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NCSD members and other allies in the civil rights community are fighting to remove longstanding federal legislation that limits funding for student transportation and significantly hinders the effectiveness of school diversity plans. Read more about our efforts below and learn how you can help in this important work!
NCSD Leads Challenge to Anti-Integration Appropriations Language

Earlier this month members of the NCSD, joined by a wide coalition of other civil rights advocacy groups, sent letters to leaders in the Senate and the House , urging the removal of language from the 2018 appropriations legislation that prohibits federal funding from being used to pay for the transportation of students participating in integration programs. 

The appropriations language has been present since at least 1974, when racist, anti-integration backlash reached a fever pitch. These ugly relics of the past both undermine the updated Magnet Schools Assistance Program and stymie state innovation and local control of school improvement efforts under the Every Student Succeeds Act. 

Read the recent Chalkbeat article to learn more, and sign our petition to tell Congress it's time to
Civil Rights Groups Respond to Department of Education's New Proposed Supplemental Priorities

Earlier this month NCSD and other civil rights organizations responded to the Department of Education's proposed priorities for competitive grant programs. 

In a shift away from Obama-era policy, Secretary DeVos proposed the elimination of all school diversity priorities, and doubled down on emphasizing school choice, which has a shaky evidence base regarding student outcomes. Recent studies of school choice programs in Louisiana, Ohio and Washington, DC all indicate a negative impact on student achievement. 

See a selection of letters from civil rights groups below.
NCSD Member Updates 

ERASE Racism Hosts Conference Highlighting Student Voices

ERASE Racism's Student Voices Campaign hosted a well-attended conference for Long Island students entitled  Long Island's Leaders of Tomorrow  on November 10th. The purpose of the conference was to convene students from across Long Island, to create a  racially and ethnically  diverse environment for students to learn  how issues related to race and racism shape the region where they live.  Small group discussions and interactive workshops prepared students to become social justice advocates and leaders. They practiced new skills, learned about student activism and gained self-confidence.  
Students described the day as empowering, as they share d  their experiences with peers from  16 different high schools .  For example,  here are a couple of quotes  from   students about their experience:  
" It [the conference] was empowering. The program gave me a lot of skills  [that]   I can carry out into the real world. "  
" I learned a lot about different examples of racism that are relevant in our community today and it was empowering to come together and discuss ways to create equality in our community. "    
The enthusiastic students  were willing  to listen, learn, and spearhead change in their schools and communities.  Almost all of the 67 students who attended signed up to join an ongoing task force working on public school education equity in our region.   
For further details on the magical day,   please click this link to an article about the conference .  
The Student Voices Campaign is incredibly excited to continue its work with students in 2018!   

New from Teaching Tolerance 

Teaching Tolerance recently launched a new set of materials designed to help educators teach about fake news, filter bubbles and media manipulation among other issues. The Digital Literacy Framework includes K-12 lessons and a PD module. Teaching Tolerance has also re-launched its Educator Grants; find more information on these grants here.
Disrupting the Reciprocal Relationship Between Housing and School Segregation  

Philip Tegeler and Michael Hilton of the Poverty & Race Research Action Council recently published a book chapter that examines the   current laws, policies, and practices that mutually reinforce housing and school segregation. The chapter also presents some examples of how housing and school policy can work together to disrupt the cycle. 

Richard Rothstein Book Tour Continues

Richard Rothstein continues his tour for the new book Color of Law, which  uncovers a forgotten history of how racially explicit policies of federal, state, and local governments created the patterns of residential segregation that persist to this day. See tour destinations and dates below.
New Campaign for Educational Equity Initiative 

The Center for Educational Equity at Teachers College, Columbia University recently initiated a major educational-rights-centered project on preparation for civic participationOver the next two years, CEE intends to implement a dynamic interrelated program of research, policy development, public engagement, advocacy, and legal action. Ultimately, we seek to ensure that all students receive a meaningful opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, experiences, and values, including the belief in their ability to effect change, that they need to be capable civic participants-and that all schools, particularly schools attended predominately by students in poverty and students of color, are equipped to provide resources, services, and supports to make this happen.

In case you missed our email on Tuesday...

We at the NCSD could not pursue this important work without the generous support of school diversity champions like you! Please consider a donation to NCSD this giving season.
- NCSD Staff
Job Openings 

Southern Poverty Law Center: Policy Analyst 
The Southern Poverty Law Center is seeking a Policy Analyst in the Southeast Region. This role includes in-depth research and writing, supporting a multi-year advocacy strategy  to advance the Children's Rights agenda, developing policy recommendations to stop the school to prison pipeline, reduce educational inequity, and provide children with access to necessary health services; and more. To see an in depth job description and apply, click here .
Southern Poverty Law Center: Senior Supervising Attorney - AL

The Southern Poverty Law Center is seeking a Senior Supervising Attorney for their Alabama office. This role includes developing the vision and strategy for  children's rights work in Alabama, supervising a dedicated team and challenging the structural inequalities that send children into the school to prison pipeline, educate them in unjustly inadequate schools, and prevent them from accessing the services they need to flourish in their communities.  To learn more click here.

Southern Poverty Law Center: Associate Legal Director 

The Southern Poverty Law Center is seeking an Associate Legal Director. This role  will support and work collaboratively across multiple offices and legal practice groups. The ALD will streamline internal systems to ensure that the appropriate frameworks, tools, systems, and policies are in place, will review monthly budgets and reporting, will oversee talent strategy for fellowship, internship, and recruitment programs, and will partner with the Legal Director to research new opportunities for growth. See the posting here .
Southern Poverty Law Center: Senior Supervising Attorney - FL

The Southern Poverty Law Center is seeking a Senior Supervising Attorney for their Florida office. This role includes developing the vision and strategy for  children's rights work in Alabama, supervising a dedicated team and challenging the structural inequalities that send children into the school to prison pipeline, educate them in unjustly inadequate schools, and prevent them from accessing the services they need to flourish in their communities.  To learn more click here.
Upcoming Events of Interest

Raising Anti-Racist and Anti-Biased Children Part 2: The Use of Children's Literature and Inquiry at Home and School
Host: Center for Education and Civil Rights
State College, PA
2018 National Policy Training Conference
Host: Magnet Schools of America
Washington, DC
Equity Summit 2018: Our Power. Our Future. Our Nation.
Host: PolicyLink
Chicago, IL
36th National Conference on Magnet Schools
Host: Chicago Public Schools & Magnet Schools of America
Chicago, IL
05/02/18 All Children, Our Future: Civil Rights and Education Conference
Host: The Leadership Conference Education Fund
Washington, DC

The National Coalition on School Diversity (NCSD) is a network of national civil rights organizations, university-based research centers, and state and local coalitions working to expand support for government policies that promote school diversity and reduce racial isolation. We also support the work of state and local school diversity practitioners. Our work is informed by an advisory panel of scholars and academic researchers whose work relates to issues of equity, diversity, and desegregation/integration .
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