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We love to see our members collaborating! Here, Sufyan Hameed addresses workshop attendees at the Color of Education conference in Raleigh, NC. Sufy is IntegrateNYC 's Director of Expansion + an NCSD steering committee member, and the conference was hosted by the Public School Forum of NCOther workshop leaders in the School Resegregation: Trends and Possible Solution session included Charles Clotfelter (Duke University), Akeshia Craven-Howell and Rashidah Lopez-Morgan (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools), and Jim Martin (Wake County Board of Education). 

Some of our favorite tweets from this #ColorOfEducation session include:
@lorikrzeszewski: Create space for those w lived exps. Power in student voice. Sufyan Hameed shared @integratenyc youth efforts to #RetireSegregation by creating their own platform for advocacy. Props to @theNCForum @Policy_Bridge for bringing youth voice to #ColorOfEducation. RETWEET THIS

@Counselor_Martz: Learning about #RetireSegregation at #ColorOfEducation Conference Great job, student leaders at @integratenyc RETWEET THIS

EPIC Theatre Ensemble Performance of "Nothing About Us" at Maryland Institute College of Art

November 4th (Baltimore, MD)  - We are excited to collaborate with MICA's Center for Social Design on an event featuring the NYC-based EPIC Theatre Ensemble

EPIC will perform "Nothing About Us," a rigorous, passionate, and hilarious exploration of segregation and systemic inequality in schools. Running time is approximately 30 minutes, followed by a talk-back with the student actors. 

Maryland Institute College of Art
131 West North Avenue
Room 171
11/4 at 6:00pm


Separate and Unequal: How School Investment and Integration Matters for Educational Opportunity and Attainment

November 14th (Washington, DC) - NCSD will be partnering with the Learning Policy Institute, the Stanford Graduate School of Education, and the Center for Education Policy Analysis on a congressional briefing. 

Featuring: Linda Darling-Hammond, President, LPI; Rucker Johnson, Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley, Goldman School of Public Policy; Sean Reardon, Professor of Poverty and Inequality in Education, Stanford University.

With remarks by: Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge (D-OH-11).

Russell Senate Office Building
Kennedy Caucus Room
Washington, DC 20002 
11/14 at 9:00am (light breakfast at 8:30am) 



NCSD's membership criteria has been updated and  the application form is back online!  Membership is open to organizations that have demonstrated or are willing to demonstrate a commitment to racial and economic school integration in the U.S.

Sixteenth Annual AERA Brown Lecture in Education Research
16th Annual AERA Brown Lecture in Education Research (2019)

"A Shade Less Offensive": School Integration as Radical Inclusion in the Pursuit of Educational Equity 

Via AERA:  O n October 24, Prudence L. Carter, a renowned scholar, award-winning author, and national expert on youth identity and race, urban poverty, and opportunity gaps in education, delivered the 
16th Annual Brown Lecture. Carter's talk was followed by a discussion forum featuring Ary Amerikaner (The Education Trust) and Wade J. Henderson (Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, retired) and moderated by Lauren Camera (U.S. News & World Report). View the Twitter feed  here.

Available from Harvard Education Press in January 2020.  All proceeds to go the 
funding of the National Coalition on 
School Diversity's work to further intentional school integration.

A Single Garment: Creating Intentionally Diverse Schools That Benefit All Children by Genevieve Siegel-Hawley, A ssociate Professor in Educational Leadership at Virginia Commonwealth University

Abstract:  "Timely and compelling, A Single Garment, makes a powerful argument in favor of local, intentional integration efforts at a critical moment. The book illuminates a way forward for school leaders, policy makers, and others interested in pursuing equitable education in an age of shifting demographics and divisive politics."

"In A Single Garment, Genevieve Siegel-Hawley explores the leadership, policies, and practices that support contemporary school integration. Drawing on a wide range of sources, as well as her own experience as a parent, former student, and teacher, Siegel-Hawley provides a richly layered account of four Richmond, Virginia schools, each committed to building successful, diverse communities as a foundation for a just, democratic society."

Part 1: "In just the past few months, there's been a number of new studies looking at various aspects of contemporary school segregation. Before I dive into the articles featured in this post, here's just a few examples of segregation-related research from September and October..."

Part 2 :   "Recent research has examined contemporary school segregation in a variety of forms, including segregation of students in early childhood education, the relationship between school segregation and residential segregation, and segregation that clusters low-income students in under-resourced schools. In part 1 of this post, I linked to a few of these studies before focusing in more detail on three recent articles that each include researchers from Penn State..."

Segregated from the Start by the Urban Institute

Excerpt: "Segregation in early childhood education can  affect students' success in school and beyond. As K-12 education becomes more segregated, ECE is at risk of following the same trend. That's why further research exploring these patterns is critical."

Newly-released from Integrated Schools

Between We and They: A School Integration Story: "Beth is a mom of two grappling with race, parenting and her own privilege in America. Looking back over the past year, we follow Beth as she learns how the choices she makes for her daughters' schooling shapes how she lives in her city... where she belongs, who she calls 'We.'"

Also learn more and register here for Integrated Schools' free digital bookclub (on Nov. 14th & 17th). They will be reading Ibram X. Kendi's new book How to be an Anti-Racist.

