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June 18, 2015 - In This Issue:
Calendar Check

June 15 - Summer Session 2015 starts.

June 19 - Last Day to Enroll for Summer Session

June 26 - Last Day to Drop from Summer Session

August 7 - Summer Session 2015 ends.
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LastDAyDropLast Day to Drop - Friday, July 26
Please remember that Friday, June 26, is the last day to drop students without penalty. 

Students who are still on your rosters after June 26 will count in your allotment totals, and those students will receive a grade for the summer session course.

If you are unsure how to drop students, follow this link to our drop/withdrawal guide

See the message below on checking the Day 3 Status Report and first progress report to determine your students' progress. Those reports are posted in our registration system, and they will help you determine if a student should be dropped or not.

Withdrawing Students After June 26
Schools may withdraw students throughout the summer session; however, students withdrawn after June 26 will still count in your allotment totals. We will issue a W grade for those students.
VirtualOpenHouseNCVPS Virtual Open House
NCVPS is pleased to announce that it is hosting its annual virtual open house. Here are the details:

Date: July 30

Time: 6pm - 7pm

Location: Online (details to follow)

Audience: Parents, Students, Educators, Public School, Home School, Private School

Registration: Follow this link to register.

After you register, we will email you the link to our online classroom.

We look forward to seeing you there!
Day3Day 3 Student Status Report and First Progress Reports
Our Day 3 student status report and first progress report will be posted in the registration system on the following dates:

June 18 - Day 3 Student Status Report

June 25 - Progress Report

Both reports are essential for schools and districts to determine the early status of student progress during the summer session. 

Please review this report to determine which students have not accessed their courses yet. Students who have not logged in by the third day of class will be marked as no-shows.

Please touch base with any students who have not logged in. Makes sure inactive students have their usernames and passwords and know how to log in. Please remember that NCVPS does not send usernames and passwords to students. Schools must share that login information with students. If inactive students do not plan to take the course, please drop the students before our Day 10 (June 26) drop deadline. 

Our first progress report on June 25 is the last progress check before our drop deadline on June 26. Please check this progress report to determine what the final status for your students should be.

Please remember that NCVPS does not drop students. If a school wishes to drop a student from a summer course, the school has until June 26 to do so. Any students on the roster after Day 10 will count in the district or charter school's allotment totals. School can withdraw a student after Day 10, and NCVPS will issue a W grade for that student, but the enrollment will still count in your allotment totals.
EssentialLinksEssential Links
We have added an "Essential Links" section to the left sidebar in the E-lert. 

We have some important resources that schools, districts, and parents may not be aware of.  Did you know that you can see the syllabus and pacing guide for each of our courses? And don't miss the course prerequisites before you enroll.
PeerTutoringPeer Tutoring for the Summer Session
Our Peer Tutoring Center (PTC) is back in action this summer! We have veteran teachers, seasoned peer tutors, and a group of new tutors to help your struggling students.

It's easy to get peer tutoring help for your students. Students just need to click the Peer Tutoring Center button in their courses to get help. Our teachers will also recommend PTC help to struggling students. 

Check out our Peer Tutoring Center video here for an overview of the program.
SummerGuide2015 Summer Session Guide


Start Date: Monday, June 15


Last Day to Register: Friday, June 19


Last Day to Drop: Friday, June 26


Progress Reports Posted: Weekly


End Date: Friday, August 7



The NCVPS summer session is a fast-paced program that offers both traditional courses and credit recovery courses. An entire 18-week course is taught in just 8 weeks. Students will spend 3-5 hours each day, Monday through Friday, working on their courses, and just like at a traditional school, there is often work over the weekend, too. 


Students must have daily access to the internet for the duration of summer school. There are no exceptions made for students who attend camps or go on vacations where they do not have access to the internet.


Due to the workload, we recommend that students only take one NCVPS course over the summer, especially if the student has not had an online course before. Students are much more successful in our summer program if they only take one course.


Students can work on our courses at any time during the day or night, 24/7. They just need to pay close attention to the due dates for the assignments, tests, and quizzes. Students can also work from any location as long as they have access to their classes for 3-5 hours a day.


Summer Contact Information 


Districts and schools need to identify their summer contact information at this link.  NCVPS needs the contact information for each school that registers students for Summer 15 classes.  Students will need to know who the contact is, as well. Students can drop through our 10th day of class, and they need to know who to contact at the school or at the district level so that they can be dropped. Districts may elect to have just one contact for the entire district over the summer.


Presently, you may not have any students enrolled in NCVPS summer courses, but if your school does enroll students in the coming weeks for Summer 2015, we will need this information.


If districts have their school-level ELA contact information in an Excel document, they can copy and paste that into the contact box on the link above.



If you are new to the e-Learning advisor role or if it has been awhile since you registered students with us, please visit our Getting Started for Schools web page


You will find valuable insights and tips for registering and having a successful summer session at our Getting Started page. For instance, remember that NCVPS does NOT send usernames and passwords to students. Schools must issue login information to students. See that and all of the essential details at our Getting Started page.



Summer Calendar


Student Checklist


Credit Recovery Information

GradeReportingGrade Reporting

Progress reports will be posted each week during the summer session in the NCVPS registration system. The only weighted grade report will be the final grade report posted on August 13.


Our grade reports are weighted grades similar to school report cards.


Follow this link to see the details on the latest grade report. 


See how your students are progressing! We post progress reports every two weeks in the registration system.


Follow this link to see the details on this progress report.


