June 2, 2021
Greetings, everyone!

2020-2021 is a wrap at NCVirtual. Our teachers are on their state-mandated 31-day break. If you have questions about a student's grade, please open a ticket with our Virtual Support Center.

Our summer session begins July 1. Here are the key summer dates:

July 1 - First day of Class
July 8 - Last Day to Register
July 15 - Last Day to drop
August 11 - Summer Session Ends
August 19 - Final Grades Posted

In our Trending Updates section, please review the following items:

  • Summer Contact Information Needed
  • OCS, Co-Teaching, and Credit Recovery for Summer
  • Extended Course Access for EOC and AP Courses

See all the news and highlights below, and forward this e-lert to any stakeholders who may need it. They can subscribe to the e-lert here.
Trending Updates
Summer Contact Information Needed

Districts and schools registering students for summer classes need to complete our NCVirtual Summer 2021 ELA Contact Information form.

NCVirtual needs the contact information for each school that registers students for Summer 2021 classes. Students registered for summer classes will need to know who the contact is, as well. Students can drop through our 10th day of class, but they need to know who to contact at the school or district level so they can be dropped. Districts may elect to have just one contact for the entire district over the summer.
Presently, you may not have any students enrolled in NCVirtual summer courses, but if your school does enroll students in the coming weeks for Summer 2021, we will need this information.

If districts have their school-level ELA contact information in an Excel document, they can copy and paste that into the contact box on the link above.

OCS, Co-Teaching, and Credit Recovery for Summer

We have a lot going on this summer! In response to Session Law 2021-7, House Bill 8, we have expanded our summer offerings.

OCS - For the first time, we will offer OCS courses during our summer session. In our registration system, search for "Blended" to find the OCS courses.

Intervention Co-Teaching - Also, for the first time, we are offering our intervention co-teaching courses during the summer.

For both OCS and co-teaching, you will need to have a f2f (face-to-face) teacher.

Credit Recovery - We are also offering credit recovery beginning again this summer! We were the first online school in the nation to offer credit recovery, and we are pleased to bring it back. Our program is teacher lead, unlike most credit recovery software programs. In our registration system, look for CR in the course title or search for "CR" in the search box.

Extended Course Access for EOC and AP Courses

Students will retain access to our AP and EOC courses through June 11 so they can review materials for exams. Additionally, our partner teachers in our co-taught courses (intervention & OCS) will also retain access through June 11 to allow the classroom teachers to continue using course resources with their students.

NCVirtual teachers will post an announcement at the end of our semester alerting students that the NCVPS teacher will not be available to respond or grade.
2021-2022 Academic Year Updates
2021-2022 Registration

Registration for 2021-2022 is open. Here are our dates for next year:

Summer 2021: July 1 - Aug. 11
Early Start Fall 2021: Aug. 9 - Dec. 10
Standard Start Fall 2021: Aug. 23 - Jan. 7
Early Start Spring 2022: Jan. 5 - May 2
Standard Start Spring 2022: Jan. 18 - May 16

See our Course Catalog page for a full list of our courses.

2021-2022 Guides

Change in OCS Course Titles

We are updating our OCS course titles to align with DPI guidelines. OCS courses will now be identified as “Blended” in our course catalog and registration system. Be sure to search for “Blended” in our registration system.
Current Reporting
What Grades Are Currently Posted?

May 28 - Standard Start Final Grades Spring 2021 Posted in the NCVirtual Registration System

What's Next on the Schedule?

July 8 - Summer Day 3 No-Show Report Posted in the NCVirtual Registration System

Progress Report Action Steps

What should your action steps be with our progress reports? We’re glad you asked! Visit our Progress Report Action Steps page for all the details.

Reporting Overview

See our Grades and Testing Quick Reference Guide for an overview of our reporting. We have details on our Student Status (No-Show) Reports, Progress Reports, Final Grade Reports, and how we calculate grades.
District & School Outreach
Teacher Online Training
TOT (Teacher Online Training) is NCVirtual’s free professional development program designed to prepare and support educators as they work in online and remote learning environments.

Our TOT course, "An Introduction to Online Teaching and Content Development," is not a "how to" or "instructional" guide for Canvas, but focuses on the best practices for teaching and learning using any platform. Topics include the following:

  • Assessment Tools
  • Teacher Talk & Clear Expectations
  • Intellectual Property & Copyright
  • Accessibility Tools
  • Maintaining an Online Presence
  • Adapting and Placing Content
  • Engaging Through Feedback

Our next two sessions being on July 6 and September 1.

Visit our Teacher Online Training page to register. We look forward to seeing you there!
Daily Office Hours
The Outreach and Support team has office hours Monday-Friday from 12:00 to 12:30 p.m. We are prepared to stay longer with visitors who need assistance. Anyone can join, and we have breakout rooms ready if needed.

Students & Parents - Do you have general questions about our program or concerns about your course? Visit the Outreach team during the lunch hour. We're here to help!

E-learning Advisors - Are you new to NCVirtual? Do you have questions about student performance? Unique enrollment requests? We're here to help!

E-learning Coordinators - Are you leading your district's e-learning program? Are you looking for new ways to partner with us? Drop into the office hours, and let's chat!

Teachers - Want to learn about the Outreach team? Let's talk!

Visit our Lunch with NCVirtual page for details and the link to join us in our online room.
Student & School Help
NCVirtual is a support organization, and we are here to help! Check out our guides and support pages below.

Virtual Support Center (Be sure to create an account before you submit your first ticket.)
Your North Carolina students appreciate your dedication and hard work!