the segregation of White students from Black and Latinx students, we find evidence of an additional form of segregation that is often overlooked: the isolation of Black and Latinx students from each other. 
  • There is wide variation in state-level trends, likely due to a complicated mix of overall state demography, state political leadership and early education advocacy.
Read more about the specific findings in the report via the SD Notebook's Research Roundup: Preschool Segregation, Part 2 and this Twitter thread from co-author Peter Piazza.

Here are some Tweets you can use!

  • Preschool segregation needs to be a bigger part of the conversation about preschoolexpansion. A new report from@psu_civilrights details troubling national trends & highlights important considerations for policymaking. #YoungLearners #ThurgoodWasRight 
  • Nearly half of all Latinx & Black public pre-k students are enrolled in intensely segregated schools. A new @psu_civilrights report details troubling trends in the segregation of our youngest public school students & offers suggestions for future policy.
  • Preschool is a critical time period in the development of a child's racial awareness. So, it's particularly troubling that more than 1/2 million US children attend highly segregated preschools. A new @psu_civilrights details trends & offers solutions.
Our    newest publication,  is an exploration of how our current Title I funding formula under the Every Student Succeeds Act is in need of reform.

Key Points:
  • The current formula can disincentivize innovative interdistrict programs that promote racial and economic integration, since Title I allocations shrink as districts reduce their overall levels of school poverty.
  • Two leading Democratic presidential candidates have called out the formula as a problem to be addressed, creating a renewed opportunity for reform that encourages, rather than discourages, interdistrict and intradistrict desegregation and deconcentration of poverty. 
  • Based on the findings and proposals of Professor Derek W. Black, NCSD recommends a "hold harmless" rule that would hold harmless in overall Title I funding any school or district that enacts policies aimed at deconcentrating low-income students for a transition period of at least three years.

Event: Separate and Unequal: How School Investment and Integration Matter
Congressional Briefing (2019)

Relevant materials

Separate and Unequal: How School Investment and Integration Matter for Educational Opportunity and Attainment

Hosted by the Learning Policy Institute, National Coalition on School Diversity, and Stanford Graduate School of Education and Center for Education Policy Analysis.

Sponsored by Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge (D-OH-11).

  • Linda Darling-Hammond, President, Learning Policy Institute
  • Rucker Johnson, Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley, Goldman School of Public Policy
  • Sean Reardon, Professor of Poverty and Inequality in Education, Stanford University

Abstract (Education Trust): " High-quality early childhood education (ECE) is important to the rapid development that happens in the first five years of a child's life and has long-lasting benefits well into adulthood. But many children, largely Black and Latino, are not given access to nor are being served by high-quality, state-funded ECE programs,  according to our first-of-its-kind analysis.  In  Young Learners, Missed Opportunities: Ensuring That Black and Latino Children Have Access to High-Quality State-Funded Preschool , we sought to answer two questions:  Do Black and Latino students get access to these programs?  And are these programs high-quality?"

Abstract (ERASE Racism): "Created with essential research from the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law - in response to the startling reality that civil rights in America are under attack from the federal government in a way that has not been seen since before the early 1960s.

"The report provides an analysis of the federal government's latest efforts to roll back civil rights in the areas of housing and education. It includes spotlights that highlight implications for New York's Long Island, because that is where ERASE Racism is based and because the spotlights illustrate how federal changes affect specific communities."

Excerpt (PRRAC): "NCSD has also called for reinstatement of the 2011 school diversity guidance letter, reinstatement of the school integration incentives for Department of Education competitive grant funds, and linking the Magnet Schools Assistance Program with HUD's Choice Neighborhoods public housing redevelopment program. A number of these policy proposals are part of the candidates' education platforms, which are reviewed in this brief.  Notably, four of the Democratic presidential candidates (Warren, Sanders, Harris, and Booker) have already endorsed the Strength in Diversity Act."

A Window of Opportunity: Creating More Integrated Schools in a Segregated System  by Genevieve Siegel-Hawley, Kim Bridges, Thomas J. Shields, and Brian Koziol

Abstract (University of Richmond, School of Professional and Continuing Studies): " Over the past decade, an influx of young, white professionals and families has fueled population growth [in Richmond, VA]...Both the opportunities and challenges have been on full display during the school rezoning process in RPS. This research brief offers important context and content to inform policy decisions that leverage our city's growing diversity for increased equity and inclusion. In the sections that follow, we share the robust body of research on the benefits of diverse schools, the current state of integration and relevant historical background influencing the need for action, comparable contemporary experiences, common voluntary integration methods--including best and promising practices and lessons learned--and policy and implementation recommendations informed by this information."

Abstract (Othering & Belonging Institute): "The study compared metrics between three types of neighborhoods [in the San Francisco Bay Area]: 1. Highly segregated Black and/or Latinx neighborhoods; 2. Highly segregated white neighborhoods; and 3. Low segregation/relatively integrated neighborhoods. Overall, we find that highly segregated Black/Latinx neighborhoods correlate with negative life outcomes for all people in those communities, including rates of poverty, income, educational attainment, home values, and health outcomes."

