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Please forward this E-lert to your school-level stakeholders. We often have enrollment information for counselors, grades for data managers, tips for lab facilitators, announcements for testing coordinators, and strategies for school leaders, all of whom support your district's and school's e-learning efforts. If you are having difficulty viewing this email, you may view it as a web page here.
NCVPS E-lert - April 27, 2017 - Spring Edition XI
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Spring 2017

Start Dates 
Early Calendar: Jan. 4
Traditional Calendar:  Jan. 23

Last Day to Drop and Add
Early Calendar: Jan. 18
Traditional Calendar: Feb. 8

2017 - 2018

Registration Opens: April 3

Summer School: June 18

See our calendar for progress report dates. We post updates every two weeks throughout the semester. 
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Current E-lert News
Greetings! We hope everyone had a wonderful break. 

We are in the final half of our spring semester.  We have some celebrations and enrollment news this week.

Thanks to all for your continued hard work!

New Updates

Important Information

In addition, be sure to check out all of our tips and reminders in this week's e- lert .
ELAYear2017 ELA of the Year Finalists Announced
NCVPS is pleased to announce its top four candidates for the 2017 E-learning Advisor (ELA) of the Year Award. NCVPS teachers and staff members nominated educators at the school and district level who have had a positive impact on their NCVPS students. Nominated ELAs employ innovative practices that can serve as a model for other schools or districts. Their practices improve the overall effectiveness of online learning and contribute to the success of students taking NCVPS courses.

Nominations included individuals working in various roles such as the e-learning advisor, lab facilitator, EC coordinator, data manager, principal, and the district e-learning coordinator. Nominees were then invited to submit a portfolio that showcases their e-learning program.

Here are the four finalists for the 2017 award:
  • Robin Lamb - Cedar Ridge High School, Orange County Schools
  • Neal Dorow - Eugene Ashley High School, New Hanover County School
  • Nartarshia Sharpe - Crossroads Flex, Wake County Schools
  • Amanda Housand - Union Academy Charter School

NCVPS will now conduct phone interviews with each finalist to conclude the award process. A winner will be announced in two to three weeks.
We would like to congratulate all thirteen candidates who were nominated for this year's award. See the full list of nominees at this link: https://ncvps.org/archives/7814 . NCVPS could not have achieved the success that it has achieved without the fantastic ELAs at the school and district level.

AnniversaryNCVPS 10-Year Anniversary Survey
NCVPS turns ten this summer! 

We would like input from our stakeholders as we plan and organize our celebratory events.

Thank you!
APSTatsAP Stats Is Back
We have completed the revisions to AP Statistics and added it back to our catalog for Fall 2017. It is a yearlong one-credit course.

The course is designed to prepare students to collect, analyze and draw conclusions from data. Students will learn how to view data through a discriminatory eye to determine validity and be able to interpret data and analysis that is valid. Teaching the course is somewhat different than other traditional mathematics courses because it provides an answer to the age-old mathematics student question of, "When are we going to use this?" 

See on the details about A P Stats on this web page

RegOpenRegistration Now Open for 2017-2018
Registration is now open for the 2017-2018 school year. This includes Summer 2017, Fall Block 2017, Yearlong 2017-2018, and Spring Block 2018.

All enrollments are counted in your new allotment totals for the 2017-2018 school year. If your district or charter school requested an allotment increase, you will see that reflected in the registration system by April 15.

Follow this link to our registration system.

If you need access to the registration system, contact our Virtual Support Center here.

Please remember that there is only one login per school.  If your school already has access, you will need to share the login username and password.

If you are new to the NCVPS registration system or need a refresher, the guide at this link will help .

Our course catalog can be found at this link. This is our new catalog for 17-18 and beyond.

And our calendar can be found at this link.
NCMath1NC Math I Intervention Registration Information
NOTE: The NC Math 1 Intervention program is a two-semester commitment. In the fall, enroll students are into our Foundations of Math course. This is a 1-credit course. In spring, enroll students into the Math 1 Co-Teaching sections. This is also a 1-credit course. 

Similar to OCS enrollments, choose the "Dynamic" section to enroll in initially.  

Both courses are a co-teaching, collaborative design with both an NCVPS math teacher and a face-to-face math teacher at the school.

We piloted the program in Bladen and Carteret this year with great success. We are ready to go statewide in the fall. See complete registration details here
Spring2017Spring 2017 Updates
NCVPSAPCodeNCVPS Code for AP Tests
We would like to request that ELAs contact their school's  AP testing coordinator to remind them about the NCVPS school code when students take their AP tests.

Please have students input the NCVPS  code (045) into the 'Online Provider  Code' found on page 1, item G, of the student's  AP answer sheet during administration of the exam. This will allow NCVPS to receive a copy of their May 2017 test scores for our records. These scores are needed as part of the accountability piece for NCVPS. 
GradeReportUpdatesGrade Report Updates
Report Card
  CurrentGrades What Grades Are Currently Posted?