NCVPS posts student status reports after the third and seventh days of class. These reports indicate if students have logged in or not to their NCVPS courses. These reports are early warning indicators for schools.


Follow this link to see the details on student status (no-show) reports. 


Follow this link to see how to run a grade report.


Follow this link to see our Quick Reference Guide on Grades. 

Registration Open for 2015-2016

Registration is open for Summer 2015, Fall 2015, and Spring 2016.


Getting Started 


If you are new to the e-Learning advisor role or if it has been awhile since you registered students with us, please visit our Getting Started for Schools web page. You will find valuable insights and tips for registering and having a successful e-learning program at your school. 



coursecapacityWe already have a few courses that are approaching capacity for Fall 2015. Courses that are "At Capacity" will not have any new sections opened. The only way that students will move off the waitlist is if a student who is already enrolled in the course drops. See our list of courses that are at capacity and near capacity here.


rising9thRising 9th-grade students will be added to high school rosters in the NCVPS registration system at the Year-End-Transition (YET) in July. Middle school ELAs can enroll their students in NCVPS courses for high school. Those enrollments will transition with the student to the high school's account in the NCVPS registration system.


If the middle school does not have an ELA, the high school ELA can open a ticket with our virtual support center to request access.  Additionally, the district's e-learning coordinator can get the login information for the middle school by logging into the registration system and clicking "Schools." 

Course Catalogues
NCVPS Courses
NCVPS offers over 150 different courses, including advanced placement, electives, traditional, honors, core, STEM, occupational course of study, and credit recovery courses. 

Check out our 150+ list of courses here

VendorApprovedUpdatesVendor Approved Courses

In addition to NCVPS courses, North Carolina public schools also have a list of approved third-party vendor courses that they may choose from for virtual classes. Please follow this link to see the list of approved vendor courses. More on the vendor approval process can be found here.  

Here are the newest approved vendor courses: 
(Course Title - Vendor) 
  • AP US History - Apex Learning
  • English 2 - Apex Learning
  • Entrepreneurship 1 - Edgenuity
  • French 2 - Edgenuity
  • Foundations of Information Technology - Edgenuity
  • Math 2 - Apex Learning
  • Math 3 - Apex Learning
  • Personal Finance - Edgenuity
  • Principles of Business - Edgenuity
  • Sociology - Edgenuity
  • Sociology - Edmentum
  • World History - Apex Learning
Tech Updates

Please update your Java to Version Java 8, Update 45.

Go to http://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp and following the instructions from there.

AdobeUpdatePlease go to the following link to update Adobe Flash Player to the latest Version  http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ 


Opening a Ticket


When opening a ticket with the virtual support center, please always include the following:

  • Students first & last name
  • ID number (This will help ensure we have the correct student)
  • Course name - including specific section ex: CourseSec01Spring15.
Replying to a Support Center Ticket

Reply back to a ticket by clicking on the link provided at the bottom of a help reply email will keep all students information secure and will attach your information directly to the ticket. 

See image: http://screencast.com/t/ZdciZ55coU4   


Blackboard Instant Messaging (BBIM)

Students will need to click on the BBIM link in their class and create an ID and password that they will remember. NCVPS does not issue BBIM logins nor do we store this information.   

Student Email Confirmations in Moodle and Blackboard

If a student's e-mail is missing or shows pleaseadd@ncvps - the student will not receive important e-mails from their teachers.
Please have students confirm/update their email information by following these steps:

In Moodle: 

  • Navigate to Administration
  • My Profile settings
  • Edit Profile
  • Verify or update e-mail
  • Scroll to bottom and "Update Profile"

In Blackboard: 

  • Click on students name in the upper right side of your BB course
  • Click on setting
  • Click on Personal Information
  • Click on Edit Personal Information to update e-mail
  • Scroll to bottom and Submit 


Many students visit our homepage to log in to their courses. It is a best practice to bookmark the actual login pages for both Moodle and Blackboard. Please have students and lab facilitators bookmark the following pages:


Moodle: http://moodle.ncvps.org/ 


Blackboard:  https://ncvps.blackboard.com/ 


In addition, many school administrators visit our homepage to log in to our registration system or Virtual Support Center. Please bookmark both of these pages in your web browser:


Registration System: http://registration.ncvps.org/ncvps/user/login/ 


Virtual Support Center: http://www.help.ncvps.org/ 



If you have had your password reset, the new password will not expire unless you have reset it. If you have forgotten what your password was reset to, you can look up the help desk ticket in your email account to access the new password or click "Forgot Password" on the Moodle or Blackboard login pages.
Tech Requirements 

For additional information, please see our Tech Requirements:

Middle School Creative Writing

(Click on image for a larger view.)


creativewritingNCVPS is looking for middle school writers!


Our Middle School Creative Writing course introduces students to short and long fiction, poetry, drama, and creative nonfiction. While emphasis is on production, students will also read samples of great writing as they learn the tools that creative writers use.


Students will create a writing portfolio that showcases their work.


This is a great opportunity for young writers! Enrollment is now open.

Professional Learning with NCVPS


The NCVPS professional learning team is pleased to offer its next round of the "Shattering the Myths of the Online and Blended Learning" course.


The next class starts on June 15. Please check out this link for details.

Sharepoint Added to Catalogue

NCVPS is please to offer SharePoint next year! Check out our catalogue for details!


View our full course catalog here

Summer with NCVPS Arts

NCVPS has a great arts program during the summer. Click on the image above to see a preview! 
NCVPS Middle School Courses

The NCVPS catalog is growing. We will offer four middle school courses next year. Check out our catalog for details.


View our full course catalog here

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