January 4, 2021
Greetings, everyone!

Here's where we are with fall and spring classes:

Fall Early Start Classes: Ended Dec. 11 - Final Grades Reported Dec. 17

Fall Standard Start Classes: End Jan. 8 - Final Grades Reported Jan. 14

Spring Early Start Classes: Begin Jan. 4

Spring Standard Start Classes: Begin Jan. 19

You can find final grades for fall Early Start classes in our registration system. Look for the report titled "Early Start and Early-Reported Standard Start Final Grades Fall 2020 (including Health and PE)."

If you requested early final grades for Standard Start courses, you will find those in that same report, or our teachers emailed them directly to you, depending on what arrangements you made with our teachers. Otherwise, our next final-grade reporting is Jan. 14.

Below, you will find details for the end of fall and the beginning of spring classes.

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End of Fall 2020 Classes
Early Start courses have finished, and Standard Start ends on Jan. 8.

Following these steps will help with the success of your students and help you have grades prepared for your final report cards.

EOC and CTE Testing

Schools must administer all EOC and CTE state tests. (Note: Some CTE courses do not have a state test.) Schools will also need to average the EOC and CTE scores into the grades that we post for those courses. If you’ve not already made arrangements with your school’s testing coordinator, please do that right away. Our final grade report will have EOC and CTE anticipated scores for your testing coordinators.


Our final grade report will show the weighted course work grade (80%), final exam grade (20%), final grade. EOC and CTE courses will only show the one marking period grades. Schools will need to calculate in the EOC and CTE exam grades. Follow this link to see what the final grade report will look like.

NCVPS Grading Policies

You will want to be aware of our grading policy and how we weight grades, especially for state-tested courses where you will need to calculate the final grade once you receive your test scores. Review our Grades Quick Reference Guide to see how we calculate grades.

Report Cards and Transcripts

Schools must enter grades into PowerSchool. Be sure the data manager has access to the grade report and understands our grade calculations. Be sure to examine the spreadsheet closely to find the final grade. This will be essential when your data manager enters NCVPS grades into PowerSchool to avoid data entry errors.

Middle School Reporting

Middle schools should ensure that they use the NCVPS course codes so that their students can receive high school credit for the courses that they take with us. You can find course codes in our catalog or in the second column of any grade report.

NCAA Eligibility Center

Please see our “Reporting NCVPS Classes On Transcripts for the NCAA” quick reference guide here. There are some essential reporting steps to take to ensure a student’s NCAA eligibility.

Grade Questions

If you have questions about a student’s grade, you should send those directly to the student’s teacher or submit a help ticket to the Virtual Support Center.


We have a five-day extension period for courses. These extensions do not require approval from our Instructional Directors. Instead, schools will work directly with the NCVPS teacher, and the teacher will grant the 5-day extension. If a longer extension is required, the teacher will work with the Instructional Director on a case by case basis.
Spring 2021 Classes
New to NCVirtual

If you’re new to NCVirtual, please visit our Getting Started for Schools page. It will explain our program and give you the necessary details to run a successful online program at your school.

Class Start Dates

Early Start: Jan. 4

Standard Start: Jan. 19

Registration Details

Registration Dates

Registration is open for Spring 2021 classes. The last day to drop or add students:

Early Start: Jan. 15

Standard Start: Feb. 1

Registration Process

Enroll students through the NCVPS registration system. If you need access, contact our Virtual Support Center.

If you are a new e-learning advisor and NCVPS point-of-contact for your school, please update your contact information in our registration system. Click on the “My Info” tab when you log in to update your information. Please remember that there is only one login per school. If your school already has access, you will need to share the login username and password.

If you are new to the NCVPS registration system or need a refresher, watch our NCVPS Registration Video. It will guide you through our enrollment process. You can also print our Quick Registration Guide.

Note: Do you need a yearlong or Early Start section that we don’t currently offer? Submit a request through our Virtual Support Center. We’ll see if we can make that happen.

Home and Private School Parents

If you are a home school or private school, visit our Home & Private Schools page.