April 20: Progress Reports for All Classes Posted in the NCVPS Registration System.

May 4: Progress Reports for All Classes Posted in the NCVPS Registration System.
ReportOverviewReporting Overview
See how your students are progressing! We post progress reports every two weeks in the registration system. These are unweighted grades.

Only our final grade report is a weighted grade report. 

NCVPS posts student status reports after the third and seventh days of class. These reports indicate if students have logged in or not to their NCVPS courses. These reports are early warning indicators for schools.

NCVPS Resources
NCVPS teachers have a lot of great tips to share with online students and the support crews who facilitate their learning. "They know a thing or two because they've seen a thing or two."

Copy and pasting text makes revising a document easy, but when you copy and paste someone else's work and pass it off as your own, you will run into trouble.

See our helpful hints on avoiding plagiarism at this link
Tech Updates
ChromebookUpdateChromebook Update
Google Chromebooks are currently supported for NCVPS Courses.

Google Chromebook and Chrome OS are possible options for you to consider to support your learning at NCVPS. While NCVPS learning environments are fully compatible with Google Chromebooks, some third party content within your courses may not yet be updated to meet the requirements set forth within the Chrome Operating System. If you experience an interruption in your learning, please open a help desk ticket at  help.ncvps.com and we will make reasonable accommodations to support your learning experience.

Students are able to open a help ticket with our Virtual Support Center when they are logged into Canvas.

When "Page Not Found" appears users should open a Virtual Support tickets by clicking on the ? Help button then clicking on "Enter a NCVPS Help Desk Ticket."

Password Reset

If you have had your password reset, the new password will not expire unless you have reset it. If you have forgotten what your password was reset to, you can look up the help desk ticket to access the new password or click on "Forgot Password". 

When requesting help regarding a course it always easier for tech support to respond quickly if we have the specific section name, for example: 


When opening a ticket with the virtual support center, please always include the following:
  • Student's first & last name
  • PowerSchool ID number (This will help ensure we have the correct student)
  • School name (full name, i.e. Eastern Mills High School, not EMHS)
  • Course name - if the student is already enrolled,  include specific section, i.e. CourseSec01Sum16.
If you need a new student account for a student who is new to PowerSchool (not just transferring schools), include the following:
  • Your full school name (i.e. Eastern Mills High School, not EMHS)
  • The student's first and last name
  • The student's PowerSchool ID number
  • The student's email address 
  • The student's phone number (the contact number this will be in PowerSchool) 
  • Does the student have an IEP? Yes/No
  • Does the student have a 504 Plan? Yes/No

Replying to a Support Center Ticket
After you submit a ticket to the Virtual Support Center, you will receive a ticket confirmation and resolution via email. To expedite your resolution, please do not reply to the email. The email will have a link in it for your response. Please click on that link (see below). 

This will put the ticket right back in the queue of the person who is working on your ticket. If you reply to the email, then that will have to be manually put into the ticket, and that can delay the process by several hours. 

In Canvas:
Click on "settings" on your name in the upper right side of your course.
Click on "Add Email Address" under Ways to Contact on the right of screen.
Add your correct email if Canvas is not displaying your correct email.  
Click on "Register email."
Click the star next to your correct email address. 

javaflashUpdatesJAVA and Flash Updates

Please update your Java to Version Java 8, Update 111.

Head to http://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp and follow the instructions from there.

Please go to the following link to update Adobe Flash Player to the latest Version

Many students visit our homepage to log in to their courses. It is a best practice to bookmark the actual login pages for Canvas. Please have students and lab facilitators bookmark the following page:   https://ncvps.instructure.com/login/canvas/  

In addition, many school administrators visit our homepage to log in to our registration system or Virtual Support Center. Please bookmark both of these pages in your web browser:

Virtual Support Center:  http://www.help.ncvps.org/ 
For additional information, please see our Tech Requirements:
Course Catalogues
NCVPS Courses
NCVPS offers over 150 different courses, including advanced placement, electives, traditional, honors, core, STEM, occupational course of study, and credit recovery courses. 

Check out our 150+ list of courses here

VendorApprovedUpdatesVendor Approved Courses

In addition to NCVPS courses, North Carolina public schools also have a list of approved third-party vendor courses that they may choose from for virtual classes. Please follow this link to see the list of approved vendor courses. More on the vendor approval process can be found here.  

Here are the newest approved vendor courses: 
(Course Title - Vendor) 

Courses -  Vendor

American Sign Language 2 -  Connections Education
Introduction to Animal Science (NC Animal Science 1) -   Nelson's Academy of Agricultural Sciences Online
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