The North Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission is working with Centergy and Grow North to help get the word out for the statewide internet speed testing program. As you know, broadband is critical for our region. It is needed for business, education, healthcare, government, and entertainment.

The information collected is important to develop a system that ensures everyone has access to quality internet service. The speed test data will be shared with internet providers and local governments. Knowing where there is good internet and where there is not good internet service will help the various entities identify future projects. Currently, internet speeds that fall below the FCC standards are eligible for federal and state grants.

We invite you to test your internet speeds by taking this test and contribute to the broadband speed test map. Just click on the button below. Try it from home and work, the more tests the better. Feel free to pass this message along to others. 

If you have any questions about the Broadband Speed Test, contact Andy Faust at [email protected] or by calling 715-849-5510, Extension 305.