Waitlist and Course Capacity List

NCVirtual is not a software program. Our online courses are teacher-led, and we are mindful of their class sizes. If your student is waitlisted for a course, that waitlist is usually temporary. Our instructional directors use the waitlist to determine if they should open a new section or increase the size of a current section. However, each semester, we have a few courses that reach their maximum enrollment capacity. To see courses that have capacity issues, visit our Course Capacity List.

Enrolling in OCS Courses

See our new OCS Program page before enrolling in NCVPS courses. We have streamlined the process. For help with the OCS registration process, watch our OCS Registration Video.

Enrolling in Intervention Co-Teaching Courses

We have a new Intervention Co-Teaching Program page that gives details on the program and enrollment process. Watch our Intervention Co-Teaching Video to see the enrollment process.

Registering Early Start Students in Standard Start Courses

If you are an early-start school, you can still register your students into our Standard Start courses. If you need your students to finish early before the May 18 end date, please proceed to the next process.

Early Final Grade Reporting for Standard Start Classes

Our spring Standard Start courses end on May 18, 2021, and final grades will be reported on May 28. Districts and schools can opt for early reporting on May 14 by submitting this form.

In addition to completing that form, it is essential that you communicate your end-date expectations to your students and our NCVirtual teachers. Do this early in the semester so that our teachers have time to adjust the pacing guides for your students. Please do not surprise your students or our teachers with a request for an early finish at the end of the semester. The communication here is essential.


Class Details

Student Course Access

Students will have access to their courses at 7 a.m. on the first day of classes. Before classes begin, students can go through our NCVirtual Demo Course for an orientation. We also have Pre-Instruction Resources for each class. These resources help students get a better understanding of courses before classes begin.

Getting Started

Direct students to our Getting Started as an NCVPS Student page before classes begin. This page will help students get oriented and answer all their questions on how our courses work.

Support Features

Weeks 1 and 2 – Access Check and Enrollment Options

Visit our Access Check and Enrollment Options page for essential details to ensure your students have a successful start.

Semester Success with NCVPS

See our Semester Success with NCVPS page for some sure steps to help you and your students in their NCVPS classes.

Printable Guides and Checklists

We have a number of printable guides for ELAs, students, and parents.

Canvas Parent App

Parents, facilitators, and mentors and track their student’s progress with the Canvas Parent App. See the full details on our Canvas Parent App and Web Portal page.


Download our NCVPS app to receive notifications on your smartphone. Search for “NCVPS” in the Apple and Android stores. See our App Announcement for details.
Exam Updates
CTE Final Assessments

CTE courses will implement "Proof of Learning" this semester with either a state assessment, credentialing, performance-based measure, or a teacher-made exam. Schools must administer state assessments and credentialing exams. NCVirtual will administer teacher-made exams and performance-based measures. Here's what we have for each NCVirtual CTE course:

Accounting I - CTE State Assessment
Accounting I Honors - CTE State Assessment
Career Management - CTE State Assessment
Computer Programming I - NCVPS Teacher-made Exam
Computer Programming I Honors - NCVPS Teacher-made Exam
eCommerce 1 Honors - NCVPS Teacher-made Exam
Entrepreneurship I (BE/ME) - Performance-Based Measure (built into the course)
Foundations of Information Technology - CTE State Assessment
Marketing - Performance-Based Measure (built into the course)
Microsoft Word and PPT - Credential
Microsoft Excel - Credential
Personal Finance - CTE State Assessment
Principles of Business and Finance (BE/ME) - CTE State Assessment
Python Programming I - Credential
SAS Computer Programming - Credential
Strategic Marketing - CTE State Assessment

CTE Credentialing

The following course credentials are offered through Certiport only:

Python Programming I (MTA)
Microsoft Word and PPT (MOS)
Microsoft Excel (MOS)

NCVPS students will continue to test or certify from their home school. The point of contact for setting up a school as a Certiport Authorized Testing Center (CATC) is Sara Cox (sara.cox@pearson.com). Sara will work directly with the schools to get them set up and functional, along with issuing exam voucher inventory based on enrollment. Certiport recently extended their “Exams from Home” offering so that students may continue to certify during the pandemic. Teachers will find more information about this at www.certiport.com/examsfromhome. A recent webinar hosted by Certiport was posted to the CSIT Moodle PLC. The enrollment key to join Moodle is CSITPlc2020. Additional information may be found there.