Are Achievement Gaps Related to Discipline Gaps? Evidence From National Data by Francis A. Pearman, II, F. Chris Curran, Benjamin Fisher, and Joseph Gardella

Abstract (AERA Open): "We find evidence that districts with larger racial discipline gaps have larger racial achievement gaps (and vice versa). Though other district-level differences account for the positive association between the Hispanic-White discipline gap and the Hispanic-White achievement gap, we find robust evidence that the positive association between the Black-White discipline gap and the Black-White achievement gap persists after controlling for a multitude of confounding factors."

Two new releases from the Haas Institute

A study of residential segregation in the San Francisco Bay Area, Roots, Race & Place
"The rampant displacement seen today in the San Francisco Bay Area is built upon a history of exclusion and dispossession, centered on race, and driven by the logic of capitalism. This history established massive inequities in who owned land, who had acce ss to financing, and who held political power, all of which determined - and still remain at the root of deciding - who can call the Bay Area home." 

Evan Bissell's  Notes on a Cultural Strategy for Belonging , " outlines a cultural strategy for belonging that centers the leadership, voices, storytelling, practices, and knowledge of people and communities who are marginalized in our society. It offers resources, evidence, case studies, and a workshop module for cultural strategies that are rooted in the Haas Institute's Othering & Belonging framework as well as in many successful models of activism and organizing."

Newly-released from The Century Foundation

Excerpt: "The good news is that New York City already has many of the building blocks for a more integrated early education system in place. But it will take considerable problem-solving and intentional work-from policymakers and providers-to capitalize on existing opportunities for integration as well as open additional opportunities. This report attempts to give direction for some of that work, beginning with a discussion of why diversity in early education matters in the first place, followed by a summary of what we know about the demographics of early childhood education nationally."

Re-released from the Learning Policy Institute

Excerpt: "The good news is that New York City already has many of the building blocks for a more integrated early education system in place. But it will take considerable problem-solving and intentional work-from policymakers and providers-to capitalize on existing opportunities for integration as well as open additional opportunities. This report attempts to give direction for some of that work, beginning with a discussion of why diversity in early education matters in the first place, followed by a summary of what we know about the demographics of early childhood education nationally."
New York City (NYC)
  • In NYC, our local partners and allies continue the decades-long effort to integrate the nation's most segregated school system - the City School District of the City of New York. 
  • Notably, Teens Take Charge was profiled by New York Times' reporters Eliza Shapiro and Nikole Hannah-Jones in an episode of The Weekly, a podcast and TV show chronicling journalists and their subjects. Additionally, Teens Take Charge collaborated with Brave New Films to follow youth in NYC as they organize to fight for educational equity. 
#YouthInAction: Teens Take Charge * BRAVE NEW FILMS
#YouthInAction: Teens Take Charge + Brave New Films

  • The NYC Alliance for School Integration and Desegration (nycASID) is circulating an online petition asking NYC Mayor DeBlasio and Chancellor Richard Carranza to #RetireSegregation and adopt the School Diversity Advisory Group's (SDAG) recommendations. Check out this helpful infographic and video explainerfrom NCSD Steering Committee and SDAG member Matt Gonzales, to learn more about the recommendations. 
  • Additionally, NCSD Research Advisory Panel member Amy Stuart Wells and NeQuan C. McLean, Community Education Council President for NYC District 16, have authored a piece for the Gotham Gazette explaining the importance of substantive reform of the current gifted and talented paradigm in NYC.
  • Check out this local in-depth article from The Arkansas Times about the latest developments in Little Rock, AR as it once again is front-and-center in education fight over control, resources, race, and integration. Here is another recent local piece that focuses on community reactions.
  • The third time is not a charm: Affluent residents in East Baton Rouge Parish have succeeded (after two failed attempts) in seceding from Baton Rouge, LA to create the city of St. George with the ultimate goal of creating a whiter, more affluent school district with a separate tax base. Check out Sophia Kasakove's coverage of the developing story for The New Republic.
  • "This is America" - Educational Equity Edition: "The Detroit case [Gary B. et al v. Whitmer] was filed in 2016 on behalf of Hall and other students who attended rodent-infested, crumbling schools that lacked certified teachers and up-to-date textbooks. It argued that appalling conditions, including an eighth grader who taught math to his classmates for a month after his teacher quit, denied students a basic right to literacy...[M[any charter schools in the city also face alarming conditions. The suit reflects that by including students from both kinds of schools." Read more via NBC News.

Please tweet us your ideas for speakers and themes for #NCSD2020 -  we hope to be announcing a date  soon!

For inquiries, please email conferenceNCSD@gmail.com.

Developed in partnership with the  RIDES (Reimagining Integration: Diverse & Equitable Schools) Project  at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, this survey provides schools and districts with a clear picture of how students are thinking and feeling about diversity, equity, and inclusion in school. The survey can help schools and districts track the progress of equity initiatives through the lens of the student, identify areas for celebration and improvement, and signal the importance of equity and inclusion to the community.

American Youth Policy Forum
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The Century Foundation
City Garden Montessori
The Education Trust
ERASE Racism
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KOYA Leadership Partners
Learning Policy Institute

S an Francisco Public Schools

Urban Institute
Southern Poverty Law Center

Host: Ass'n for Public Policy and Management
Denver, CO
Host: School Reform Initiative
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Host: Ida B. Wells Society for Investigative Journalism
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Host: National Education Week
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