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Bringing Into Focus:
Positive Engagement and Preventing Cyberbullying
NCSSLE' s Bringing Into Focus shares carefully selected, high quality resources on timely topics to help educators create safe, supportive learning environments.

Receiving hurtful messages over digital devices like computers and cell phones takes an emotional toll on students. It can lead to significant damage to the mental health and well-being of students, even to the point of suicide for some. More than ever before, children and adolescents must rely on technology-based learning that poses significant engagement challenges, including the need for well-informed monitoring of online interactions and activities, and policies and practices to ensure safe spaces for students in an online learning environment. 

Social distancing measures resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing use of online learning platforms have forced students to both learn and socialize in online environments.  This deep plunge into online learning has magnified both the importance of meaningful engagement of students as a prerequisite to learning and the potential threat of cyberbullying to vulnerable students’ mental health.  
Cyberbullying Research Center  
Source: National Center for Safe and Supportive Learning Environments (NCSSLE)
The first resource on the NCSSLE website being highlighted is a webpage that offers information and resources to help users understand what cyberbullying is and what steps can be taken to create a safe learning environment.

The second resource is a blog post on cyberbullying from NCSSLE's Voices From the Field series. This post summarizes expert's thoughts on the monitoring and prevention of cyberbullying in an educational environment.

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