For SAS Computer Programming- The SAS exam can only be obtained through SAS. The contact information for that is Tom Grant (Tom.Grant@SAS.com),

State-Tested Courses

For courses that have a state test, we will only report the final classwork average. Schools will need to administer all state testing.

Non-State-Tested Courses

For courses without a state test, we will report the following:
Classwork grade (80%)
Exam Grade (20%)
Final Grade

As you know, this now includes courses that used to have an NCFE and CTE courses with a teacher-made exam or performance-based measure.

Schools and districts have flexibility with how those grades are recorded into PowerSchool. You can change the 80/20 weights if your district has a different policy. That will change the final average, so be sure to recalculate that.

Exempt Exams 

If your district has a policy to exempt seniors (or others) from final exams, you do not need to record our exam grades. That is a local decision. In that case, you can use our classwork grade for the final grade. However, we still have the expectation for our teachers to administer our teacher-made final exams. Be sure to have that conversation with your students. Also, please notify our teachers with a list of students who will not be testing.
Current Reporting
What Grades Are Currently Posted?

Dec. 17 - Early Start and Early-Reported Standard Start Final Grades Fall 2020

Dec. 17 - Standard Start Progress Report with Expected/Anticipated CTE Grades and Anticipated EOC Scores Posted in the NCVPS Registration System

What's Next on the Schedule?

Jan. 14 - Standard Start and Early Start Final Grades Posted in the NCVPS Registration System

Progress Report Action Steps

What should your action steps be with our progress reports? We’re glad you asked! Visit our Progress Report Action Steps page for all the details.

Reporting Overview

See our Grades and Testing Quick Reference Guide for an overview of our reporting. We have details on our Student Status (No-Show) Reports, Progress Reports, Final Grade Reports, and how we calculate grades.
NCVirtual's Teacher Online Training Course
Prepare your teachers for success in the online learning environment. Visit our Teacher Online Training page for details and registration. The course is free!

The next course begins on Feb. 1, 2021. Additional start dates will be based on interest from individuals and districts.

This course is asynchronous and facilitator-led. Facilitators have many years of experience in online learning and are specially trained to work with educators transitioning to this environment.

* Participants work in cohorts to complete five modules.
* A cohort is 35 to 50 educators.
Open Webinars
NCVirtual is pleased to host online events through our Culture Café, IworkNCVirtual Speaker Series, and Open House Events.

Here's what we have coming up:

Culture Café Event: Japanese Kanji 101
Date and Time: Wednesday, January 6, 2021 - 8:00pm
Location: Join a live session through our Culture Café page.

Culture Café Event: Trip to Japanese Kanji
Date and Time: Thursday, January 7, 2021 - 9:00pm
Location: Join a live session through our Culture Café page.
Daily Office Hours
The Outreach and Support team has office hours Monday-Friday from noon to 1 p.m. Anyone can join, and we have breakout rooms ready if needed.

Students & Parents - Do you have general questions about our program or concerns about your course? Visit the Outreach team during the lunch hour. We're here to help!

E-learning Advisors - Are you new to NCVirtual? Do you have questions about student performance? Unique enrollment requests? We're here to help!

E-learning Coordinators - Are you leading your district's e-learning program? Are you looking for new ways to partner with us? Drop into the office hours, and let's chat!

Teachers - Want to learn about the Outreach team? Let's talk!

Visit our Lunch with NCVirtual page for details and the link to join us in our online room.
NCVirtual is a support organization, and we are here to help! Check out our guides and support pages below.

Virtual Support Center (Be sure to create an account before you submit your first ticket.)
Your North Carolina students appreciate your dedication and hard work!