Urban Education: Still Separate and Unequal  by the Urban League of Greater Kansas City

Excerpt: " The city's schools were formally segregated until 1955 and then experienced limited desegregation, massive white flight, and eventual resegregation. The district has struggled in the years since that era. Suburban districts, many located wholly or partly within the city's municipal boundaries, excluded black families interested in better schools for their children by a variety of measures."

Abstract: Integrated Schools interviews Dr. Kfir Mordechay, Assistant Professor at Pepperdine University and a research fellow at the UCLA Civil Rights Project,  about his research on gentrification and school segregation.
  • "A 2018 lawsuit claims that a decades-long school desegregation program in Connecticut's state capital harms students of color. If the plaintiffs prevail,  30 years of integration efforts could be sent back to square one.  But relatively few people know about the case, Robinson v. Wentzel, perhaps because many news outlets have hardly covered it." - Via the Connecticut Mirror:  In Connecticut, Fewer Reporters, More Missed Stories  
Howard County, MD
  • Former Secretaries of Education during the Obama administration, John King and Arne Duncan, on the debate over desegregation in Howard County via the Baltimore Sun: "If today's leaders fail to act to address growing segregation by class and race in the county, students who currently attend schools and those who come after will miss the opportunity to thrive and succeed in a diverse and inclusive learning community - the very kind of experience that will prepare all students to lead us toward a better future."
  • The team at Elevate Maryland interview author of the New York Times piece on Howard County (from above), Dana Goldstein, the Century Foundation's Michelle Burris, and Wilde Lake High School Student Alisa Drake on the fight for equity in education for episode 74 of their podcast.
Long Island, NY

Newsday documentary "Testing the Divide." 
  • ICYMI: Blockbuster documentary and multi-part investigative report about housing discrimination and its effect on communities, neighborhoods, and schools in Long Island, NY via Newsday.

  • Check out this press release from one of our local members, ERASE Racism, about their work on this issue and the need for wide-ranging investigations into this pervasive, decades-long issue.
New York City, NY

  • Hearne, TX: "It's also an example of the state's long history of allowing white parents to keep their children from being educated in the same classrooms as black and Hispanic children. A 1970 federal court ruling ordered the Texas Education Agency to prevent student transfers that worsened segregation in either school district. The agency struggled to enforce that mandate." Read more via The Texas Tribune as part of their ongoing "Dis-Integration" series: This School District Has Been at Risk of State Takeover for Years. Some Blame White Flight. 
  • Va. Attorney General Probing Bias Allegations in Loudoun County Schools
  • by  Debbie Truong ( Washington Post,  Nov. 12)
Little Rock, AR


METCO: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
METCO: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

METCO Celebrates the Past and Looks to the Future

In September, METCO Headquarters held its Annual Meeting at the Boston Foundation to update the broader community on the operations, goals, and vision of the program in today's world.

The meeting included Boston civil rights leader Jean McGuire, who led the organization for 43 years, embracing the current Board Chair and METCO alumnus Patrick Kimble,  linking the future with the past.

powerful video  created with the Pioneer Institute highlighted the power of cross-racial friendships. 

Check out the  2018-2019 METCO Annual Report  for a comprehensive review of the last 18 months of services.   

Intercultural Research Development Association Updates

IDRA's EAC-South Family Engagement Web-based Technical Assistance Package is designed to provide educators tools for embracing what, for many, is a new vision for engaging with families and community members. 

Newsletter on student voice - e very article is written by a student.

Infographic: 10 Strategies for How Schools Should Respond to Help Children Impacted by ICE Raids


Panel Discussion:
Race-Conscious Admissions and the Future of "Diversity" on Campus
On Oct. 25th, CECR hosted a panel discussion on the affirmative action cases at Harvard and other selective universities, in an effort to foster understanding of what is at stake, provide tools and frameworks to explore these cases, and discuss what research suggests.

The discussion was moderated by  Dara Purvis, Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion in Penn State Law and featured:
  • Victor Romero, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law
  • LaWanda Ward, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Rafael Alvarado, Penn State graduate student in Law and Education

Teaching Tolerance is Accepting Applications and Nominations for their Teaching Tolerance Award

You can  apply or  nominate someone you know for the biennial Teaching Tolerance Award for Excellence. The award honors five K-12 classroom teachers who demonstrate excellence in teaching practices that align with the Teaching Tolerance  Social Justice Standards.  

Over the course of the award's two-year tenure, awardees will showcase their teaching practices and contribute to TT programming. Each awardee will receive a $5,000 cash award and travel to Montgomery, Alabama, for a celebration during October 2020.

The application deadline is December 8, 2019, at midnight (CST).

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