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NCSD's newest research brief, authored by Roslyn Mickelson, summarizes recent research about school-level SES composition effects on educational outcomes, with a focus on whether this enormous cross-disciplinary body of research supports claims that school poverty "thresholds" or "tipping points" exist. 

Main takeaway:  We know that poverty concentration affects educational outcomes, but there is not enough research to identify a precise threshold at which it begins to happen. To determine this, researchers should use longitudinal, nationally representative datasets, state of the art statistical techniques, and measure SES beyond free/reduced lunch eligibility. Share this brief via Twitter.
Murphy and Fudge Introduce Strength in Diversity Act 

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) proposed legislation to increase socioeconomic diversity and address racial isolation in schools through federal grants.  The Strength in Diversity Act would authorize $120 million in grants for voluntary, community-driven integration strategies.

The bill has been co-sponsored by U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)

Article in Education Week here.
Read related press release here.

Anti-integration Riders Removed from Appropriations Bills

As Politico recently reported, Sections 301 and 302 are not in the appropriations bills that were passed by Congress in September. 

As a result, we're 2/3 of the way to where we want to be. 

In order to fully remove barriers to using federal dollars for transportation for integration, we need to get Section 426 of GEPA removed as well. (Our fact sheet explains this in more detail.) 

Forum Brings Together Parents and Community Advocates to Discuss Integration in DC Schools

We were energized by the packed house at Integrated Schools - DC's gathering yesterday, entitled "Building Community in Diverse Schools." The event featured a keynote speaker (Dr. Samantha Sweeney) followed by a panel of parents sharing their stories and tips. Panelist Allyson Criner Brown shared Teaching for Change's "G is for Gentrification" Breaking Barriers of Race, Class, and Language in Schools" toolkit. Panelists also addressed the importance of diversity within PTO/PTA leadership, among other things. 

Integrated Schools is growing a grassroots movement of, by, and for parents who are  intentionally joyfully  and  humbly  enrolling their children in integrating schools.

There are over 25 local Integrated Schools groups across the country. Is there one in your community? Find out here .

Mayor de Blasio Delivers
Remarks on the District 15 Diversity Plan

Big News from The Big Apple: Mayor and Chancellor Approve Integration Plan for District 15 Middle Schools

Advocates in NYC were successful in their longstanding efforts  to create a community-based middle school diversity plan in Brooklyn, NY's District 15.

  • We continue to monitor developments in North Carolina following the passage of HB514. The latest: "Facing an ultimatum from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board, two suburban towns voted Monday to study options for building and running their own public schools." Read the article by Ann Doss Helms.
  • Anti-Deseg Plaintiff Hunt Resumes - "Attorneys for the Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF), a Sacramento-based firm that strategically litigates cases to reduce the size of government, showed up in New Haven again last week, trying to find plaintiffs who could overturn the state's primary desegregation initiative." Read the article by Christopher Peak.
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Beloved Community Shares Learnings from Its First Year

"Eighteen months ago, we started sharing our vision for  Beloved Community and now, a year after having piloted our Equity in Schools and Equity at Work models, we are excited to share what we've learned and where we're headed next." 


"In the latest episode, Have You Heard gets personal. In 1977, co-host Jennifer Berkshire climbed aboard a school bus headed for a soon-to-be integrated school, part of an ambitious, and court-ordered, school desegregation plan in Springfield, IL. In this episode she explores what did - and didn't happen - in Springfield, Illinois, and why our vision of what's possible today seems so much smaller than it did 40 years ago."



Listen here

"Central Standard" in Kansas City Discusses School Integration

KCUR in Kansas City: " Almost 65 years after the landmark ruling of Brown v. Board of Education that desegragated public schools, research suggests U.S. schools are resegregating and, in some places, are more segregated than ever. On this episode, we dive into a discussion about how much of a priority integration plays in Kansas City metro schools." Featuring Susan Eaton from the Sillerman Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy.

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Upcoming Events of Interest

Teaching Tolerance's "Mix It Up at Lunch" Day Around the Corner

Mix It Up at Lunch Day is an international campaign that encourages students to identify, question, and cross social boundaries. Students consistently identify the cafeteria as a place in their school where divisions are clearly-and harshly-drawn. On Mix It Up Day, students connect with someone new over lunch. This year, Mix It Up Day will be held on October 23, 2018.

Find out more here.

2018 Technical Assistance & Training Conference
Host: Magnet Schools of America
Columbia, SC
Dallas, TX
America To Me Screening
Charlotte, NC
America To Me Screening
Oakland, CA
Host: Council of the Great City Schools
Baltimore, MD
Equity, Quality, and Access: How Do We Create Schools Worth Choosing for All?
Host: Learning Policy Institute and NAACP LDF
Washington, DC
Brown Lecture in Education Research
Host: AERA
Washington, DC
America To Me Screening
Chicago, IL
MSAP Project Directors Meeting
Host: MSAP Technical Assistance Center
(Note that this conference falls on election day.)
Crystal City, VA
Dare We Build a New Global Order? (Annual Meeting)
Host: American Educational Studies Association (AESA)
Greenville, SC
Check out our  2018 conference listing.
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"Color of Law" Book Tour with Richard Rothstein
Richard Rothstein continues his tour for his recent book,  Color of Law, which  uncovers a forgotten history of how racially explicit policies of federal, state, and local governments created patterns of residential segregation that persist to this day. See tour destinations and dates below.

10/09/18 The Color of Law
Host: SPUR San Jose
San Jose, CA
10/10/18 A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America
Host: Mission YIMBY
San Francisco, CA
10/15/18 Chapel Hill, NC
10/15/18 The Color of Public Education: Laws That Divide Us, Hopes That Unite Us
Durham, NC
10/24/18 The Color of Law
Host: Tarea Hall Pittman Social Justice Series (Berkeley Public Library)
Berkeley, CA
10/25/18 The Color of Law (email for info)
Host: Alameda County Food Bank
Oakland, CA
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