Our last newsletter of the year! Thank you so much for continuing to be such an important part of our kids' lives.
 May you and your loved ones have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.
Thank you for an Incredible 2015!
We wanted to send you our best wishes during this holiday season.

It has been incredible to see our 25 girls, 11 boys, and 2 young women have made amazing progress in their lives, and this is thanks to the prayers and financial support of individuals like you. We are so grateful that you have been a part of creating a nurturing, family home for these children.

As 2015 comes to a close, we would like to ask you to consider making a special donation to help us meet all of our year-end expenses. Things have become challenging with recent labor changes in Bolivia and inflation, but with your help we can ensure that our staff and children have an incredible holiday season.
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Wrapping Up 2015
As most of you know, our slogan is "helping improve lives, one child at a time." While catchy and easy to remember, we chose this phrase to emphasize our focus on the individual child. So, to wrap up an exciting 2015, we want to share a short update on each of the kids currently living in our homes.

We hope that this brings as much joy to you as it does to us. If, as you are reading through these updates, you are interested in sponsoring one of our children yourself or as a Christmas gift for a loved one, please click the following link to start your child sponsorship today.

Abigail has been the oldest teen in Corazón del Pastor since January 2014, and this year really stepped into her role as "big sister" to all. She has also made a lot of progress thanks to physiotherapy she is receiving for her feet, and is looking forward to moving into the Sendero de Esperanza transition home at the end of next year.

Since her older sister, Sofia, moved into the Sendero de Esperanza transition home, Adriana has been working hard so she can follow in her footsteps. She had an incredible academic year, and one of the year's highlights was receiving a visit from one of her sponsors. She is also excited to move into the transition home in a year.

Agustina has grown so much in her first year with us. It was a challenge to adjust from a large home to the smaller family atmosphere of Corazón del Pastor, but ultimately love prevailed, and in addition to the major improvement we have seen in her health, she has become a confident, happy girl.

Alandra has always been one of the most outspoken and confident girls in Corazón del Pastor, yet she has often used this in ways that have gotten her into trouble. This year, she has really matured, and she has become a great and reliable friend to the other girls in the home, especially her sisters Bryssa and Zamora.

Alarico started kindergarten this year, and has really enjoyed learning new things and making new friends. Though when he arrived he was just a baby, he is now older than several of the other boys, and is a good helper around the house.

One of the smallest babies ever to join us in Pedacito de Cielo, Alejo has grown into an energetic, intelligent boy, who this past year has made leaps and bounds developmentally. He is excited to start school next year, and is anxiously waiting for his casework to complete so he can be adopted into a loving family.

Having been a part of the NCV family for 8 years, Ana has lived the last two years in our transition home, Sendero de Esperanza. Now, she is getting ready to move out and start living independently. Hers is a great story of a child who arrived full of fear, now stepping out with confidence to a future full of hope.


Bemabe has always been the shyest of his 5 siblings, yet this year his fun personality has really come to the surface. He loves to dance and cook, and this year has excelled in learning taekwondo. He had a successful year in school, and has become one the greatest helpers to the caregivers.

As the oldest of 5 siblings, Bryssa spent much of her early childhood taking on adult responsibilities. Now, she has discovered a love for dance and exercise, and has become active in the church. This past year she has been working through the trauma she suffered, and has gained a vision to be a doctor in the future so she can help others in need.

Clara arrived last year and it was clear from the beginning that she was burdened with fear. She quickly moved past this, though, and being part of a loving family has helped her open up and become a happy, playful child. Her favorite moment of the past year was singing in front of the church, and she is very excited about Christmas.

Claudia had one of the most eventful years of all our children. After undergoing two major surgeries to correct her heart condition, she is coming home any day now and will be celebrating Christmas with her family. She has demonstrated a courage and strength in 2015 that is an inspiration to us all.

Cristina may take the prize for the biggest event of the year though - she was born! Just four months old, she has stolen the hearts of everyone who has met her, is eager to start sitting up, and has started to babble away. She is also a huge inspiration for her mom, Paulina. 

Cynthia turned 15 this year, a major milestone in the life of a girl growing up in Bolivia. She has taken big steps this year to overcome challenges in her life. Her love for animals has also been a huge help since Dori, our dog, came to live in the home, something that has inspired her to want to become a vet in the future.

When Diego started regular taekwondo classes this year, he discovered a talent that has been a big encouragement in his life.  He also did very well in school, where he made many new friends, and as one of the older boys, is learning how to be a good example to others. Oh, and he brings a lot of life to home with his boundless energy!

Last year, Eneas suffered an enormous loss when his younger brother, Alvaro, passed away. He has since been able to process this loss, and this year has grown up in all areas of his life. He especially enjoyed spending time with volunteers from visiting teams, and has taken a liking to cooking, with a vision to be a chef when he grows up.

Evelyn also turned 15 this year, something she had been looking forward to for many years. She learned to sew, and made her own quinceañera dress! She was also able to take a computer class thanks to one of her sponsors, and got the top grade. She has become a voracious reader, and her favorite experience of 2015 was a recent youth retreat.

Fabian has been living with us for nearly two years now, and the progress he has made, especially in 2015, is remarkable. When he came, he was 3-years-old and couldn't walk or talk. Now he is running around the house, and has learned to communicate his needs non-verbally. And, he always has a smile for anyone and everyone.

