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This article highlights a research study examining environmental impacts of the energy development in Western North Dakota. Specifically the research looking at the impact of dust being generated by the additional traffic on unpaved roads on the wetlands in the western part of the state. This research is a first step in understanding possible implications of energy development in the west.
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Want to know what's going on in North Dakota?  Check out our North Dakota Compass Points! The newly released 2016 Compass Points includes key trends, regional differences, and a dashboard look at measures of progress for 10 topic areas represented on the website. It gives a snapshot of the quality of life statewide. 
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From 2008 to 2013, the percentage of ND's residents (16+) who volunteered continued to drop (35% to 27%); however, in 2014 the state saw a rise in percent of residents who volunteer (33%).

With this rise in volunteering in 2014, compared to other state in the US, where does ND fall in the national ranks based on volunteering?

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