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April 2018 Newsletter
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CHARISM, a non-profit neighborhood center, provides outreach programs for at-risk individuals and families in the McCormick Park community, in Fargo, North Dakota. CHARISM stands for "A Community of Homes and Resources in Service to Many." CHARISM offers a safe and welcoming anchor point to underserved youth and families through relationship-based, skill-building programs and services that improve quality of life. In this article, Jessica Nelson, CHARISM Organization Evaluation VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America), highlights the mission, history, and programs, in addition to how you can get involved with CHARISM .
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Want to know what's going on in North Dakota?  Check out the 2018 Compass Points ! Giving a snapshot of the quality of life statewide, the newly released Compass Points includes key trends, North Dakota by numbers, and a dashboard look at measures of progress for topic areas represented on the website. 
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North Dakota had the lowest percentage of households that are cost burden (paying 30% or more on housing), ranking first out of the 50 states in 2016 (39.6%). Compared to 10 years ago, the overall percentage of cost burdened households declined by 2 percentage points.

During this same time period, which households showed more decline in the share of cost-burdened households?

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How do you take your data? Credible and unbiased maybe?!
Find that and much more on  North Dakota Compass!

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Another conference is in the books. The 2018 North Dakota Demographics Conference was a success! Attendees from a broad range of areas, such as non-profit, health, community, education, and government, came together to gain a better understanding of North Dakota demographic and socio-economic trends, in addition to the most recent research, data resources, and tools to help them get inspired to create measurable change throughout North Dakota.

Thank you to fellow conference organizers - North Dakota Department of Commerce Census Office, University of North Dakota Department of Economics, and North Dakota Department of Health. It was another great year of collaboration.

We hope to see you at our next event!

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