Jhoselin, along with her twin sister Johana, also turned 15 this year. She had a great year at school, where she has made lots of good friends, and has excelled in her computer and dance classes. This year also was important for Johana, as she overcame a condition she has dealt with for years as a result of the trauma suffered as a child.

Turning 15 was something that Johana had been eagerly awaiting, and celebrating with both her NCV and biological families was very special. She is happy to be back in gymnastics, and as one of the older girls has appreciated the increased independence. She is looking forward to joining the transition home in a few years.

Karina continues this year to excel in her jazz and ballet classes, and is looking forward to the year-end production this weekend. She is happy to have learned how to use Microsoft Word this year, and has started to read a lot more this year. She also enjoyed being a part of her twin older sisters' 15th birthday celebration.

When Kattia arrived, her medical condition had not been treated properly, leaving her weak and lethargic. Now, her health is great and she enjoys being active. She is also a leader in the home when it comes to crafts and creativity. This year she learned how to make a type of curtain our of recycled materials, and how to play the pan flute.


When Laura arrived last year, she had a hard time. She had suffered much in the past, and struggled to build healthy relationships with the other girls. This year all of that changed. She is a much happier teen, has benefited greatly from a peer-support group she started attending, and her health has improved significantly.

Manolo's year started off with some difficulties to due a reaction he was having with one of his meds. However, that has been resolved, his health and behavior have improved, and he is back to the energetic, happy boy we are used to. He has done really well in his new taekwondo classes, and has worked hard to learn multiplication.

We can tell that Marcos is moving out of childhood and into his tweens. He has started to read everything he can get his hands on, including The Chronicles of Narnia this year. He has also learned how to express his frustrations in a healthy way. His health is great, and he had his best school year ever, both academically and socially.

This year, in addition to learning how to cross-stitch and advancing in her piano classes, Mariela began to take more responsibility for her actions. She was singled out as the best in her class at sewing projects, and in general had a very good academic year. She also enjoyed spending a special day with her sister when Cynthia turned 15.

Marta arrived a few months ago in rough condition, yet has already learned to sit up, is rapidly gaining strength, and is starting to make sounds that have us thinking that she will be talking away sooner rather than later. She loves all the attention she is receiving, and we are working on a plan to help her with her diverse health needs.

Martina has been with us just over a year now, and has integrated very well with the other girls. This year, when Cristina was born, she became an aunt and has learned all about baby care as she has helped her sister. This was her first year at school after having missed several years due to neglect, and she really enjoyed everything she was taught.

When she joined CDP last year, Natalia found herself in a very different environment than the small town she grew up in. She got over her shyness quickly, and has advanced several belts in taekwondo already this year. She came to our due to health reasons, and is doing very well thanks to her new diet and active lifestyle.

Nohemi is a girl that likes to get involved, and this year participated in ballet and piano classes, as well as a track and field competition at her school where she did very well. She continued to gain self-confidence this year, and really enjoyed being a part of her older twin sisters' 15th birthday celebration.

This year, Paty learned how to take more responsibility for the decisions she makes. She is one of the most helpful teens in the home, and a natural leader. This year, she was able to participate in a competition doing what she loves to do most - dance! She also helped choreograph all the dance routines for the various 15th birthday celebrations.

Paulina experienced one of the most major events of all of our children - she became a mom! She has approached her situation with incredible bravery, turning something that started in violence into something full of hope. She also returned to school for the first time in years due to neglect she had suffered, and did great academically.

Ramiro has only been with us for a month, but we are already seeing incredible changes. He smiles all the time, and his physical strength is increasing. At this rate, he will be caught up with his developmental age in no time! He has had to learn to eat new foods, and is loving all the attention the other PDC boys are giving him.

Samuel has made a lot of progress in his first year with us. Whereas at the beginning of the year it was almost impossible to understand him, his speech has improved a lot. He also started school this year, which helped him gain important social skills. He loved being able to see his sister, Natalia, who has been a big encouragement for him.

Sofia has been living in the transition home 2 years now, and passed her entrance exam this year, allowing her to start her college education. She has made many new friends, and has been working hard to save money for her future. She has also worked this year on a plan for the future that will help her reach full independence.

Timoteo arrived mid-year from a large home where he was the only fully verbal boy. Being in PDC has allowed him to engage with kids his own age, and receive the attention that only a family environment can provide. He has loved communicating with his sponsors, and is the biggest helper around the house.

When we brought Tomas from a large home a year ago to live with us in PDC, he was full of fear and not very active. Now, he is running and jumping, smiling almost all of the time, and is progressing physically with the therapy he is receiving. He joined a pre-school this year, and has really enjoyed all the new things he is learning.

Victoria is growing up! She is no longer one of the youngest girls, and this transition has been one of challenges and discovery. In 2015, she learned many new things, like how to do multiplication and ride a bike, and also had a great time participating in a track competition at her school.

Zamora entered grade 3 this year and had her best school year yet!  Her favorite activity was our crazy fashion show, because she loves to dress up. While she remains one of our most mischievous girls, she has learned she can be both serious and silly. She is the middle of 5 siblings, and has a good relationship with all her brothers and sisters.

Zuleika joined us in January, and in July had an operation to help improve facial scarring due to early medical interventions. The surgery, along with her participation in a peer-support group, has helped her gain self-confidence. She has also made new friends this year, and started working harder in her studies.
These faces, these stories, represent lives that are being transformed thanks to the support of caring individuals around the world. As you celebrate the holiday season with those you love, we hope that you are blessed in knowing that you have been and continue to be a part of their incredible journeys.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
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